Premium Jeans from The Jeans Bar KL – I’m rocking my Karl Kani!

I’ve been lucky to get acquianted with my very first pair of premium jeans recently…

thejeanbar kl - Karl Kani Buddha White

..and it’s all thanks to this contest by The Jeans Bar Kuala Lumpur where I was one of the lucky winners!  :yahoo:

Facebook (27)  The Jeans Bar Kuala Lumpur

I had to pick up my prize at one of the boutiques that are in collaboration with The Jeans Bar Kuala Lumpur – “A Cloudy Day” at Telawi, Bangsar one fine Saturday & had a most interesting eye-opening chat with the Country Manager, Yvonne Lau (the lady we can thank for for bringing these premium jeans to us here in Malaysia!) of the difference of premium jeans versus the branded jeans we are accustomed to.

thejeansbar kl - Rebecca Saw

But first up, my trying- on session. I was given a choice of 5 differents cuts & fit based on my measurements which was sent to Yvonne prior to the appointment.

thejeansbar kl - premium jeans

Karl Kani Buddha White.
Straight cut, RM549.00. This one is my favourite. And it is the one that I commented on that made me win this very contest. 😉

thejeansbar kl - karl kani

The other 2 Karl Kani’s I tried was:

a) Karl Kani “Spring Bird” boot leg – gorgeous artistic embroidery on both rear pockets, great fit, hugs the bum well!

b) Karl Kani “Mood Night” boot leg – simple cut with great fit, flap & interesting detailing on rear pockets.


thejeanbar kl (3)

Then I tried the denim leggings, one by James Jeans & another by Post’age. Denim leggings are basically the stretchy & comfy version of skinny jeans yet being mid-rise, it reduces the risk of “muffin top”.  It comes with angled pockets & darting designed to enhance your derriere! :good:

c) James Jeans “Twiggy W Troy” denim leggings – you have the aesthetics of a pair of skinny jeans yet with all the comfort of a pair of leggings.

b) Post’age “Camrose Indigo Night” denim leggings – super-stretchy, super-soft, has a “waxy” sheen; seen on Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, etc.

See how stretchy and soft these denim leggings are?? 😉

thejeanbar kl - Camrose Indigo Night

thejeanbar kl - Camrose Indigo Night 1

Back to the definition of “premium jeans “.
For those who are still sporting the “Huh?” expression at the mention of premium jeans, these jeans can be summed up into the 3 “Fs” fit, fabric and finish (aka ‘wash’).

All premiums (as they are affectionately referred to) are designed, manufactured and finished in USA (as opposed to in China, or other third-world countries – a quick flip of labels on most jeans available in the market, regardless of their exorbitant prices and how “branded” they seem, will attest to this).

thejeansbar kl - James Jeans

Premiums are also labour-intensive in terms of the process of creating the finish; some are even painstakingly hand-made, and using the finest denim from USA, Japan or Europe.

As for the fit, it is awesome! For someone like me who has to alter almost every pair of pants, every dress & every skirt, this is God send as it fitted me perfectly once I got the right size on. The fabric was simply luxurious to touch, it hugs in all the right places, it feels good, looks great and expresses my individuality. It is totally worth the price paid IMHO.

Rebecca Saw - Karl Kani

Lest you think that the essence of The Jeans Bar KL’s story is bringing premiums to Malaysia, it is in fact the affordability factor.We’re driven by the mission to make premium jeans accessible beyond the rich & famous by applying creative approaches and alternative channels” says Yvonne.

In line with this, The Jeans Bar KL serves to the Malaysian fashionista premium jeans via their online store at (fit guides will be incorporated to help buyers determine the right size) and store-in-store collaborations with selected boutiques – On A Cloudy Day, on Jln Telawi, Bangsar and Caron Boutique, Desa Sri Hartamas.

An extension of its parent initiative in California, The Jeans Bar KL is envisioned as an “emporium” carrying a delectable choice of premium jeans (aka luxury jeans) labels in Malaysia at down-to-earth prices.

thejeansbar kl

The Jeans Bar Kuala Lumpur has carefully selected three labels James Jeans, Karl Kani & Post’age for its launch. While they share a common goal of creating jeans of superior fit, fabric & wash, each label has its unique philosophy and identity, and all three have developed a following which includes Hollywood celebrities e.g. Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Nicky Hilton.


Post'age - Rihanna

Twiggy - HalleBerry

Twiggy - Jessica Alba_3

Twiggy - KateBeckinsale2

Post'age - Lindsay-Lohan
James Jeans Dry Aged Denim.
Employing the most unique & technical ‘Dry Aged’ wash treatment in the industry,James Jeans achieves its commitment towards a sustainable planet while producing jeans that are amazingly comfortable and fit the wearer beautifully. Strategically-placed angled back pockets further serve to lift and enhance the derriere! ‘Twiggy’ is the season’s much-sought-after line and a host of Hollywood celebrities have been spotted in these super-comfortable denim leggings.
Post’age Denim.
With a philosophy focused on clean, straight-forward (in protest of heavily embellished & overly distressed!) and well-made denim, Post’age differentiates itself in the market with its coated & waxed denim in cool, low-key colors – keeping the designs mellow and rivet-free, the denim takes on a “sheen”.
Karl Kani “Live Life and Love Denim”.
Karl Kani’s contemporary collection is inspired by seamless combination of art and fashion. Some of the styles present a very interesting play of embroidered motifs, especially those inspired by Karl’s travels to the Far East. The jeans boast a unique vintage denim look.

thejeansbar kl 1

thejeansbar kl 2

thejeansbar kl 2-1

Shops for you to try these premium jeans:

On A Cloudy Day
Add: 15-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 5796

thejeansbar kl - on a cloudy day

The jeans bar

Caron Boutique
Add: 42-2, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6205 2033

This is not a paid advertorial.
I won my pair of Karl Kani’s from the contest & this post serves to share with you my experience with premium jeans, which is really superior to all the other 50 pairs of jeans/pants I own & worn before. Hence I believe these premiums is worth checking out the next time you seek a great fitting & stylish pair of denims. 😉

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  1. kruel74

    Wah…Looking good in them jeans, you…

  2. devi

    wah u manyak flexi ah? anyway congrats and nice pair of jeans! :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha..all that flexibility comes from training!
      Thks & I hope to get another pair soon. These jeans are superbly comfy!

  3. unkaleong

    Hmmm…why does the pose in the 1st picture look so familiar? 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! U got the privilege to see it before maaar…

  4. Michelle Chin

    I have 2 pairs of premium jeans. One is from alexander mcqueen and another is from seven. they are worth investing on because they make you feel good.

    1. rebeccasaw

      U said it gal!
      Indeed worth the $! So so comfy and i feel so goooood wearing ’em!

  5. lotsofcravings

    once u go there, u never go back.

    i virtually have left my levis into the “no choice got to wear pile” after buying some premium jeans..

    its just the damn price!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea man..i totally udrstd wht u mean now..
      My other 50 pairs are also in that “no choice but wear” pile now!!

  6. Kathy

    Wow, thanks Rebecca for your wonderful — and thorough — review of the premium jeans and The Jeans Bar Online! This is awesome. You look great in the Karl Kani Buddha White! We are so glad you are enjoying your new jeans. =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Kathy!
      No prob! I’m truly rocking in my Karl Kani’s!! :heart:

  7. Leo

    my most expensive pair of Jeans cost me less than RM250 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m not as $$$ conscious as you Leo, cos I believe in enjoying my life to the fullest & yup, I got no family nor responsibilities for now 😉

  8. extreme

    well toned body. must be good in sports.

  9. Marcky

    I’ve been meaning to get myself a pair from there actually, but waiting to hit my ideal size and weight first.

    I’ve no issues spending that kinda amount, if I look perfect in them.

    Right now is just no-go.

    1. Rebecca

      I udrstd. U can do it ok. Discipline & support is what you need 😉
      And good to read yr tweets tht ur hitting the hills, etc for cardio!

  10. Dorine Menor

    Wonderful post. The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn’t require any.

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