Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield’s, Pavillion

It’s October and thus it’s the month of Halloween and October Fest!

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-004

If you are a foodie then you should be no strangers to Morganfields at Pavilion (Muslims excluded), famed for its porky offerings and RIBS. I dropped in once for pork burgers and well, let’s just say that wasn’t a brilliant idea.
So yes, stick to the ribs!

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-034

For their special menu this month, Morganfield’s Pork-toberFest adds a pork knuckle, a sausage platter and pork belly; all perfect with a pint of beer or more.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-011

No beer for you? Then choose from their non-alcoholic options;  The Lipstick (strawberries, bananas and cream of coconut) – my choice for the night.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-007

Morganfields’  ‘The Ice Cold Lemonade’; which I was told a popular choice of many. Virgin Apple Mojito Cooler – fresh apples, lime chunks, mint leaves topped with soda and Sangria are nice alternatives too.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-008

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-012

I love pork knuckles but Morganfields’ version is a slight variation from what I was used to. Frankly, crackly skin, slight marination on the outside layers, melting fats and natural juicy insides (as below) are my kind of knuckle.

brozeit pork knuckle

Morganfields’ Roasted German Pork Knuckles (RM95.90) are marinated right through to the bone. The meat is however, pink from the marination, not due to its level of doneness. I found it too salty for my liking; but do note that I’m sensitive to sodium. Anyhow, I was advised that it’s perfect when paired with beers.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-022

We (myself and KC) also found the skin to be rather chewy instead of crispy. Andrew, another blogger, loved it though. So it really depends on your preference.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-026

Pork Sausage Platter (RM32.90) which features a medley of favourites like Bratwurst, smoked sausage, spicy Hungarian and Emmantaller Cheese sausage.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-013

I love sausages but again, some of these were too salty. The Bratwurst was best for me.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-016

Morganfield’s Roasted Oriental Pork Belly (RM20.90), served with Dijon mustard and garlic aioli. Now this one was perfect!

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-017

Alternating layers of crackly skin, tender meat and fair amount of fat makes the perfect “siew york”.

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-018

But end of it all, I just had to have some RIBS! 🙂

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-032

Here’s how a full slab is like. Even for the fries were good. Yes, Morganfield’s is worth a visit for their ribs! In fact, I was told that the burgers has undergone some recipes tweaks so looks like I have to be back for some pork burgers soon!

Pork-toberFest @ Morganfield's Pavilion-030

Morganfield’s ™
(one floor above Starbucks)
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang.

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  1. Sean

    sausages, knuckle, ribs and roast belly … quite the complete porky feast! 😀

  2. ulric

    Whoa…so bright! 😛

    Wait until u order the full slab of the normal-sized pork ribs…tis baby-back ribs full slab pales in comparison…hahaha =)

    Btw…loved the Smoked Peppercorn pork ribs the most here 😀

  3. Wan

    Non halal 🙁

    1. rebeccasaw

      ERmmm yes… maybe go for beef ribs instead? Chilis , TGIF…

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