Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food @ Hainantown Restaurant PENANG

When I embarked on my pork-free/halal guide last year I was confident that it would be a useful “handbook” of sorts to those who abstain from pork.

Pork-free or halal is not limited to Muslims, though they form a large part of the community that does not indulge in all things swine.
Others shun pork for health reasons or based on personal preference.

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG

The guide turned out to be a hit, garnering thousands of views daily and consistent thank-you emails/comments from those who found it handy.
If you haven’t came across it, this is the link –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/list-of-halal-or-pork-free-outlets-in-penang-by-rebecca-saw-rebeccapenanghalalguide/

Naturally I have other places to add into the list.
On my recent trip I decided to give Hainantown Restaurant at the QE II area a go.
Many friends gave thumbs up for the food here, and I had thought a pork-free Nyonya food entry to my guide could be a highlight.

Parking is free if you are a guest and the views from the restaurant greets you like a welcoming embrace.
From here you can see the ferries dock and depart, as well as the sight of cars and human boarding each ferry, quite an experience for those who haven’t observed such an occasion before.
On another angle, the QE II, a club-restaurant stood majestically over the waters.


BELOW: Penang chaboh (meaning woman/lady/female) getting excited seeing the ferry. It bought back so many memories.

Rebecca Saw - Penang Jetty

Service isn’t spectacular but maybe that was because we were very early and the restaurant was just getting ready for the evening.
I chose to sit outside, enjoying the breeze and serenity.

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG-001

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG-002

This is a pork free (no Jakim Halal cert in sight) restaurant and I’m glad to say that the Nyonya food is good, based on the few dishes I ordered.
I chose a Curry Tumis Fish, a dish that can be a litmus test for any Nyonya restaurant. And it is lovely, for the curry is thick and aromatic with a nice acidity, the fish cooked just right and portion is decent for the price. We got 4 pieces of stingray.
The chicken lor bak is acceptable for a chicken version but my favourite on the table is the Mutton Stew. I love the chunks of tender meat and the flavourful broth.

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG-004

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG-003

Desserts “buffet”: Every dining guest is entitled to free desserts at the small desserts section where you can have the choice of chendol/ais kacang (rotational basis), fresh fruits, thong shui (chinese sweet soup) and some chilled swiss roll cakes.

111 PICS

Pork free Nyonya & Hainanese food Hainantown Restaurant PENANG-chendol

Prices are on the high side but then again, most Nyonya cuisine are not cheap.
Total Bill:
1 Coffee – RM4.00
1 Curry Tumis Ikan (4-5 pieces of stingray) – RM30.00
1 Lobak – RM12.00
1 Mutton Stew (S) – RM18.00
1 Rice – RM3.00

Dining ambiance is great, with both indoor and outdoor seating available. By 7 pm the staff will light up mosquito coils to prevent the dining guests to be dined upon by mozzies.

More on Penang pork-free/halal dininghttps://www.rebeccasaw.com/pork-free-nyonya-hainanese-food-hainantown-restaurant-penang/

Hainantown Restaurant
8A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay)
George Town, Malaysia
04-263 8633
Mon – Sun:
11:30 am – 10:00 pm

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i like the outfit you’re wearing! it really suits you and you look great in it! 🙂
    ambiance-wise, the breeziness of the outdoor area sounds good and it looks like a very pleasant setting for a meal! 🙂

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