Plasterdoll sets the trend with touch Ultrabook by Intel

Being an avid follower of the latest gadget and technology as well as being a typical female, I place heavy consideration on aesthetics with the gadgets I use. Colour, size, design sometimes (yes only sometimes, ahem…) takes precedence over functionality and technical specifications in my purchases.

So when I was informed recently that Intel has collaborated with a fashion brand, I was way curious to know more about the collaboration.

Plasterdoll 2

I admit a collaboration with  computer-generated characters; albeit fashionable ones was surprising news.


The whole message was The Plasterdolls, the hippest and most fashionable dolls in Plasterdoll-land, have been spotted using the latest Ultrabook™ inspired by Intel. Apart from modelling the latest high-fashion couture, the trendy Plasterdolls have a fond interest in the latest gadgets too.


And this is where the Intel Ultrabooks came in.
With such hectic work schedules (as all fashionable runway models have), the Ultrabook™ devices are the perfect companion for the Plasterdolls. They are light and portable enough to take with them wherever they go and the Plasterdolls get their latest fashion updates, clothes and accessories from the Internet. Online shopping has never been easier with the Ultrabook – anywhere, anytime, with just a single touch.


So now the Ultrabook devices are functional fashion accessories!

Well, I don’t deny some models of the Ultrabooks are indeed so. Most are light and came in pretty colours or in white. They look good, function well and their lightweight makes them ultra-portable.

Here are the comments from both parties of the collaboration:

Karen Chow, Market Development Manager, Intel Malaysia “We are glad to see that the Plasterdolls have caught on to the latest Ultrabook craze.
I’m certain that the Ultrabook will be a perfect match to their lifestyle as runway models. Their chic and slim Ultrabook will complement their daily fashionable outfits.”“We’re delighted to work with Jessica on this project. The Ultrabook devices are truly a fashion statement in the gadget world. The slim and classy form of the Ultrabook makes it very desirable.”
Jessica Wong, Founder & Creator of Plasterdoll “Plasterdolls are computer-generated characters which I created using the computer. Technology is one of the greatest enabler for my business as Plasterdolls were popularised through the Internet and social media platforms.””
The Plasterdolls are not the only ones with the Ultrabook, I have an Ultrabook too! I especially love the touch-screen capabilities and the fact that it is sleek, fashionable and light-weight.
It suits my lifestyle very much as I work practically anywhere with my laptop. I can’t wait to explore the Ultrabook.”

While it’s cool that Intel has been actively promoting ultrabooks as a lifestyle accessory with its recent collaboration in relation with fashion (this one with Plasterdolls) and arts (another recent event where consumers were taken through an arty interactive session featuring the latest touch enabled Ultrabooks, Convertible Ultrabooks, Convertible Tablets, and Touchscreen Laptops running on Windows 8), I do hope to see collaboration with real, human fashion icons in the near future.

Plasterdoll 3

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  1. Geetha

    So cute!
    But real local fashion icons would be better ambassadors

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