Plan B – Bangsar Village I – Eggs Benjamin, Nasi Lemak, Pasta & Lamb meatballs!

This should be an expected continuation from my previous post on Plan B; LOL, as I have been tweeting about this new place consistently ever since my first visit.

plan b bangsar village I (4)

The menu held a lot of promises, and the cakes (as seen HERE), were just coo-ing “eat me eat me!”. Hence I scheduled as many appointments & meals with clients at Plan B as possible over the last week. 😉

Nasi Lemak, RM25.

plan b bangsar village I (9)

Spicy Lamb Chorizo & Gruyere Cheese Muffin, RM10.

plan b bangsar village I (7)

The meaty, loosely packed and herbs-seasoned lamb meatballs..

plan b bangsar village I (1)

I love my eggs and that’s no secret. For RM14, I slurped up 2 perfected poached eggs, drenched in creamy hollandaise sauce on top of meaty, juicy mushrooms & superbly fresh fluffy English muffin (menu says Portobello but somehow, it didn’t taste like portobello so…).

plan b bangsar village I (3)

An added order of Avocadoes and Feta Mash for RM5; just because I couldn’t resist avocadoes. I barely finished it though, as it was sour-er thanI would have preferred.

plan b bangsar village I (5)

A noodle/pasta fiend, he thought the pasta was good, albeit lacking in crab meat. I told him crab meat is expensive marrr.. ;p

Plan B’s Spicy Crabmeat Linguini RM19.00 – scented with lemongrass & Kaffir lime, tossed with tomatoes, garlic & prawn oil. We can testify that all the ingredients listed were present in the bowl of pasta. 😉

plan b bangsar village I (2)

My choice of pasta usually doesn’t involve seafood. And this hearty heap of Spaghettini with really, really meaty & well herbs- seasoned lamb meatballs is seriously good. All of approximately 6 meatballs for RM19.00.

plan b bangsar village I (11)

The pride of Malaysia – Nasi Lemak.
Probably not an order one would normally make here at Plan B, but seeing how Plan B excels in homely food, I can’t help but order their RM25.00 Nasi Lemak.

plan b bangsar village I (8)

I would rate it higher than Madam Kwan’s legendary Nasi Lemak, which is of similar price range. And I get more squids here too! :good:

plan b bangsar village I (9)

The sambal (chilli paste) is much spicier than the usual nasi lemak ones. There seem to be a shortage of nasi lemak that offers spicy sambal in KL, with most leaning towards the sweetish type.Thankfully, Plan B’s nasi lemak has a bit of heat to it.

plan b bangsar village I (10)

The fried chicken was well-marinated & tasty enough. No complaints there.

I had the amazing Tomato & Zuchini muffin HERE, & thus had similar expectations for the Spicy Lamb Chorizo & Gruyere Cheese Muffin. Similarly priced at RM10, this big muffin- top packed chunks of chorizos and pungent Gruyere cheese and it’s better eaten warm.

plan b bangsar village I (6)

plan b bangsar village I (7)

Would I be back for more?
Well, I’m still missing the Orange Flourless Cake, and I have yet to try their dinner menu. So yea, for the cake and for dinner, Plan B should be expecting me soon! 😉

Updated 6th Dec 2010.
From the time of the previous post HERE; til today (7th Dec), there have been varying degrees of feedback from the other foodies & my friends. The general concensus is – service is bad & their western repertoire fares better than their Asians.

Plan B, (at the right-side of the entrance of BV I, opposite of Starbucks & taking over the vacated Theobroma Lounge)
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I,
59000 Bangsar, KL.

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  1. hApPy HaPpY

    good morning, I am hungry oledi & I want the nasi lemak. Maybe too early to visit.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Pasta wasn’t too bad a choice but yeah, Unka also had to add chilli powder to his for more kick!

  2. Leo

    I have a great nasi lemak place to bring you to if u r in Lipis 😛 near my factory!
    otherwise I would stick to Village Park’s nasi lemak which is cheaper and value for money 🙂
    some of your pictures are blurry… your hand shook ah?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Actually, I have been toying w the idea of comin dwn to Lipis! Serious!
      And Village Park is not bad 😉

      No, I do not knw how to use the Sony nex, i cant get it to focus properly! 😥

  3. Sean

    gosh, i just realized the nasi lemak is pricier than the pastas here. wonder how come…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm.. there was a lot of squids.. and a whole chic thigh, whereas the pasta didn’t have that much main “meat” ingredient i guess?

  4. mimid3vils

    RM 25 for a nasi lemak still too expensive for me, but there are too much food I want to try there, nothing can stop me 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, feedback abt their asian fare has not been great so far, better stick to the pastas, brekkie sets & DESSERTS!

  5. ai wei

    wow, i can’t wait to try out more from plan B! love their hot muffin. really good

  6. iamthewitch

    I guess I’m not the type of person who would fork out RM25 for nasi lemak! LOL! Much rather pay for Village Park’s. But the poached eggs look glorious! Perhaps warrant a try! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      The poached eggs is Rm14++ so it’s alright!
      I think their western fare deserves a try.
      LOL. I’m gettin a lot of feedback that the Nasi Lemak aint worth it. But hey, ppl stil pay so much fr Mdm Kwan’s, whc tasted so-so :scratch:

  7. syazwan

    wait till you try Village Park’s Nasi lemak at less than 1/3 the price!

  8. Simon Seow

    I will order that avocado feta mash too because I have a weakness for avocado too

  9. nell

    i’ve been eyeing Plan B since it’s renovation days.. finally had my chance to devour it’s wholesome breakfast (totally dig the breakfast till 6pm timing) cos i’ve been craving for scrambled eggs for the longest time

    scrambled eggs tasted bland though, not much of eggy taste but portion definitely good.. i just can’t get enough of their iced mocha.. simply slurpilicious :yahoo: the best so far i’ve tasted in town.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Nice! It’s good to hear of your good experience & the fact tht you enjoyed your meal here! Best iced mocha in town? I must go again! 🙂

  10. Caca

    oh, love the poach eggs

  11. Zana

    The poached eggs look good! Any idea how early they open?

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