Pirq Malaysia – a free app that brings you instant deals on the go!

Just like everyone else, I’m a fan of group buys. Significant savings are one reason, another is simply because some of the offers offered are pretty nifty gadgets and useful stuffs!
I usually buy mine from Groupon as their redemption, delivery and quality of products from their vendors were satisfactory so far.
Unfortunately, as someone who’s always on the go, I lacked the free time to actually sit down and plan my time to redeem the vouchers I bought! I can’t tell you how many has gone to waste just because I didn’t claim them on time.
Over the recent weekend I was recommended this Pirq (http://pirq.com.my/) app, a mobile application that allows users to redeem deals while on the go; so meaning cutting out the hassle from printing vouchers, pre-paying for deals and making advance bookings.

All you need is a smartphone (iPhone or Android), download it free from the market and you’re good to go!

Here’s the really simplistic-looking of the Pirq Home Page.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw

And the Sign-in Page where you can create an account or sign in via Facebook.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-001

After signing in, all the deals nearby your location will be shown!

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-002

Just click on the top right corner to view the map of your location and the deals around you.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-003

Let’s pick D Fish Restaurant, SS2 as an example.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-004

After selecting the outlet, all the deals available in the outlet are shown.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-005

As with everything that’s on a bargai, remember to scroll down and read through the fine prints to avoid any misunderstanding.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-006

Click ”Redeem” if you are already at the outlet and use the application to scan the tag available at the outlet. Otherwise, you can reserve it for later and the deal will be saved in your history for faster access.

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-007

Furthermore, for easy reference you can check out how much you have saved and the deals you have reserved as it’s all recorded in your profile. Convenient isn’t it?

Pirq_Rebecca Saw-008

The entire idea of Pirq is to provide consumers a fuss-free shopping experience. The best part? No prepayment for the deals or printing of vouchers nor advance bookings needed! 🙂

In conclusion, here’s what you need to do:

1. Check out the deals

2. Go to the location

3. Scan the tag

4. Redeem!

Simple and easy! :DD

Since this is a new app that’s just launched, Pirq is running a challenge to encourage users to try the app out.
If you fancy yourself a living GPS who knows the location of every single merchant, then show off your awesome directives at PIRQ Hunter!
Your skills could make you the next Grand Prize Winner!

The game is simple. Head over to the PIRQ Hunter Page and get your PIRQ App on the phone ready.
Once you received the clue from the  PIRQ App, crack it, hunt and tag the location on the map. Then cross your fingers over the next 3 days and hope that you’re announced as one of the winners! Continue to tag on as many as possible locations (correctly of course) and you might just walk away as a Grand Prize Winner!

So what’s stopping you from this really fun hunting game? Try it out –> HERE.

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  1. Sean

    ooo, useful! i think it heard the founders talk about this on BFM recently. will definitely download it, it’s a great idea and super-convenient 😀

  2. Kent

    How do you pronounce the name??

  3. veron

    Hmmm… not much deals la

  4. Betty

    Tried it on my iPhone.. doesnt really work. The app opens, then close suddenly

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