Pink October month: Pink Bosu Party with Celebrity Fitness!

You know what’s the key to staying sane with a full time job of running your own media/advertising agency, updating 1-2 posts on your blog per day, doing housework, keeping life in order, networking at 2-3 events per day and of course, as you may very know, eating AND traveling non-stop?


melvyn - RPM

Yes, that’s the key that keeps my sanity in check. The adrenaline that keeps me mentally sound and not murder any of the unreasonable, cheapskate clients and the (sometimes) difficult bloggers.

Also the key to staying fit and slim though I’m involved in numerous food reviews and burger sessions everyday, day in day out.

Arthurs Bar Shangri-la hotel KL - the works burger-001

The competitive spirit in me is probably a result of that as well. I need to announce this again, we (the Malaysian team – 2 bloggers) won the inaugural #EscapersHK scavenger hunt, beating 6 others teams of media/journalist from Thailand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China and Singapore!
You can read about the race HERE.
Yes, that’s me being carried by the GMs of Novotel/ibis in Hong Kong! :DD

1 hong kong - escapershk - escapers scavenger hunt accor hotels 3

I have been a Celebrity Fitness member since about 10 years ago, back when I was in Penang. When I came to KL, I remained a loyal member and when Hannah Tan gave me the privilege of being one of her complimentary membership I had never missed going to gym for more than a week, and that’s only if I’m traveling out of the country.

I believe it’s all about balance. A good workout helps! A FUN workout can change your mood, lift your spirits and keeps you energized. And well, slim and sexy too! :DD

Rebecca Saw - celebrity fitness


I have recently got a new haircut; and will be working out doubly hard in the gym for that perfect body.

Hair makeover by Kevin Woo - Centro Hair Salon -013

So come join me on 28 September 2013 for a Pink BOSU Party at Sunway Pyramid, Piazza Area! This event is organized by Celebrity Fitness in conjunction with Pink October (breast cancer) Month.

vidal - pink bosu, celebrity fitness 1

The session will be lead by my favourite instructor (for obvious reasons) Vidal (as pictured above) and just by looking at him I’m sure you can tell that you’ll be having more fun in this Pink Bosu session than in any of your workout sessions before!

The creator of BOSU, David Weck, will also be present and will lead the participants through various fitness regimes such as BOSU Yoga, BOSU Pilates and BOSU Functional.

pink bosu party - rebecca saw

To add even more excitement to the not-to-be missed event, participants will receive a goody bag worth RM300.00 and will even stand a chance to win a “mystery prize” worth RM500.00.
This event is limited to the first 150 participants. Registration fee for Celebrity Fitness Pink Bosu Party is going for:

• RM349 (Inclusive of entry fee+ Limited Edition Pink BOSU + Goody bag) or
• RM39 (Inclusive of entry fee+ Goody bag)

Registration will close on 23rd September 2013.

Besides burning unwanted calories, you’re doing good too! Proceeds from the registration fee will bechanneled to Breast Cancer Wellness Association.

Visit for event details.
Do leave a comment here too or email me if you’re going! I hope to stand/exercise together with you! 🙂

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    a good reminder that i should take exercise more seriously, even if i don’t join a formal gym! you can be my fitness inspiration 😀

  2. lina

    oh gawd. I want that BODY! 😉

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Work it baby! 😛
      Well it’s one of the good days. Bad days, the tummy is round! Hahaha!

  3. Veron

    Damn woman. You got abs??

  4. daniel

    How do you eat so much & still be fit?? Oh wait, it’s the gym!

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