Phu Quoc Beer Festival 2017!

Phu Quoc island was on the tourist radar for the past four years but rapid development was only in place for the past two.
With support (and budget) from the government to transform this idyllic archipelago into a quality eco-tourism destination, Phu Quoc has morphed from a sleepy island to a must-visit beach escape for locals (yes, there were plenty of visiting Vietnamese from HCMC/Hanoi), expats and beachlover -tourists alike.

With the rumoured direct Air Asia KL – Phu Quoc flight in 2018, expect hordes of Malaysians to be part of the tourist statistics soon!

My first sight of Phu Quoc was thanks to the inaugural Phu Quoc Beer Festival.
With the winner of my giveaway Aaron Quay and his friend Dale, we descended onto Phu Quoc with anticipation of beers, sun, sea and a weekend of idyllic fun!

The first of its kind on the beautiful and exotic Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Phu Quoc Beer Festival 2017! is a beer guzzling, lively event spanning over 10 days (2 weekends). Showcasing a total of 12 beer brands, patrons were happily indulging in a mix of international and local beers of over 20 varieties.

To top it up, the beer festival packages comes with a FREE FLOW of food during the Beer Festival and the After Party.

This beer fest is set to be an annual affair so that is a good reason for Malaysians and Singaporeans to plan a year end Phu Quoc trip!
Easy access (no Visa required), assorted accommodations for varying budgets, great local food, clean beach and a safe island – this is the tropical island getaway you need!
Besides, for Malaysians – it won’t be canceled! 😉 

Though in its inaugural year, Gary Leow of the Phu Quoc Beer Festival team already had his sights set on making Phu Quoc Beer Festival as an acclaimed international beer event, first by establishing it as Vietnam’s premier beer festival, then South East Asia.

After our success in 2017, it will develop into the largest beer fair in SEA to celebrate brews of all hues and flavors. Expect triple (or more) the variety of beers next year. An open-air market, a fair, and lots and lots of performances – who knows – there is so much more we have planned for 2018 and beyond!” – Gary Leow, Phu Quoc Beer Festival.

As it is, Phu Quoc Beer Festival drew people from all around the world, with most coming from Russia, Korea, local Vietnamese, Malaysians and the Europeans.

Our experience at the Phu Quoc Beer Festival certainly marked it as a promising international annual affair. I am personally looking forward to see its growth and secure its place among the other beer festivals in the region – Singapore’s Beerfest Asia, China’s Shanghai International Beer Festival, Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong Music and Beer Fest and Japan’s Great Japan Beer Festival!

The venue was at Phu Quoc food court right in Duong Dong town, a mere 15 minutes cab ride away from our hotels.

Throughout the night, DJs spin the decks and there were singing and dancing as the crowd got powered up with beer. For laughs and fun, comic performances were part of the event. In addition to those, we had the The MADgicians performing up-close and on stage magic. Other eye-popping acts include Fire Eaters, Stilt Walkers & Dancers plus special LIVE MUSIC performances by Fad’z.
And of course there’s plenty of malty, amber-colored brew on tap, pizzas and grilled proteins.

Besides the typical beers, there were focus on smaller, private breweries. I enjoyed the local Phu Quoc draft beer and I think a tour of the beer brewery during the 10 day long festival would be a good idea!

However long it might take to sample over 21 variants of beer, the Phu Quoc Beer Festival sounds like a great way to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day. Live music, shows, the After Party at S Club featuring DJs from Thailand – DJ Double G & DJ April and DJs from Vietnam – DJ Mai Nhi, Dj Shaya & Noize Of Future also keep the crowd entertained.

You will be able to capture the wonderful and memorable moments of the Beer Fest with Pixabooth. And besides the entertainment, the Beer Drinking Competitions had many winners walking away with exciting prizes!

Not a beer drinker you say?
Fret not!
Local and beer festivals are great occasions not only to enjoy a variety of food and beers, but they also provide an opportunity to observe local traditions, sample local grub, as well as to mingle amongst a nice cross-section of people. 🙂

With food and beverages on free-flow, a general party atmosphere prevails. The performers, DJs and other tourists provide a great mood for spirit to chill and just enjoy the experience.

After an hour or so, you can visit the Phu Quoc night market which is about 10 minutes walk. You will enjoy wandering through the streets and parts of Phu Quoc town as you go about tasting produce, eating the local fare and checking out the arts and crafts stalls.

Phu Quoc Beer Festival in 2017 is more than just a beer swigging, rowdy good time. Look out for the cultural, historical and emotional aspects and you will be sure to leave with unique memories from the event. 🙂

** Stay connected to for beer fest packages and news of the next Phu Quoc Beer Fest! 

Last but not least, stay tuned to my Facebook and Instagram too for updates on such fantastic events! I have to thank the Phu Quoc Beer Festival team for this generous giveaway – allowing me to reward two friends/fans from Malaysia and Singapore to join me on this marvellous, fun journey to Phu Quoc! <3

Til 2018 – CHEERS! 

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  1. Sean EDKL

    sounds like a great location to head to for a beer festival … or any festival! i’ve seen some pics of phu quoc’s white beaches, and it looks like a lovely island 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hehhe… any festival is good if its on the beach 😛

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