Military & Defense: Kursura Submarine & Visakha Museum @ Visakhapatnam‬, INDIA

The month of May 2015 marked my first trip to India and I scored a many “firsts” on this trip.

1st time in an actual submarine, 1st time on a long distance ride in a train (did it once on an overnight train from Penang to Hatyai many years ago), 1st time experiencing India’s heat wave, 1st time shopping for sarees… it has been an experience to cherish so far! 🙂

I’ve not been able to update much as Internet connection is scarce here.
However, I post more often and faster on Instagram ( and my Facebook ( so do keep up with me on these platforms! 😀
I’m able to response faster on both as well.

Now back to this submarine.

This is the Kursura Submarine Museum @ Vizag (‪#‎Visakhapatnam‬) , INDIA.
INS Kursura (S20) was India’s fourth submarine. Kursura was commissioned on 18 December 1969 and was decommissioned on 27 February 2001 after 31 years of service.
She weights about 1,950 tonnes surfaced.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-002

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-007

Currently she sits idle on RK Beach, one of the beautiful beaches in Vizag.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-024

1 Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-025

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-028

Does it look like how it was depicted in films? Well, yes and no.

The ones in the films may be more technologically advanced for one. Kursura was in service in the 1969s so it will not have all the modern touchscreens and what-nots.

It is however, a real submarine that fires actual torpedoes in its heydays!

The images here should give you a better idea of its compartments.
Our tour was guided by this kind, experienced former submarine navigator. He had 25 years of experience at sea, and about 10 of it spent on this very submarine.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-009

Life sized mannequins were used to depict actual activities within the submarine.
Entrance to all rooms inside fits one person.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-011

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-012

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-017

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-010

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-013

The dining hall doubles up as an operation table if necessary. I shuddered a bit as I’m a lover of space and sunlight. Obviously I won’t survive in a submarine!

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-014

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-016

To head up or go to the lower decks, these are the passage “holes”.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-015

Yes, like in the movies huh? 🙂

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-018

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-019

Every inch is smartly utilized. Any passageway allows at most 2 grown men to navigate.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-020

What happens if the crew needs to evacuate the submarine?
Meet the Hydro Suit. Each crew is allocated one.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-021

The kitchen.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-022

The washroom. I guess everybody will get to watch you shit. 😀

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-023

An actual torpedo to be fired from this submarine.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-008

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-025

This area may look big, but it is actually supposed to fit 25 beds.
The beds are not in place now because this is the last room before the exit and is currently used a meeting “room” of sorts so all tourists can fit into one space as the guide shares his last notes about the tour.

1 Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-024


Outside, we marvelled at the high waves and was rewarded with some sea breeze though the sun remained unforgivingly hot.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-026

Bye bye for now Kursura!

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-029

More info:

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-004

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-003

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-005

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit-006

Entry price for the submarine museum : 40 Indian rupees is RM2.40.

Kursura submarine museum - vizag - visit

A few kilometres away is Visakha Museum.
I’m not particular fond of museums, though some can be interesting.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-001

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-028

This museum displays items from the marine and defense departments of India which may be of interest to those who keen about war history.

Full armour suits, guns, ancient weapons and even a bomb can be viewed here.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-027

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-013

Bullet shells!
And that is a huge one on the left!

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-024

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-025

Other than that, you will find portraits, manuscripts, maps and furniture.
One of the highlight here is the search light reflector 30″, route of Vasco-da-Gama’s maiden voyage to India.

And thank god for English descriptions.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-023

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-022

More items:





vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-009

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-026

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-021

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-020

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-019

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-015

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-014

One has to admire their handwork here. Such resemblance!

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-011

But eerie!

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-010

The figures were actually made from fibre. Astonishing.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-012

Here’s a pretty recent feat:

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-008

That is in this huge bundle of cloth.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-007

Some of the paintings showed real talent.

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-006

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-005

More artwork:

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India-004

Looks good to you? Here are the entrance fees, which is negligible in our ringgit. 

Visakha Museum entrance PAYMENT:

vishaka museum - Visakhapatnam - India

1. Kursura Submarine Museum
RK Beach Rd, Paanduranga Puram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530017, India

2. Visakha Museum
Dutch Bunglow
RK Beach Road
Telephone: +91-891-2549215

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  1. Sean EDKL

    wah, that’s a very large submarine indeed! 🙂 i’ve not been to india, and i probably won’t, so it’s nice to view it from your eyes and perspective! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HAHAH! Do try India (you never know!) and please stick to the Northern side. I think there’s more food discoveries there 😀


    It was a pleasure reading your wnderful description of Kursura and I am delighted you enjoyed your visit. I commanded Kursura from May 1995 to April 1996 when she was operational and was one of the four submarines I had the privilege of commanding.

    I would also request you to visit a page I manage on facebook called “Submariners Forever” and would request you to ask your friends also to like it so that more people learn about the fascinating life we lead on board. The profile picture is of me on the bridge of another submarine .

    Best wishes,

    Commodore Anil Jai Singh, ( Retd)
    Vice President,
    Indian Maritime Foundation

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hello Commodore Anil Jai Singh!! It is an honour to have you commenting on my article!
      TQ TQ 😀 😀
      I think Kursura is a beautiful, powerful beast and being in her belly totally gave me a new perspective of war, submarines, underwater travel now.
      I”ll check out your FB page too! 😀

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