PH Pastry House, KL – More BREADS and CAKES ~!

Undeniably, PH Pastry House is a lovely, lovely place.

PH Pastry House, KL-0

From the moment I stepped onto the grounds of this quaint and pretty bungalow everything had appeared promising; from the colourful decor on the walls to the water elements running round the bungalow and the spacious cafe seating. I was immediately put at ease and a smile lighted up on my face.

PH Pastry House, KL-01

PH Pastry House, KL-02

I pushed open the doors leading inside the restaurant and the first thought that hit me was the spaciousness of the dining area.
It is inevitable to compare PH Pastry House to Levain Boulangerie, which incidentally, is located just a stone’s throw away.

PH Pastry House, KL-04

PH Pastry House has obviously placed top priority on the dining area. Majority of the available space within this plot of land was allocated for the cafe. The kitchen and ovens remained hidden while the display area for the selection of baked goods are relegated to a pretty small corner.

Below: Long tables for the big groups.

PH Pastry House, KL-09

Below: Plenty of  tables allocated for groups of twos and fours.

PH Pastry House, KL-07

Below: At one side, “counter top dining” for the singles/individuals who are here for a quick bite.

PH Pastry House, KL-10

Below: Alfresco dining with soothing waters running alongside the perimeter of the bungalow and the gardens.

PH Pastry House, KL-12

PH Pastry House, KL-13

It is indeed lovely to sit outside, (if the weather permits) as the trees provided natural shade and a soft breeze perpetually caresses your face as you sip your cuppa.

PH Pastry House, KL-03

While top marks are awarded for the interior and exterior design, the same can’t be said for their cakes.

PH Pastry House, KL-08

Esthetically, they didn’t look too good. And the selections were boring too, with the usual suspects staring back at me; Opera Cake, some green tea cake, Chocolate Dome.. *yawns*.

Moving on…

Below: The only area where the selections of breads are displayed.

PH Pastry House, KL-05

Below: Cashier and cakes counter. 

PH Pastry House, KL-06

Since the cakes didn’t intrigue, I concentrated on the breads selection instead.

Left: Cranberry Walnut RM4.90. Right: Rosemary & Raisin RM3.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-15

Left: Blueberry Danish RM5.50. Right: Croissants RM3.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-16

Nuts Butterscotch RM4.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-17

Ebi Cheese RM4.90.

Danish Pizza (Tuna) RM5.90

Parsley Bun RM5.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-18

Left: Custard Raisin Danish RM4.90. Right: Ham & Cheese Roll RM3.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-19

Left: Danish Pizza (Tuna) RM5.90. Right: Danish Pizza (Chic) RM5.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-20

Left: Pretzel RM4.00. Right: Cinnamon Pretzel RM4.00.

PH Pastry House, KL-22

Left: Almond Pretzel RM4.50. Right: Raisin Pretzel RM4.50.

PH Pastry House, KL-30

Banana Butterscotch RM6.50.

PH Pastry House, KL-28

Baguette RM4.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-23

Left: Turkey & Egg RM3.90. Right: Chicken Onion RM3.80.

PH Pastry House, KL-24

Left: Veggie Bread RM7.90. Right: Multi-Grain RM7.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-25

Left: Brioche RM3.90. Right: Parsley Bun RM7.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-34

Queen Bread. RM6.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-35

Left: Sausage Cheese RM3.90. Right: Cheese Stick RM3.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-36

Cinnamon Roll RM4.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-37

Bread Roll RM4.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-38


Naturally, I gravitated towards the healthier loaves, and bought myself a veggie loaf and a rosemary and raisin bun. Both were decent and substantially aromatic due to the herbs used.

PH Pastry House, KL-27

Rosemary and Raisin.

PH Pastry House, KL-26

Parsley Bun. RM5.90. This wasn’t bad either.

PH Pastry House, KL-18

However, that’s about it. The rest of the breads were disappointingly generic-tasting for the prices I paid. My turkey and egg roll below is RM3.90 and it didn’t taste anymore premium than the ones bought in other large bakery chains out there.

PH Pastry House, KL-29

This Almond Pretzel that cost me RM4.50 didn’t taste anything like a pretzel, but more like a white roll shaped into a pretzel. There were barely any almonds either.

PH Pastry House, KL-31

Lastly, I tapau-ed a Caesar SaladRM9.90.

PH Pastry House, KL-33

The menu said my Caesar Salad is supposed to come with lettuce, turkey bacon, egg, croutons and the dressing (Duhh!). Luckily I checked the salad prior to paying, as they omitted the turkey bacon, saying that it was unavailable. Mind you, I was probably their 2nd customer for the day at 9am on a Sunday morning.
What I got me peeved was not so much that turkey bacon was unavailable at the start of business on a blardy weekend but more on the fact that I wasn’t informed beforehand, and no substitute was offered. It was only when I asked then they only added in an extra egg and more lettuce.

My verdict in short:
1. Absolutely nothing exciting, and in need of a stronger identity and better quality products if they were to come anywhere near Levain. Levain; although in my opinion is not that great either at least offers better variety and cakes.

2. Prices are not in tandem with the quality of breads offered.

3. Service staff at the cashier counter needs training, for both the ones manning the counter on a Sunday morning were barely helpful. Heck, one of them couldn’t even slice my veggie loaf properly and the end result were flattened and uneven slices.
I spoke to the chief baker for a while as I chose my breads and he couldn’t explain how and why the breads here are priced as such and when I queried further about the flour and ingredients used, he wasn’t able to elaborate much either.

4. Has much potential and better space than Levain. Lovely place to hang out over coffee, which I heard were pretty decent.

PH Pastry House, KL-32

PH Pastry House
54 Jalan Utara,
55100 KL
Open Daily 7am-9pm
Facebook page for more info:

PH Pastry House, KL-11

PH Pastry House, KL-14

BREAD LOVERS check these out! :P

Hagen Bake and Brew – Mont Kiara

Craft Bakers Bakery and Cafe – Solaris Dutamas

Breads from Singapore – Gardenia, Bonjour

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie – Jalan Delima

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie- most recent visit!

Yups, my favourite bakery is still Hagen Bake & Brew at Mont Kiara. Too bad Hagen does not have the space like Levain and PH Pastry House. It has so much potential!

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    1. rebeccasaw

      I hope so! Else it is really wasted, all that branding. Nice area too. Has much potential but sorely lacking in originality

  1. J2Kfm

    The setting looks promising though, but you really are very detailed in getting all of the information! Good job.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh thanks.. when it comes to BREADS – I go all out to unearth every little detail! 😛

    2. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, the set up is admirable. Now it’s the food!

  2. nikel

    I like this place.. more to western style.. :good:

    1. rebeccasaw

      The setting beats Levain.. unfortunately not the food…

    1. rebeccasaw

      I won’t be surprised. Most bakeries cant get the spelling right.. but yet can sell macarons with gusto. Makes me wonder if they even know how to make them properly! -_-

  3. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  4. HS Sleigh

    The service is at this place is terrible. I am still sitting here after 1 hour and breakfast ordered has yet to be served! What a mothers day rip off! For a start only one item on the menu can be ordered….so really what is the point of having a menu if all items on the menu cannot be ordered. Then, even with only the breakfast platter can be ordered, the hash brown is not available so it is then replaced with chips – what kind of inventory management is this???? when I ask to speak to the manager, the manager has not arrived. Looks like a ridiculous place where they leave a few untrained waitresses to work and fend all customers and the manager stays home and leisurely comes in later – what kind of management is this? And considering that this is not a cheap restaurant – breakfast costs abt Rm20 and the service is as such….I would never recommend anyone to come to his restaurant. They have no respect for customers! If all customers persists and insists on acceptable service, this restaurant will never stay afloat!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh my , I’m so sorry to hear that!
      I wasn’t too happy with the quality of bread, but I didnt dine there so I have not experienced the service.

  5. Cindy Tong

    i totally agree with you on their pricing VS quality….I have not tried their breads but the blueberry cheese cake and I prefer their cakes more than those offered in Levain mostly due to dense taste of the cheese and the thick layer of blueberry jam is very appetizing. I still prefer coffee at Levain, smoother and milkier. BUT PH offers affogato which I love the most thought not the best I had ever but sufficient to satisfy my crave…

  6. liesya mell

    wahhh , so awesome pastry house ! actually give me an idea to built a bakery house like yours for my final project in dip.accounting .. but , i think to do more different .. so appreciate if miss rebeccasaw have an idea .. because you’re had more experience in business line:)

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Really?
      What sort of bakery house u wan to “build”? Business wise or really build a house???

      1. liesya mell

        ermm , the idea that i got is business pastry/bakery in a house .. just for my final project .. i really want to score it ! 😀

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahah cool. so how are you going about putting this plan into motion?

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