Petronas first in Malaysia to launch Euro 4M RON 97 fuel

Today marked a significant milestone for Petronas as the company set the record for being the first in the country to offer the Euro 4M RON 97 fuel as set by the new European Fuel Directive standard.

1st Sept is the gazetted date but Petronas Malaysia leap ahead of the pack and had started offering the Euro 4M RON 97 petrol nationwide today. There are more than 500 Petronas stations carrying this upgraded fuel nationwide.

Petronas first in Malaysia to launch Euro 4M RON 97 fuel-001

This Euro 4M is priced at RM2.45 inclusive of GST (at time of blog post being written) and will replace the existing Euro 2M grade.

So the question is why Euro 4M and what are its advantages over the previous Euro 2M?

Here are the superiorities of the new Euro 4M fuel:
1. Lower benzene
Benzene is a natural part of crude oil and gasoline.
The major effect of benzene from long-term exposure is on the blood, which could cause anemia. More serious cases leans toward cancer.
2. Lower sulfur content – reduced by 90% from current level of 500 parts per million (ppm) to just 50 ppm.
Burned sulfur in the fuel are released as sulphur dioxide which would lead to the occurrence of acid rain.
3. Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) levels
This means the fuel is less prone to evaporation while handling as well as when the liquid is in the tank. Less evaporation, less wastage and less harm to the environment.

All in all this translate to the fact that the Euro 4M RON 97 burns cleaner, adheres to a higher standard as well as producing less emissions & pollutants.

Petronas Euro 4M

In addition to that, Petronas isn’t just introducing a fuel that meets the gazetted requirement but also delivering an enhanced Petronas Primax 97 with improved Advanced Energy Formula.
This will provide superior acceleration and thus enhanced driving experience.

Petronas first in Malaysia to launch Euro 4M RON 97 fuel

To locate the nearest PETRONAS station with the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 97, visit or download the PETRONAS Pitstopp app available on Android ( ) and iOS (
For more information, you can also visit #PrimaxAcceleration

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