Petronas Deepavali Webisodes – Holding on to a culture turning rare

The celebration of lights is a festival to bring hope to all, that there is a greater good in all of us. As we struggle with life, rich or poor, there is always one day of our ancestry that is spent to commemorate that struggle positively. And for the Indian community, that is Deepavali.

The Festival of Lights has existed for 2539 years. But it’s only in this era, the 21st century that we see its tradition dying rapidly amongst the young and modern. Even exteriors of Hindu Temples were modernised. I believe people would call it an upgrade, but it seems that they are losing their old skins to be new and trying to keep up with times rather than preserving the longevity of tradition.

PETRONAS, in an effort to rejuvenate the spirit of Deepavali recently sent media and a production team to Penang to capture its historical essence of inner peace and harmony.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes

The Nagarathar Sivan temple was the first stop. Built by the Chettiyas of Penang Island, this temple’s work of art has been preserved throughout time.The filming began at the temple, representing the start of Diwali.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-001

We headed to NR Sweets factory next. These sweets symbolises Goodness for the Hindus. It brought families and the community together.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-003

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-004

NR Sweets aims to revolutionise the Indian traditional food business.
In the attempt to retain the original flavors of the sweets as close as possible to its original and to reduce the time required to prepare them, the owners have innovated and imported machines that could do so.

In the olden days, our grandmothers would use a batu tumbuk. It was used to pound ingredients to a smooth pulp. In the factory, they did this.
They turned the batu tumbuk into a machine. Completely automated but still keeping the traditional texture of the dough.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-002

During the shoot we were entertained by the fun, lively side of both hosts Aanantha and Aalinda.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-005

They really are great hosts. There’s never a dull moment with them around. On one scene Aanantha had to push Aalinda down the road for a shot and back, When he went down and came back, he was told by the director : “Bro that was seriously awesome, but I’m so sorry, the camera wasn’t rolling” . Everyone had a good laugh!

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-006

The last scene of the day was in Penang’s Little India.
The air was filled with a celebratory atmosphere. Rain may be dampening the sales, but it hasn’t dampened the spirits of its people. I was told oil lamps for prayers are flying off the shelf. It’s nice to see that the priority of the festival is still togetherness and God.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-007

Another main part of Deepavali is the shopping. New, colourful clothes beckons from stores and stores packed with designs catering from sarees to punjabi suits.
Most of these designs are inspirations from Bollywood movies. Last year’s designs were mainly chiffon, this year, it is nettings. Every shop seemed to be somewhat similar to each other.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-008

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-009
But what’s more important is that the clothes are new. Turmeric powder is sprinkled on the clothes to protect its wearer from evil spirits for the year and to bring good fortune

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-010

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-011

All in all, the idea of Deepavali as the Festival of Lights is a celebration to vanquish evil. It ends darkness and brings enlightenment to the people through a commitment of good deeds and deeper spiritual self.

Watch the webisodes by Petronas to embrace the essence of Deepavali on PETRONAS’ Official YouTube Channel  from November 12 onwards.

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  1. Marcus

    Let light prevail upon darkness, may flashlights, tint, reflectors, and current controlled switches conquer the darkness at theend of every day!
    The Bright Side calls for you.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! You’re taking the ‘Light’ very literally aren’t you!

      1. Marcus

        its the festival of lights! lets go seputeh mamak and play with the lights

      2. Rebecca Saw

        CAn can. when? LOL
        Shall I dress up?

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    That’s a cool exploration of a side of Penang I haven’t seen much of before =)

  3. David

    Which factory was this?

  4. Sherlyn G

    It’s sad that Deepavali doesn’t get as much attention as the other festivals. Good of Petronas to highlight the festival.

  5. Doreen

    Gorgeous pics by Joanna!

  6. Florence

    I saw the TVCs .. nice!
    But I didn’t see you in it?

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