Petronas Chinese New Year 2014 – a short film – “Young Hearts”

For years and to a point it’s almost “a tradition”, Malaysians nationwide looks forward to Petronas festive TVCs.
Those meaningful short films which touches on cultural, heritage, family values and forgotten tradition never failed to make us sit back and reflect. Some (or maybe most?) shed tears after watching an episode.
Be it for Chinese New Year, Raya or Deepavali, these Petronas commercials were much treasured and appreciated by the society. And I for one, hope that this “tradition” lives on for many years to come.

Petronas Official Youtube channel :

Petronas youtube official

Just a few months back, I was involved in the PetronasDeepavaliWebisodes where I followed the film crew to Seremban and Penang for an experience of the behind -the-scenes shoot. You can read about my post –> HERE.

During the shoot we were entertained by the fun, lively side of both hosts Aanantha and Aalinda. It was a meaningful trip as I finally got “behind-the-scenes” and watch the direction of the shoot.

Petronas Deepavali Webisodes-005

And this year I had the opportunity to witness the launch of the Chinese New Year 2014 Petronas short film and was one of the few invited media to watch it even before it was released on Youtube!

Petronas Chinese New Year 2014 - a short film - Young Hearts

And I got to meet the cast themselves too. After watching so many of Petronas TVCs, I must admit I was pretty excited to be “involved” in the launch of yet another well-directed commercial by Petronas.

Petronas Chinese New Year 2014 - a short film - Young Hearts-001

Petronas Chinese New Year 2014 - a short film - Young Hearts-003

This year’s campaign comprises a specially produced 3 minutes web film titled “Young Hearts”, a 60-second and a 30-second versions of the film to be aired as TV commercial (TVC), and a community programme for PETRONAS staff.

The web film captures the excitement of its 2 main characters on the eve of CNY as they prepare for the celebrations. The story follows them as they shop for CNY essentials and gifts for the family, soaking in the festive atmosphere in youthful exuberance and enthusiasm.

Watch it now and tell me if you got the ‘twist’? 😀

This episode was meant to inspire us to hold true to our values, appreciate our rich culture and the importance of family ties.
Through this film, the hope is to convey a message that reminds us all to look at life with the same youthful enthusiasm and a sense of hope as when we were young, no matter what are our age now.

Petronas CNY 2014 TVC.png-001

Now, after watching it, tell me if you got the idea and concept?
The 2 young ones are a representation of their older self. It is supposed to be them celebrating CNY, in the present day, as though they are young kids. Basically the concept of the video is to show that ageing is not a matter as long as you live young. 🙂

Petronas youtube official - young hearts 2014

Petronas youtube official - young hearts 2014 1

In addition to the web film, PETRONAS will also be spreading the message of hope and optimism by reaching out to the less privileged through its signature community programme SentuhanKasih. A fund raising campaign will be organised for PETRONAS’ staff and the proceeds will be channelled to the National Kidney Foundation.

Last but not least, I found out the name of the song that was used in this video; Tong Nian (Childhood Years). I loved it as it is very nostalgic.
A Chinese myself, it reminded me that Chinese New Year is this coming weekend. It reminded me of the old traditions of buying new clothes for the 1st day of the celebrations, the Chinese New Year cookies and most importantly the family gatherings and meals.

Petronas CNY 2014 TVC.png-002

Petronas youtube official - young hearts 2014 2

To all my dear friends and readers, Gong Hei Fatt Choy in advance and may the year of the Horse gallops into your life an abundance of prosperity, good health and happiness for 2014! 😀

** The TVC and the web film can be viewed on PETRONAS’ Official YouTube Channel:

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    mmm, great production values for this clip. and the kids do a nice job. i like the three-sentence tagline at the end of the video too 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yups, can’t argue with those values 🙂
      The 3 sentences says a lot ..

  2. Chee Kit

    Love all the Petronas TVCs.
    They were the ones that started such festive themed short films and now there are other brands doing the same. Still I always look forward to Petronas TVCs every Raya/CNY & Deepavali.

  3. Veron

    I just watched it. Yea I’m slow I know.
    But watching this on the 1st day of CNY just makes the short film all the more nostalgic!

  4. Vamos

    Love for the Video ! So touching !
    May I know where is the paddy field and small bridge in the video? Is look like at my hometown Balik Pulau…. ^^

  5. Kelefeh

    Hi Vamos! Yes, the paddy field and small bridge in the webfilm was shot in Balik Pulau.

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