Peter’s Kitchen – Pork Burgers @ Asia Cafe, Puchong

This last long Raya weekend has been a very productive one! 😀

Well, NOT productive in terms of work, LOL, no thanks to the chilly weather but rather productive in terms of FOOD hunts!

For one, I got to try 2 new pork burgers at 2 different locations. One was a RM28 Extreme Pork burger at The Elk, Solaris Mont Kiara and another 3 was a variety of pork burgers by Peter’s Kitchen in Asia Cafe, Puchong.

BELOW: Extreme Pork Burger at The Elk, Solaris Mt Kiara. RM28.

Pork Burger and more - The Elk, Solaris Mont Kiara-001

BELOW: Peter’s Kitchen Pork BurgerRM12.50 – Asia Cafe, Puchong.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-007

Then I added another dim sum joint to my repertoire of dim sum write-ups. To top that off, I found really good pork satay as well as the most amazing pork leg rice.
Yes it was a good weekend indeed! 😀

My previous review  on The Elk wasn’t too kind but I had fellow friends who are of the same opinion so at least it’s fair.
I’m afraid the pork burgers at Peter’s were not exactly my favourite either. I have always preferred my patties moist and juicy but Peter’s patties bordered on mushy, almost too soft.
It’s a thin line between mushy and moist I know; so perhaps one might accuse me of being finicky but there are some pork patties that made the cut so if I were to stay diplomatic, I’ll put it as “it’s a matter of preference“. 🙂

It’s hard being a food blogger these days huh? LOL!

BELOWPeter’s ABC Pork BurgerRM12.50 – Peter’s signature 150g pork patty topped with streaky bacon, fried onions, 2 pineapples and cheese.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-012

As you can see from above the patty does look a bit “squashy” right? Well, it was that “moist‘!

Here’s another gripe I had with the burger – the bun. See how “porous” and crumbly it was? My standard order for burger are “no butter on the bun, no mayo“. In this case, the butter might have helped to offset the dryness of the bun.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-008

Peter’s Cinnamon BurgerRM12.50 – cinnamon applesauce cheese & streaky bacon.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-004

Peter’s Mushroom Burger RM12.50 – mushroom sauce and cheese.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-006

I must say the pricing is fair, but I do hope Peter would consider offering better quality buns and perhaps even swapping the sliced cheese with mozzarella or swiss (heck can I ask for Emmenthal?). Hmmm, maybe that’s not a good idea, since this is Puchong area, with perhaps different target market.
Anyhow, the cinnamon pork burger is recommended for those who’s yearning for something simultaneously sweet and savoury while the mushrooms burger would suit the average burger fan. Kevin opined that the cinnamon applesauce is too strong on the cinnamon but it was fine for me although I’m not a cinnamon fan. At least this was different from the usual syrupy, apple sauce. It does taste rather homely and fresh too.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-003

For those who’s wondering, Peter’s been open for only 6 months. A friendly German dude, he runs the stall with his petite wife and he made the patties as well as some of the sausages sold here.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-014

Unfortunately I was under the impression that all sausages were made by him, only to find out later that only the cheese and the curry bratwurst was made by Peter while the grilled Bratwurst is imported. Darn, I’m sure the homemade ones are better than the dense, salty Bratwurst I had!

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-013

I’m not a fan of sauerkraut and the only sauerkraut I enjoyed so far is at Brotzeit. However, Peter didn’t share my sentiments. Haha! Anyhow his sauerkraut are acceptable; sour and soft. The mash however, were a delight, spud-dish and not overly buttery. Thumbs up for that! For the best mash, head over to The Hungry Hog at SS15. 🙂

The last item we ordered turned out to be the best.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-009

Peter’s Pork MeatballsRM15.50 – was worth every cent. The texture of the meatball was perfect, and the same can be said for the seasoning. Now I wonder why this isn’t the case for the pork patty…

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-011

There was a strand of hair tangled in my meatball. I had a good laugh saying “Oh my, I got hair on my ball(s)!” and ate the meatball anyways, minus the hair of course.

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-010

We washed all of that down with refreshing fresh juices in tall mugs that Asia Cafe is famed for. I must say the SS15 Asia Cafe had left me with a bad impression to its name. The Asia Cafe in Puchong is so much more spacious, cleaner and has better variety of food in comparison to the SS15 venue!

BELOW: Soya Cincau (RM1.80), Exotic Blast (RM6.20 – dragonfruit, mango & lychee), Double Pineapple (RM7.20) and Passionfruit (Dragonfruit, lychee and grapes RM6.20). No tax.

asia cafe puchong-001

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-015

I hope to be back more often to sample the Arab food (the naan looks scrumptious!), the Sarawak Kolo Mee and not forgetting my favourite Pork Leg Rice as well as the pork satay. Now, if only the LDP leading to Puchong is not so jammed all the time, I’ll definitely be a regular here! 🙂

pork satay - asia cafe puchong-018

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-017

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-016

Asia Cafe Puchong
Jalan OP 1/1, Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong.
47100, PJ.

So, if you’re in the area and would like to sink your teeth into some pork burgers or porky meals, do head over here! I’ll be updating on a separate post on the pork leg rice, the pork satay, the Hong Kong steamed pork rice and the Vietnamese rice spring rolls. I hope I would have tried the Arab food by the time my 2nd post is published. 🙂

peter's kitchen pork burger - asia cafe puchong-001

Note: This meal as shared with 5 other foodies whose opinions were of similar conclusion to mine. In a nutshell, all of us found the burgers to be “ok/could do with better buns/too mushy/”. Some of us liked the sausage. All of us gave thumbs up for the meatballs! 🙂

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  1. ulric

    I heart those meatballs! =)

    Wei…where’s the photos of the pork leg n pork satay huh? 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Another post maaaa! 😀
      This one solely about Peter’s balls . Ermm.. I meant burgers

  2. Kash

    Wow, must head over to this place when I go back. The extreme pork burger looks so tempting although it gets a thumbs down from you. Would like to see the pork satay review.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Pork burgers – Andes, The Hungry Hog, The Elk (minus all the sauce), The Minor Place, Betty’s Midwest..
      Beef and chicken – myBurgerLab!
      Pork satay – coming up soon! 😛

  3. ohmy! looks so delicious! I wanna try this for sure! Been loving the one at Hungry Hog and wanna try something new >.<

    1. rebeccasaw

      Eh not that good leh! Hungry Hog better! And even HH’s I didn’t really like it as much

  4. Elaine

    Oh Becky, so much love/hate for your blog! I miss Asia Cafe so much I am crying inconsolably on the inside.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thks for being a supporter 😛
      Ohhh.. I guess you’re sick of HK food? Nothing beats home huh… 🙁

  5. connie

    hi becky… maybe u would like to try Three Wise Monkey at The Setiawalk, Puchong next time.. i love the sauerkrat there and it beats Brozeit!.. They do serve pork knuckle and i think burgers as well.. love their guinness stout too!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Connie! 🙂
      Wahhh.. better sauerkrat than Brozeit!.. ?? I must goooooo! 🙂

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