Pernod Ricard – Code Friday, Sept 30th 2011

Guess what!

Pernod Ricard Malaysia (PRM) is launching their global Responsible Drinking campaign on Friday, September 30, 2011.

CodeFriday_E Invite

The global Pernod Ricard stance is to promote responsible drinking on 5 fronts: –

* Advocating Moderation
* Avoiding Drink-Driving
* Making Young-People aware of the risks linked to alcohol
* Dissuading Pregnant women from drinking
* Making Staff aware of their responsibility

In Malaysia, the responsible drinking campaign will be driven by the overriding programme name: “Be In Control. If You Drink Don’t Drive.”

So, what is Code Friday all about REALLY?

Well, we will know tomorrow night at the launch! :P
And I will be sharing all about it here on; mainly the campaign objectives & how you can make a pledge in support of ‘Be In Control. If You Drink Don’t Drive.’

Who’s with me??

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  1. Sean

    hmmmm, i hope moderate drinking and driving is OK/acceptable under this campaign…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah..moderate drinking is good, but still NO driving! :p

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