Penang – Tee Nya Kueh lesson

The main reason I went down to Penang after Langkawi was to meet my old friend and supplier Chye. His family run business is well-known in Penang. Each day, their kitchen churned out dozens of trays of sweet, gooey, rich local kueh. Their kueh has the right amount of sweetness, well-blended colours and perfectly balanced mix of rich coconut milky taste. And being able to achieve that balance is no joke ok.

It’s no wonder that they are hailed as one of the best kueh makers in town.
Their kueh is packed in their signature diamond shape cuts and sold in 4pieces packs. So their hardcore customers (such as myself) can immediately recognise their kueh upon sight.

Though my hawkering days are long over, I was interested to learn the trade, and made an appointment with him for a lesson on Tee Nya Kueh making.

He was generous enough to part with his knowledge, of which I will be forever grateful.
Most Penang-ites food business traders guard their recipes jealously and are most likely never to part with them, even when they have already retired. I just don’t understand why..
Obviously family members has a higher chance of securing/obtaining to learn the works but for an outsider? NIL.

Starting the lesson..

Their kitchen.. very well-organized and clean.

I’m going to show you some of the other types made, it would be an eye-opener to those who have not made kueh before no? ;p

This is how it looked like before it thickens while cooking..

Most kueh involves a lot of stirring over the hot stove to ensure a smooth consistency. Be prepared to sweat.

Kueh Bengka – whether it is the white or purple version, same cooking method applies.
The trays are greased and lined with banana leaf for that aroma..

Once done, it’s siesta time (LOL) till it’s ready to be cut..

I could stay there forever, it was so interesting and the kueh so beautiful.
Chew Choo Kueh (yellow long potato kueh) – the grilled (panggang) version.

This is another version that is steamed.

That will not have the “burnt” top.

I prefer this as I liked the charred taste which is only on the top anyways.
Who cares about cancer really..*grin*

Choo bee kueh – white glutinous rice sticky and sweet kueh

Cutting it before packing..

Huat Kueh – sponge like soft kueh

Coconut jam for the Kaya Kueh (blue specked with white glutinous rice kueh)

Packing the kaya..

Precise measurements..


Top on the packet of kaya for each “bar”

And it’s ready for packing..

Okies.. enough of the eye-candies.. now let the lesson begin..



Heat water and add colouring..

Pour in the batter..

Stir..stir and stir!

Nice thick and gooey.. ladle into pan for steaming..

Done, lay it out and cut..

This has to be eaten with liquid black/palm sugar but we omitted the lesson for that as I already know how to make that.

As you can probably guess by now, I went back with loads of kueh! Who’s complaining? Not me! ;p

More pics to share..

Huat kueh using black sugar (gula merah)

This is how it looked like after it was cut..

Sighh..the intricacies of kueh-making.. Interesting isn’t it?? For me, it is.

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  1. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Really informative! Thanks for the step by step pictures!

  2. thenomadGourmand

    lyrical: Hello!! Thks for dropping by..& glad u like it..
    Hoho…I still can't get over the cool pic of you posted by FBB during the Serendah trip..;p

  3. CK Lam

    Wow… so much to see and all of them so delicious, tea time snack.

    It was an interesting outing…seeing them preparing the kuih step by step.

    Any chance that I can follow you on your outing…haha?

  4. CK Lam

    Very detailed post … Would be nice if I could follow you along to see how it is done.

  5. thenomadGourmand

    Hi CK, he is a personal friend, and I will be in Pg nx month. See if I can get him to teach me another type of kueh..;p then you might get to flw..

  6. babe_kl

    been dying to make the perfect tee nya kuih but failed miserabily cos i do not have borax with me. is borax one of the important ingredient for the tee nya texture to be jelly like???

  7. Joel Magaldi

    hello, thank for this latest information. Therefore, I would like to ask for your permission to add some of this information in my blog. Of course, I will provide a link to your , as a source of my quoted information.

  8. Helloadmin I like w/ your posting . May i copy this post for my examination ? thanks adminstrator

  9. Michael Knupp

    hey Friend , i read with Your article. i will come to your blog again tomorrow

  10. Tham SH

    Hi ! Rebecca Saw,

    Can you pls give me the contact of your friend – Chye the supplier of Nyoya Kueh ?

    Many thanks in advance !

    Tham SH

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