New World Park – Swatow Lane, Penang, perfect for a bit of everything

The title says it all…
New World Park at Swatow Lane, off Burma Road is the best place for a overall experience of Penang food, under one roof.

Hot off the road from the highway, tired & flustered, I chill down with this.

Ice Kacang – topped with various fruits – banana, mango & a vanilla ice cream!

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (8)

…and it’s a perfect way to get a sugar rush for energy too…

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (6)

Tee Nya Kueh (alkaline cakes), chewy & sweet with gula melaka (palm sugar) ..only in Penang!!

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (2)

Then it is DUCK egg char kuey teow, fried dry & fluffy please.

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (4)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (3)

A plate of oyster omelette,

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (10)

..with many juicy oysters..!

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (15)

Chee Cheong Fun with the “heh kor” (prawn paste), sweet plum sauce (tee chiw) & chilli; a pungent Penang specialty.

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (17)

But I love it! I can never get used to the KL version.

The BF needs his Curry Mee, with thick rich coconut gravy & loads of sambal.

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (5)

Oh, don’t forget the “see ham” (cockles), (the bigger the bloodier! Yum!) , pig’s blood cubes & loads of mint leaves.

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (7)

I love my Penang Lor Bak..

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (13)

..which comes served with a starchy gravy & chilli..

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (14)

..and usually, we will throw in the prawn fritters, fish cakes and taiwan pork sausages too!

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (12)

The boy from Ipoh needed his kuey teow thing (rice flour flat noodles soup)..

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (19)

… and this version ain’t bad by Penang standards. Flavourful pork-bone based soup – check, springy fish balls – check, gizzards – check, topped with the mandatory garlic bits in oil & pork lards – check!

Mood improved, tummies filled, it’s time to check into our lodgings ! And that was lunch yesterday folks!)

New World Park,
Swatow Lane, OFF Burma Road

Spacious, clean & merry.

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (21)

Food were ordered from stalls as below:

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (1)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (22)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (23)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (24)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (25)

Penang - swatow lane, new world park (26)

All pics taken with the Panasonic GF1. What do you think? 😉

Consensus: Food at New World Park is generally good. There are better versions of each dish elsewhere no doubt; but for diversity & convenience, New World Park is ideal. Food here is sure to suit most, if not all.

It’s operation hours also contributes to its popularity. New World Park is open from morning til night.

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  1. Sean

    Yum, the ckt, oh chien and curry mee would definitely be my picks too! Though I prefer kl’s version of Chee Cheong fan, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh! You don’t like the prawn paste?? I don’t like KL’s one cos it’s too sweet 🙁

  2. hApPy HaPpY

    This post makes me wanting to go back Penang for makan makan…..

  3. Baby Sumo

    Last time I was in Penang, I came here too… or chien and alkaline cakes was nice but my CKT was very disappointing! 🙁

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aiyo! Same stall?
      Mine yesterday was a bit salty and lacked chilli, but it was ordered by my friends so I didn’t get to specify my CKT.
      Well, there are better versions of course, but at 3pm, it was fast, cheap & good enough!

  4. marcus

    My oyster omelette is still gonna be in Pav. but i have eaten here before. very nice.
    was that with you? near a naza hotel, was it?

    have you done sth on that funky pancake place near the market or sth?
    duck egg ckt. hmm. werth a try. last time i ate widespread duck egg was that nightmarish wedding session in china (6 eggs over an afternoon)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Huh? Have we gone to Pg together before??
      Hey look, we got loads to catch up on k!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe.. it is.. Hmm.. whr in KL can I take you to eat or chien… hmhmmm

  5. Sean

    oh i like kl’s one cos it’s nice and slippery, thinner and not chewy like the penang one … and got actual small prawns inside. ermm, i’m assuming that kl’s chee cheong fan means the hong kong one 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. ok. the KL one is the one u dumped the yong tau fu on top with the annoyin SWEET brown sauce.

  6. marcus

    i stayed at your place for a weekend :scratch:

    1. rebeccasaw

      I totally forgot abt that whole period of my life! Not just the w-end, but the whole time i was there! Good god..

  7. Andrew

    It’s been almost two years since this review, I just made my way there tonight, first time in Penang.

    Food was great, the only problem, if you’re going there for dinner, you need to get there before 6.30pm. Most shops close around 7pm.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hello Andrew! 🙂
      Thks fr popping by :DD Yes, its been years since I last went back to PG too! But this place has alws been a place for afternoon tea and most popular becos of that too!
      Im relieved that you dont have complains abt the food, I would be most crushed if you do as this place is one of my favs. Gd to know that the quality is still maintained

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