Penang: Halal/Muslim food: Best nasi tomato at Batu Lanchang

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Restaurant Name: Nasi Tomato Batu Lanchang 
Address: Flat Taman Seri Damai, Lintang Batu Lancang, Batu Lanchang 11600, Penang
Tel: NA
GPS:  N05° 23′ 27.5” E100° 18′ 24.4″

Opening Hours: 11:00pm – 3:00am (Monday – Saturday) Closed on Sunday
Website: NA
Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: Yes
Halal Certified: No
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: N
Years of Operation: Not sure.
Extra Comments/Notes:
Prices are nett.


This “midnight” stall only comes to life at 11pm. However the queue starts way before opening time!


Neither description nor name was needed. It’s regulars referred to it as “nasi tomato batu lanchang” since it is a stall is within the grounds of Taman Seri Damai flats that’s opposite the Batu Lanchang wet market. 

This lone stall and the beverage stall just opposite it enjoys brisk business each night, the beverage stall obviously due to the Nasi Tomato’s clientèle.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-016

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-015

I know Malaysians are crazy about food and I’m aware that Penangites are particularly food obsessed. But I’m still in disbelief witnessing the 2 hours never-ending snaking queue for this nasi tomato.
The business hours are bad enough; I mean come on, rice with rich curries and meat at 11pm?
Oh wait, make that 12am. The stall opens for business at 11pm, and by the time any of its customers gets home or are able to sit down to enjoy their meal after the queue, it would have been 12am at least!

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-003

We were stuck in queue for 45 minutes. But I have a mission so one time chowing down greasy rice and curries at 11.45pm is fine I guess? I did ran for 6km the next morning! 😀

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-004

The options available are not exhaustive. The usual culprits of eggs, vegetables, fried and curry chicken, fried fish, liver, beancurd, potatoes and cuttlefish are laid out buffet style and in steelware.
The dishes were replenished as soon as they ran low. While the men man the stall, the ladies were assiduously cooking at the back of the stall.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-005


After 30 minutes of observation I realized that 70% of the orders are takeaways. However it is usually about 4-5 packs per person. And in general most of them request for 2 servings of rice per pack/plate.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-010

Almost by default everyone goes for the fried chicken.
Else it is the sotong (cuttlefish). A hard boiled/fried egg and some vegetables or a piece of bean curd are the standard sides. Not forgetting of course, the finale of ladleful of gravy to flood the rice.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-014

Double mound of rice at 11pm++. Crazy! 

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-013

Vege, egg + chicken is pretty much a standard choice. This combo would cost about RM7-9. 

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-011

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-012

Occasionally the fish gets picked. 🙂

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-002

But everyone wants flooded their tomato rice with GRAVY!

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-006

The queue moved pretty fast. It seems that most of the customers are regulars and they were decisive on their choice of dish.
The guys manning the stall are very efficient to pack and calculate the cost.

Prices are pretty standard for Malay hawker style meal; a piece of chicken goes for RM3.50 – RM4.00, a serving of vegetables for RM1.50 – RM2.00.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-008

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-007

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang-001

So was the queue justified?
Well, food is undeniably good. The tomato rice is sweet, fragrant and superb with the medley of curries.
The meats whether its chicken or beef (we tried both) was adeptly cooked and most importantly the curries are fresh.
Throughout the 2 hours we were there the queue was never shorter than about 30 people at any given time. And when the queue finally ends, it was because the food ran out. If you’re in Penang and craving for rice at 11pm, this is it.

rebeccasaw penang halal food - nasi tomato batu lanchang


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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    terrific for night owls! i wonder if the owners have another business elsewhere during the daytime…

  2. Firdaus

    Wow.. I’m following your postings very closely! Thanks for all this halal recommendations

  3. Cal

    11pm is just like every mamak out there except tht this one offers only nasi tomatoes. But like yourself, I can’t get over how dedicated Malaysians are about their meals!

  4. Kellia

    Hmm I must say we don’t eat 24 hours here in Sg compared to Malaysia.
    You guys have more mamak outlets too!

  5. Cassie

    I won’t mind queuing for this! 🙂

  6. Gregory Loh

    Delicious curries plus fragrant sweet tomato rice is to die for!
    Shall make it a point to come here on my next Penang trip

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