Penang Halal: Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) @ Jalan Agryll, Georgetown, Penang

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Restaurant Name: Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Mee Goreng
Address: 159, Jalan Agryll, 10200 George Town, Penang
Tel: + 6013 4319384
GPS:  N05° 25′ 3.4” E100° 19′ 24.5″

Opening Hours: 5:00pm – 5:00am (Monday – Sunday)
Website: NA
Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: Yes
Halal Certified: No
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – B
Serves Alcohol: N
Years of Operation: Not sure.
Extra Comments/Notes:
Prices are nett.


I was amazed when I was told by a friend that there is an outlet in Penang serving “the best mee goreng” she has ever tasted. Now, we all know that “best” is subjective but the curiosity levels tripled when I found out that it is the “jiao sai” mee goreng.
The hokkiens would know what that means but if you don’t understand Hokkien then let me translate for you. “Jiao siao” is literally “bird shit”.
The fact that this particularly distasteful branding actually works in their favour is astonishing. We are literally associating shit and glorious (so they claimed about this mee goreng) food directly in this case and people actually find that acceptable?


Anyhow, it is halal (no pork) and since I’m on a mission to seek for halal/pork free eateries in Penang, I dropped in with expectations of “amazing mee goreng” and of course, to experience for myself what’s all the fuss is about.

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-007

After observing the “kitchen” and the ingredients used, I realized there’s absolutely nothing outstanding about this mee goreng. The noodles used were the packet variety from Thailand (it’s blatantly displayed at the stall) which can be bought from some Thai sundry shops.
The cook used the same seasoning from each pack. In fact, you’re basically paying for the labour and convenience of having your mee goreng cooked for you.
There isn’t any special seasoning or particular cooking technique that made the mee goreng special.
If it’s any consolation, they add some chicken bits into your noodles (also cooked in tom yam seasoning) and they do make mean sunny side eggs.

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-002

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-003

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-001

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-004

Eggs always appeal to me. 2 eggs on top of my Roti John was more satisfying than the Mee Goreng for sure.

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-005

The ridiculously salty and overly seasoned mee goreng. Original or Tom Yam version.

Penang Halal Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) Jalan Agryll-006

I won’t deny it’s tasty though. Just make sure you order 2-3 glasses of beverage or water.

PS: The story behind their unappetizing name was due to their previous location on Jalan Phee Choon where there were regular flocks of birds which left plenty of excretion material over the area. Well, there’s no such shit here now. Pardon the pun.


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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    heheh, fun post to read. now i’m craving some noodles that i can mix with a runny egg (and yeah, the eggs here look good) 🙂

  2. Veron

    I think I recognized the packs – I bought those from Thailand before!

  3. Amber

    Just cook from the packet and add the seasonings? Why would anyone want to go there and eat?

  4. Caroline

    Must be a reason why it’s so popular, it’s MSG and instant noodles. Best combo.

  5. agnes B

    Well the egg does looks good. 🙂

  6. daniel

    I have a weakness for MSG-ed, salty and delicious mee goreng. I might actually differ in opinion with you on this! 🙂

  7. Francesca

    LOL, mamak fare is actually something I would go for whenever I’m in KL.
    Penang has the best street food really!

  8. amanullah

    Hye Thanks for This all dear customers …

    I’m jiao sai of boss for daughter

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