Penang Food Fest @ Suria Café, The Saujana Hotel, KL

From 1 – 14 MarchSuria Café @ The Saujana Hotel, KL is featuring a Penang street food fest with 3 Penang chefs specially flown in from the famed gourmet island itself.

Penang Food Fest

Little touches such as the table setting reminiscing of the tables commonly seen at most hawkers’ joints in Penang set the mood for the evening. Or at least for me it does. I’m a Penangite, and it’s been a while since I last went home.

Penang Food Fest-003

The popular dishes that makes up the Penang food fame took centre stage of course, else it can’t be named a Penang Food Fest right? 🙂
Penang Food Fest-057

Penang Food Fest-007

At the live stations, hot wok at work stirred up sizzling Char Kuey Teow, Mee Mamak and Oyster Pancakes (Oh Chien) .

Penang Food Fest-054

Taste-wise, it barely met my standards; which was a shame, as I really would like KL-ites/or whoever that patronise this fest to experience true “oh chien“, char kuey teow and our scrumptious mee mamak.

Penang Food Fest-071

Penang Food Fest-072

Below: Big juicy oysters caught my attention at The Oh Chien (fried oysters pancake) station. A short chat with the Penang chefs revealed that the preparation was tweaked so that it suits the tastebuds of KL-ites.

Penang Food Fest-063

The end result was scrambled eggs, tons of chilli and oysters. Not your typical Penang Oh Chien for sure.

Penang Food Fest-066

Anyhow, gratification can be found elsewhere. The nasi kandar section was pretty decent. I love the Black promfret curry; fresh and sweet fish in flavoursome curry.

Penang Food Fest-075

Telur goreng mamak – Fried omelette mamak-style.

Penang Food Fest-031

Beef rendang.

Penang Food Fest-032

Curry prawns.

Penang Food Fest-033

Black promfret curry.

Penang Food Fest-034

Nasi briyani. A bit dry.

Penang Food Fest-035

Popiah (chinese spring rolls) and banana pancakes were freshly rolled on the spot.

Penang Food Fest-004

Penang Food Fest-050

Penang Food Fest-052

However, I ignored these and went straight for my favourite – the icy SWEET ais kacang.

Penang Food Fest-053

Frankly, it could have been better. Same goes to the Pasembur (an Indian rojak), another of my favourite tea time snack. The main ingredient – the cucur udang (prawn fritters) were dried out and stone cold. Feedback were given to the team and hopefully from now on these will be prepared freshly cut at the live stations instead.

Penang Food Fest-056

Other Penang delicacies include the perennial favourite Assam Laksa and Chee Cheong Fun. The Chee Cheong Fun came with the pungent “He Ko” prawn paste that we Penangite love. Ahh, at least this wasn’t “tweaked” and remained original.

Penang Food Fest-079

Penang Food Fest-078

Strangely enough, it was the lamb with goat cheese crust that saved the day. It was utterly delicious! The meat was pink, moist and JUICY. I was finally satiated and felt less disappointed.
Good lamb never failed to please me! 😀

Penang Food Fest-030

Penang Food Fest-076

Further exploration of the buffet proved fruitful.
The hot dishes such as the braised duck, ginger beef and the crabs were all actually pretty decent. I loaded up on the beef and duck and my friends who tried the Roasted Tomato Soup said it was commendable.

Penang Food Fest-028

Penang Food Fest-024

Penang Food Fest-025

Penang Food Fest-026Penang Food Fest-027

The rest of the food pictures are as below. Apparently there’s a Nyonya buffet every Friday here at the Suria Cafe. Let’s hope the recipes are not tweaked and retained the original flavour. I might hop in to try that next.
Penang Food Fest-005


Penang Food Fest-010

Penang Food Fest-011


Penang Food Fest-013

Penang Food Fest-014

Penang Food Fest-029


Penang Food Fest-038

Penang Food Fest-039

Penang Food Fest-040

Penang Food Fest-042

Penang Food Fest-043

Something interesting –> Cold spanish omelette with olive tapenade.

Penang Food Fest-044

Penang Food Fest-046

Penang Food Fest-047

Penang Food Fest-048

DESSERTS: Bread and Butter pudding.

Penang Food Fest-036

Assortment of cakes and sweets.

Penang Saujana

And fruits.

Penang Food Fest-037

The buffet is priced at RM68++ for lunch and RM84++ for dinner.
For reservations, call 03 7843 1234 (ext 6122/4717) or email [email protected] or visit

Suria Café, The Saujana Hotel, KL.

Penang Food Fest-009

Penang Food Fest-001


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  1. Sean

    I have great memories of Penang food, especially nasi kandar, at Bayan Baru!

  2. Sjl

    Saw the Kuay kaa sign in your photo, is it Kuay kak? How’s the taste?

  3. Nikel

    as good as Penang original one?

  4. minchow

    Man I do miss Penang food! What I would do for a plate of Kheng Pin duck egg CKT right now!!

  5. Zarul Umbrella

    this post realy makes me hungry..nom i m thinking of driving frm Bangi to Penang..just fr Nasi kandar and Penang Char Kuew teow ..amacam?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh tak payah kot.. KL also got what!
      Unless pergi ramai-ramai dengan kawan! 😀

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