Penang Coconut Jelly coming to KL??!

Location? BANGSAR.
Or at least that’s what Joel Jeyachandran, 24, MD of JOEZ Enterprise has planned.
While the actual date is not set yet, he assured that we KL-ites will soon be able to savour his refreshing and unique creation.

I have been dying to try this since I read about it in the star newspaper, and not to mention the numerous blogs that has featured this unique dessert.
Hence, during my recent short trip, I made it a point to visit his shop; even canceling some of my other planned food hunts.

Still in its shell, the pandan coconut devoid of its outer green skin, it looks deceivingly like any other prepared fresh young coconut meant to be consumed as a drink.

However, open up the “cap” at the top and you will be greeted by a mass of soft, opaque, refreshing and chilled coconut jelly. Just perfect for our scorching humid afternoons!

Dig in with a straw and slurp it up or help yourself to the sweet delicate jelly by the spoonfuls.
It is very much like fresh coconut water, very natural tasting; and is simply cooling.
I can literally feel the heat dissipating from my body…aahhhh..cold relief!
Selling at the volumes of hundreds, to thousands on weekends, one can be assured that the coconuts jellies are made fresh daily, delivered from their own factory in Penang.

Joel, a very affable dude, takes obvious pride in his business and products. He took time to introduce himself, explained about his latest creation and kindly shared with me his future plans on the expansion of the business.
Obviously a true breed entrepreneur, he has admirably turned the “old” coconut Indian mom-pop shop into a business empire. His future expansion drive as covered in the News Straits Times is definitely something to watch out for.
And to think our friend is only 24 years old!

Of course, he didn’t indulge me in any business secrets ;p, but he assured me that the coconut jelly is preservative free, and can be kept for a week if properly stored chilled. But then of course its best consumed within hours.

Standing there, I personally witness a steady stream of customers coming to the shop, with most packing a min of 10 coconuts for takeaways. I myself ta-paued 2, lugging them onto the bus and carrying it all the way back to KL!

My my my, I think this may even beat the in-famous donuts queues when it is launched in KL!!

His current outlet in Penang, on the busy street of Jalan Dato Kramat.
All things coconut-ty.. from santan (coconut milk) to fresh coconut juice and all parts imaginable (husks, etc) of the coconut is sold here.

Contact :
201, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.
604-229 6063, 016-440 9049 (Mr. Joel@Joe)
GPS: 5.411811, 100.323208

A definitely must visit when one is in Penang, this is almost in the same league as our must-try Penang Char Kuey Teow and Laksa! So once you are done with our Penang chendol and ais kacang do head over to Joel’s for this innovative dessert!

And no worries fellow KL foodies, I will keep pestering him for the exact opening dates for his KL outlet! 😉

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  1. rainbow

    looks incredible delicious!

  2. Tummythoz

    Maybe u shd partner with him to bring the biz over here. Then good frenz like us can have it at a discount. Muahahahaha.

  3. Sean

    very interesting indeed! wonder if it’ll still be RM3.70 in KL. 😀

  4. Selba

    Need a big stomach when visiting Penang 🙂

  5. thenomadGourmand

    rainbow: it is!
    tummythoz: i tot of it, but doubt he needs a partner..hehheh
    Sean: NOPE. It’s RM4.50 for now.
    Selba: haha..and a darn high metabolism!

  6. mimid3vils

    Wait~~~~ But I can’t take much of this 🙁

  7. worldwindows

    I thought it was just hype when heard about it. Looks like this stuff has taken a life of its own.

  8. gourmand extraordinaire

    That’s the wonderful thing about Penang. I’ve lived there almost my whole life that I’ve taken the entire ‘Food in Penang’ thing for granted until something like this pops up. WHERE ON EARTH DID THIS COME FROM? I should be embarrassed for not knowing where this is or how long it’s been around. 🙁

  9. Alexandra@Chefspiration

    ohh looks so cooling and delicious! I need to try this…yes please pester him for when it’s coming here cuz I’d like to try it 🙂

  10. Andrew

    LOL.. Im waiting for my coconut from IPOH!! LOL haahah =D

  11. yapthomas

    I want coconut drink !!!

  12. thenomadGourmand

    mimid3vils: ohh…why? too “cooling” or angin like the chinese believe?
    worldwindows: hehe..Msians jaded tastesbuds craves innovative flavours!
    gourmand extraordinaire: i know wat u mean! i’m stil discovering new food everyday! new plcs… $ or stomach to accomodate it all!
    alexandra: yes dear..i’ll drag u there w me! Bangsar somemore!
    Andrew: Ipoh?? whre? what??
    yapthomas: come come, lets go 😉

  13. email2me

    Joe told me for KL market, he will sell at RM4.50


  14. CUMI & CIKI

    now that’s what i need after my run!

  15. backStreetGluttons

    We have infact tried this thing 1 year ago at a small town in Perak dunno whether related to him or not.
    Nice but not outstanding and indeed this shop has disappeared !

  16. thenomadGourmand

    email2me: yea..he did say that 😉
    KL maaa.. ;p
    cumi&ciki: oh yes! ooling, refreshing and pure sugar rush!

  17. burpandslurp

    tell that guy Joel to bring his products global to america!!!
    that jelly looks so SHIOK!!

  18. Sue Me

    ooohh… i tried this. it’s damn awesome. he distributed everywhere right? coz i remember eating this like everyday when i was in ipoh and penang 🙂

  19. cheryleong

    oh i had this before in kl but i dont remember where already =P
    my parents bought them when they went out for lunch one day, i think it’s klang area

  20. fatboybakes

    aiya, for a brief moment, i thought it was in KL….and i was salivating liao…. hahaha. penang….dearie, that’s not helping….KL got or not? with our heatwave now, its probably a good thing to drink.

  21. thenomadGourmand

    burpandslurp: America?? hhmmm..maybe i myself try to venture it there?? hheeehhe..

    sue me: lucky u! alws go Pg n ipoh makan makan?

    cheryleong: yes, he did mention taht he supplies to someone here in KL..

    fbb: aiyo. comin soon comin soon!
    its gonna be in bangsar, so it shouldnt be a prob for you to get yr daily fix! 😉

  22. Myhorng

    i’ll try this my next trip home.

  23. PureGlutton

    It sure looks cool and refreshing! Pls tapau more from Pg next time la!

  24. Emeryn

    Let me know when it opens in KL, we go togetehr K? calls tella, rebecca they all too.

    I’ve been searching for thi dessert in PJ, but dunno where to find it. *yum yum* drooling over the pictures*.

  25. Timothy

    Interesting. Too bad I missed it during my last trip to Penang. So have to wait until it come to KL. Sob sob ….

  26. cariso

    RM4.50!!??? wahlau ei…

  27. thenomadGourmand

    myHorng: when?? mayb by then they are available in KL already! 😉

    pureGlutton: ok ok..then i email u and u come collect ya! ;p

    emeryn: aiyo u.. everytime call u out for makan-makan can nvr make it one! cis… 😉

    Timothy: watcha may be sooner than u think!

    cariso: hahaha.. KL mahhhh..

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