PC.com Readers Choice Awards 2011 – Results and Winners

PC.com held it’s annual brand awards night yesterday and this year it’s called the Readers Choice Awards.
Basically a few months ago PC.com held a mass survey asking their readers to vote for their best tech brands; yesterday was the award giving ceremony.

PC.com Readers Choice Awards 2011 - Results and Winners

Here’s the winners list: 

No. Category Winner
1 Security Software Kaspersky
2 Computer Speaker Edifier
3 Headphone Sonic Gear
4 Accessories
  1. Logitech
  2. Acer
5 Processor Intel
6 Motherboard Asus
7 Hard drive Western Digital
8 GPS Garmin
9 Graphic Card Gigabyte
10 Wireless Product D-Link
11 Projector SHARP
  1. Samsung
  2. SHARP
13 Desktop Monitor
  1. Samsung
  2. Acer
  1. Canon
  2. Nikon
15 Mirrorless Camera 
  1. Sony
  2. Olympus
16 Compact Camera
  1. Canon
  2. Nikon
17 Camcorder
  1. Canon
  2. Panasonic
18 Inkjet Printer
  1. Canon
  2. Epson
19 Multi-function Printer
  1. Konica Minolta
  2. OKI
20 Desktop PC
  1. HP
  2. Acer
21 Business Laptop
  1. HP
  2. Toshiba
22 Consumer Laptop
  1. Acer
  2. Samsung
23 Ultrabook
  1. Asus
  2. HP
24 Tablet PC Samsung
25 Consumer Smartphone
  1. Samsung
  2. Nil
26 Business Smartphone Blackberry
27 Prepaid Telco Digi
28 Postpaid Telco Maxis
29 Broadband Unifi
30 Wireless Broadband Celcom
31 Rising Star U Mobile
32 Government Agency Initiative Mampu
33 CSR Company of the Year Maxis
34 Telco Company of the Year Celcom
35 Product of the Year Hybrid of Phone + Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note
36 CEO of the Year Dato’ Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly

So do you agree?

While in some categories the winners were unquestionably deserving, there were a minority that got all of us going “Huh??”.
Anyhow, that’s the norm for any awards initiative right?

And as usual, Vernon won himself some cool prizes. Once for the fastest tweet answer to a trivia question and another for lucky draw.

verne wins again at PCdotCom-002

verne wins again at PCdotCom-001

Kevin also got himself a prize! 🙂

kevin at pcdotcom1

As usual, moi didn’t win anything. But I got a very cute thumbdrive in my goody bag. Oh wait, I’ll upload that later.

Thanks again to PC.com for having us that night! 🙂

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