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the velvets
RM12.00 for 4, or RM3.50 each.

Patisserie RUI’s signature Red Velvet cake – Valrhona Pure Cocoa Cake brushed with Felchlin 54% Dark Chocolate with Rui Signature Light Cream Cheese Frosting.

While this may be RUI’s signature, it was the Lemon Velvet that got our vote. Bangsar-babe & myself preferred the lemony-slight tangy taste and I find that it binded well with the moist buttery crumb of the cake.

boolicious has a very comprehensive write-up on RUI’s Velvet range so I shall not repeat it here since I agree wholeheartedly with her review.
Indeed the cakes here are lighter and thus would probably appeal more to those who are seeking for sweet gratifications that are friendlier on the hips. (However, if you are gluttons like us who wallop 4 velvets, a tiramisu and a Princess Torte almost clean at one go, then be prepared still for a tighter fit in your pants anyways ;p)

Patisserie RUI’s Red Velvet, however, could not triumph over FBB’s version, as Bangsar-babe, Sue (of Delectable by Su) & myself had concluded.
Fat Boy Bakes ‘s is undoubtedly richer in flavour and denser in composition. But then again, FBB’s Red Velvet will not be selling for RM3.50 each so essentially you get what you pay for.

My 1st Red Velvet was by A Taste Boutique, and if my memory serves me right, they do churn out a pretty good version. Just the cream cheese frosting itself was drool-worthy.
That has been a while though, and I can’t wait to get my fix again. Even better news, A Taste Boutique have recently (9th Nov to be exact) opened a branch in SS15, Subang & that, thank goodness, is so much more accessible than Putra Heights, Shah Alam!
Imelda, the owner/baker had advised me to wait for a week for everything to settle down & also for their full range of cakes to be available before hopping over. I do miss their carrot cakes & I’ve heard from a fellow dessert-acholic that they do a mean version of hummingbird as well. Can’t wait to pay a visit!

As far as Red Velvet goes, I can’t say the same for The Daily Grind‘s (Bangsar) version since I didn’t like the topping they used.

cross-section - VELVETS
Back to RUI’s velvets, a close second favourite of mine after the Lemon Velvet would be the Green Tea.
The green tea flavour wasn’t as strong as I thought I would have preferred at first, but as I heaped forkfuls into my mouth, I started to appreciate the subtle nuances of green tea, developing slowly rather than a forceful hit- you- in- the- palate sort. After finishing half of the cake, I do find the green tea flavour pleasing enough and I do not mind going back for more of it.

The Chocolate Velvet looked so promising at first, dark & sultry as we cut it into half. Both Bangsar-babe’ eyes and mine glittered with expectations and you should have seen our grimacing faces when we took our first bite! LOL. It was just not chocolaty enough I guess.

Each of the cakes got this blob of billowy airy cream cheese (also known as Rui Signature Light Cream Cheese Frosting) on top which is again, nice if you enjoy Japanese light cream.

We dug into the Tiramisu, RM18 next.

With alternating layers of coffee soaked sponge, vanilla genoise, light cream cheese and light cream, this would probably be more approriately named LIGHT Tiramisu 😉
Again, it is a matter of preference. Do you like your Tiramisu rich or light?

For light confectionaries, Pattiserie RUI would probably be your best bet.

Myself? Give me those rich Tiramisu anytime!

Pattiserie RUI
Mont Kiara Meridien Promenade
Jalan Duta Kiara
Crystal Chan
012 – 3177 290
ps: I hope to try RUI’s white choc cheesecake & claypot fruitcake soon!

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  1. Selba

    Well, I think I prefer my tiramisu rich 🙂 But actually every tiramisu will do!

  2. Sean

    ooh, subang IS a lot closer than shah alam. must remember to look it up 😀
    and if u're gonna start counting votes, i'm casting my ballot for RICH tiramisu! =)

  3. Sin Tai Lim

    another cake review, i don't really like cakes maybe should try learning….hahahahaha

  4. J2Kfm

    " … FBB's Red Velvet will not be selling for RM3.50 each so essentially you get what you pay for … "

    LOL. first promo for the guy, then taking it back. but true lah, price=quality sometimes.

  5. Allie

    That tiramisu is killing me!!!

  6. thenomadGourmand

    selba: When the craving strikes, i just need my fix! 😉

    sean: Yes ones are wayyyy better!

    STL: ahh.. but i'm sure u'll like butter cakes at the very least?

    J2kfm: Well..its not fair to shoot RUI down jz cos its not as good as FBB's..its actually good if there was no comparison 😉

    allie: Aiyo..when r u coming dwn KL?
    As u can see, my list of cakes/desserts outlets for u to visit is gettin longer!

  7. Bangsar-bAbE

    Let's go hunt for alcoholic tiramisu!!! =D

  8. cakes lover

    interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

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