Pastry Union – Finest Artisan Cakes Online by Yin Wong

I met an enterprising and talented young lady recently. Her name is Yin, and she’s a cake designer and accomplished baker.


And yes, her business model is the usual “bake from home, sell it online/word of mouth” operation.

Sounds cliche? Well, it did come across to me as such at first too. Being a foodie and an active socialite, I have met many self taught bakers, online desserts entrepreneurs & even artisanal/cake designers (as they call themselves) during functions and parties. I didn’t think much about it at first, but after the initial 5-7 encounters and my subsequent failed attempts to order from them, the magnitude of their businesses dawned on me.

pastry union by Yin

WHAT? 48 hours prior to an event I can’t get myself a cake??  “Öh, sorry, our hands are full“. “We can’t accommodate anymore orders“. “We are very busy the next few days”. “We’ve got a function to cater for”. 

Yes, cake business is good business. Or so it seems.

Let’s welcome Yin of Pastry Union to the mix. Yin however, has an accomplished history to speak of. She was trained in London at the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu. The natural progression of slogging it out in a 5 stars (of course) hotel, followed by some noteworthy establishments such as the Sage in KL before she finally stepped out on her own may sound like the same ordinary path for almost all trained culinarians .

However, her rather radical approach to her cake business may set her apart from the rest.

Yin starts each cake creation from a notion. It could be anything that’s potentially inspirational, such as place, a flower, an art piece. She works on the idea through sketches

While most bakers work with recipes first – experimenting & fine-tuning ingredients and texture, Yin takes an object or an abstract idea and imagine how she could recreate it in a cake.

So, a cake from Yin of Pastry Union is conceptualize from an idea to a design and then finally the taste that would make the cake.

Sounds like a merry -go- around? Well, I guess each “artist” works different yes?

Cakes from Pastry Union range from RM78 to RM168 and are available in three sizes. The Winter (as above) is RM98.

Winter: Flourless chocolate cake encased with fresh chocolate cream and studded with fresh berries within.  A good balance of indulgence yet healthy; as the cake was not cloyingly sweet and of very manageable level of sweetness.

pastry union by yin-1

Yin’s other 3 specialty cakes are: 
Moo – delectable fusion of creamy cheesecake and chocolate cake where the chocolate imparts a dark bitter flavour coupled with a rich creaminess from the cheese
Devil – chocolate sponge with velvety chantilly cream, topped with rich mousse and ganache.
Gardenluscious chocolate top layer, which gives way to a mousse-like cake texture while the blend of cranberries, chocolates  and nuts crumble.

Order online at:


Chef Yin of Pastry Union labels her creations “Finest Artisan Cakes”.
In simple terms, finest simply because the cakes are made using premium quality ingredients. Couverture chocolate (a very high grade chocolate with extra cocoa butter) is used. Yin adores chocolates and hence every of her cake has a chocolate element to it.
Also, the cakes doesn’t contain any premixes, preservatives, artificial flavours or colourings.
Artisan” is because Pastry Union’s cakes are cakes born out of a story; with character and personality.

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    1. Rebecca

      Yea, good for those who enjoys artisan cakes! 🙂

  1. Baby Sumo

    Her designs are very simple but looks great.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes indeed. So artsy yet at the same time so quietly minimalist -ic..

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