Pasar Ramadan – Kg Sg Penchala & TTDI

Had some time to spent with my best and closest friend since childhood last weekend, and both of us being gluttons, bonding & ‘us’ time is naturally spent over a meal or MEALS.

In the spirit of Ramadan, she has decided to go on fast too, and both of us went Pasar Ramadan hopping in the vicinity of Kampung Sg Penchala and TTDI.

Pasar Ramadan Kampung Sg Penchala
GPS: N03. 09 683
E 101. 37 593

Kpg Sg Penchala - ramadan baz

Roti Jala.
The proprietors here are a friendly lot and would happily obliged posing in mid-action of cooking or packing their wares.

roti jala

For RM2.00, the chendol was a nice huge packet with thick fragrant gula melaka (palm sugar). The green wriggly jellies were toothsome and fresh too.


The murtabak is an ubiquitous item at every Ramadan bazaar, and the version here is swollen with generous filling of meat and egg, hence the snaking queue that guarantees a wait of minimum 20mins for one.


Ice cream ketam?? One certainly can’t accuse the proprietors of being boring.
Even the chicken skeleton is fried to a crisp frame and sold for RM3.00.

fried repertoire

I had a hard time trying to curb my appetite with the fantastic visual feast before me.


My favourite, the kuih Akok from Kelantan, made from eggs, brown sugar and coconut milk. I couldn’t help trying one of the colourful “Kueh Peria”, which was basically thick glutinous rice skin wrapping sweet coconut flakes, green mung beans and peanuts.


The assiduous Man and his buddy, contactable at 017 615 9283 for his family secret recipe cheese tarts, of which I had the opportunity to staple one. Luscious and creamy, the bite sized cheese tarts are perfect gifts for Muslim friends.


The Kg Sg Penchala bazaar however, is small (with stalls numbering at perhaps, the most 40?) and therefore has pretty limited range of food (at least to gluttons like us).

So we hopped over to the next nearest bazaar we could think of…

Pasar Ramadan TTDI
GPS: N03. 08 441
E101. 37 709

Here, things were a little bit more interesting.

The “making of the peneram tradisional“.


And also the Sup Tulang stall, with its myriad of a cow’s parts in proud display. The mushrooms, wood fungus and vegetables somehow got me thinking of “bak kut teh”.

sup tulang

Then I watched wide-eyed as a couple was handed a plate with clippers. And they started to plunk items from the display onto the plate ala Yong Tau Foo style.
Wow, the revolution of Sup Tulang!

Once satisfied with your choices, hand over your plate to the proprietor, and your bag of Sup Tulang (or should I say Cow Kut Teh??) will be packed accordingly.
Since we can’t imagine slurping our hearty Sup Tulang with floating buttons mushrooms and celery sticks, we stuck to the good ole version of sup with beef fillets and briskets.

It turned out to be quite mild in flavour as the spices were very much toned down. Furthermore, it lacked the necessary ‘herbal’ flavours that such a dish demands. What happened to the complex, thick & aromatic soup tulang we know??


Next, HALAL dim sum and paus.


And fried rice with top marks for presentation. The same can’t be said for its taste though.

fried rice

And of course, chicken, chicken and more chicken. Roasted, grilled, BBQ-ed, fried, curried … they even got a HALAL version of Uncle Bob’s fried chicken!


Another ubiquitous favourite, the ikan bakar stall. Strange that there were not that many stalls for this. We waited for over an hour for our stingrays, and it wasn’t even cooked through.

ikan bakar

Wajik Durian!!
Sweet, pungent and gooey!!

wajik durian

There was, however, no lacking of stalls hawking rice; Nasi Melayu, fried rice, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Briyani…

rice n dishes

And everything else…


Another interesting find, Sambal Tempoyak.
Durian with anchovies (ikan bilis) and petai. Do check out the youtube link!

sambal tempoyak

I guess us Malaysians have got a soft spot for simple food. The longest queue was spied for these orbs of white, cottony snack.

sign - putu


After standing in queue for a good 40 minutes, I witnessed pretty much the repetition of the below.
Anti- clockwise from left:
Put one layer of the flour in each depression, top with about 1/2 tsp brown sugar, cover with more flour, press down, cover with a piece of muslin and steam for 15 minutes.


Once done, each are painstakingly lined with a piece of banana leaf before being packed in minimum set of 4 (RM2.00) . I liked the small ‘touch’ of lining it with the banana leaf, for the leaves impart a lingering fragrance when wrapped with the steaming hot putus.


Another simple food that commands another long queue. The fried and wet spring rolls by Pak Ya Popia Power!
Pak Ya himself stands at the front of the queue and cheerfully takes orders. The efficient workers churned out packs of freshly rolled spring rolls at his command. His booming shouts of “Next!!” assured the queue that their turn is soon!

pak yah popia

After hours of queuing and jostling with the crowd, we finally buka puasa at her place..

There were homecooked curries and spring rolls, soups & Auntie Pretzels, in addition to what we bought from the bazaars…

home dishes

Top that off with crabs and chicken wings from Fatty Crab, Taman Megah.

fatty crab

What a feast!

I just had to ask her.. Can I come over to buka puasa everyday with you ahh?? ;p

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  1. Sin Tai Lim

    Nice photography, well done.

  2. Selba

    Wow! So many food!!!

  3. Allie

    don't tell me you eat all those food, there are lots and lots of them!

  4. UnkaLeong

    *damn* I missed the party 🙂 Was exhaustedlar after runnign around the whole day. *raises hands meekly* can I self invite ar for next weekend?

  5. PureGlutton

    Wow – how many people ate all that??! Looked like a huge party!

  6. J

    See – this is why I avoid pasar ramadans like the plague…

    I will probably end up walking around going "OOoooh, that looks good" *buy*, "OOH! That looks good TOO!" *buy* x 10 and then end up with way way way too much food.

  7. burpandslurp

    Looking at this is making me want to hop on the next plane to Malaysia. Damn you and your food porn!

    Wajik Durian!!?? What the hck is that? I can't believe I've never heard of that, being Durian Queen!

    Oh, and kuihs! You know, I think the first thing I had when I arrived in Malaysia and Singapore was kuihs…love those things!

  8. thenomadGourmand

    sin tai lim: Hello! yea man..those darn pics took me so long to compile! Hehe, had a gd time snappin awy but when it comes to puttin 'em together for the post..wahh .. *faints*
    Hey, i saw the sambal hijau plc u blogged abt!!

    selba: i knw! good thing we worked up quite an appetite! hehe

    allie: Luv 'em Ramadan bazaars. hehe.. cheap & good. Jz cant stop buying. No worries, we kept them for Sahur at 4am!

    unka: can can!

    PureGlutton: Err.. lets see.. 6 of us?

    J: haha..thts wht happened everytime i go to markets! morning or night market also same! Disastrous on the pocket and tummy!
    but its sooo fun!

    burpandslurp: U durian queen?? Wahh..cant wait til yr back in Msia then! We go hunting for all things durian ok!
    As for the wajik, i tell you, food proprietors here are a creative lot..u nvr knw wht they come up with next!

  9. thule a.k.a leo

    OK.. that's it! I'm hitting the ramadan bazaaar in my hometown one of these days… can't tahan seeing those delicious stuff right in front of my PC

  10. Nic (KHKL)

    omg, banyaknya makanz and gambarz! u mesti dah spend banyak masa kat sana! meleleh my punya air liur looking at the makanz. good job, TNG!

  11. Sean

    whoa, that's seriously enough food to feed an army! looks like a real pesta. but that aiskrim ketam is not real ice cream, right??

  12. ai wei

    i wan the roti jala, i want the fried chicken! Yum!!!

    i havent been to any bazzar before. sighhh

  13. cariso

    You are so keng! I am like watching documentary leh! 🙂 Lei hou yeah!

  14. foodbin

    what a feast-the murtabak looks outstanding.

  15. 550ml jar of faith

    Hehe…the murtabak is indeed a swollen pregnant wonder!! I was trying to figure out what it was fr the pic without reading the text first and I just registered a blank! Love love the bazaars… makes food porn too too easy! 😛

  16. J2Kfm

    too much to digest at one go, but i like Akok as well!
    esp those with most wrinkles!

    Kelantan has a lot of sweet delicacies, esp those from pasar siti khadijah.

  17. thenomadGourmand

    thule: U should! Post abt it ya! cos most posts are the KL bazaars..would luv to c some out-of-KL ones!

    nic: Hehe..i was really jz snappin awy! Left my fren to do the queuing! Haaha..

    sean: No no..not real ice cream. Thts why i said these ppl darn creative w the food presentation and names nowadays!

    ai wei: Serious??? Not been to one?? How can?? *faint*
    This weekend we go w my fren wan??

    cariso: documentary? Cool 😉 Nvr tot of it that way..but yeah, I like this post too!

    foodbin: Yeah..puffed up aint it? It was yummy too!

    550ml: hehe..yes yes. Somemore these food vendors are so fond of usin colourings!

    j2kfm: I did ask u last yr of covering any pasar ramadan in Ipoh but u said too lazy! How abt this year??

  18. backStreetGluttons

    The great excitement & hyper activity in the air when normally slouchers attempt to underfast/or overeat is truly 1Malaysia amazing-1 short month ! But we are as always more impressed with the openly not fasting during this month ! Around this time too , new recipes/new cooks spring up like those new age cooking classes beside Ampang,Pandamaran,Section 19, Sg Ara etc and definitely the uncontrollable tummy bursting new & old 2 die 4 colorful saucy orangee red dishes can last for exactly 365 days until the next fasting month
    ( seriously dun we all wish the fasting month is every month , then we will have unlimited food 4ever ), so nobody will die of starvation and one of the world' greatest calamity is then solved happily
    LOL !

  19. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    wow..u visited every single stall!??

  20. Kwong

    Holy Cow! HAha you really can eat!! What was the best thing you tried there? Haha I live around the area haven't been there yet

  21. vialentino

    very big big feast lah…i love ramadhan road side foods ler…cheap and nice…one thing, mostly is all fried stuff ler.

  22. thenomadGourmand

    bsg: fasting mth every mth??? No no no!! ;p

    joe: Haha..NO la..only the more interesting and noteworthy ones!

    kwong: The best?? well, i'll tell u wht's NOT the best! DONT order the ikan bakar! LOL

    vialentino: Ehh..Puchong got ramadan bazaar?

  23. Emily

    Hey, that’s a clever way of tnhiikng about it.

    1. Rebecca

      🙂 Hi Emily! Thanks for dropping by!

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