Paradise Inn, Sunway Pyramid

2012 seems to be the year for the invasion of Singaporean F & B franchises; with  The Soup Restaurant and Putien opening @1 Utama and now Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid.

paradise inn sunway pyramid

Though I heard of Paradise Inn first (even before The Soup Restaurant or Putien)  via fellow food blogger Sean, it took me a while to step in here as the location wasn’t as convenient as 1 Utama for me.

Lavender, Rosemary, Dried Longan & Chrysanthemum (RM6.80/person).

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-003

Here, inns that were once an integral part of Chinese folk life is rediscovered as Paradise Inn takes on the role of a restaurant, teahouse and dessert house all in one.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-004

Paradise Inn is a place to relish in classic Chinese dishes, signature double-boiled soups and wide array of flower teas. But in keeping with the modern times, delectable fusion fares are also available.

Lemongrass & Lychee Iced Tea, Very Berries Iced Tea, RM8.80  per glass.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-005

We started dinner with some light appetizers. These unrecognizable Crisp-fried Fish with Preserved Bean Paste, RM12.90 are dory fillets which I personally felt was a tad too salty. But no one else complained so it must be my sodium-intolerance tastebuds at work again. 

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-009

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-013

Since my ailing health (gosh, that sounds like I’m dying ;p)  requires much nourishing and wholesome food, I have been diligently drinking double-boiled soups every week. Trust me, good ones that are worth the money you’re paying for are few. Just because it’s labelled “double boiled soup” , and priced ludicrously much higher than any other soups on the menu doesn’t mean it has the potency as advertised.
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-025
I had high expectations of the soups in Paradise Inn since it’s a Singaporean – franchise and it’s a classic Chinese cuisine restaurant. A classic Chinese restaurant should get their soups right.
That evening I sampled 2; a Double-boiled Sea Whelk  with Spare Ribs and Chinese Yam, and Double-boiled Water Goby with Spare Ribs and Fresh Apple. Each pot priced at RM39.90++ easily feeds 3-4 pax. 
I know the match of ingredients came across as odd, but somehow it worked. Well, of course it would. Paradise Inn was established in 2002 and its first Seafood Paradise outlet opened in Singapore. The Paradise Group has since built a food and beverage empire of seven brands, and they include Taste Paradise, Paradise Pavilion, Seafood Paradise, Paradise Dynasty, Kungfu Paradise, Paradise Inn and One Paradise (Catering).
Below: Both soups were good, and worth the price paid considering both the taste & portion. Taste-wise it was light, wholesome and sweet. The sea whelk soup with spare ribs & yam lists a host of health benefits: it improves eyesight, maintains youthfulness & nourishes the lungs & kidneys. Oh yea! 🙂

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-026

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-027

In Malaysia, Paradise Inn at Sunway Pyramid is Paradise (F&B) Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s first outlet, with both Kungfu Paradise and Paradise Dynasty to open in the all-new Paradigm mall in Petaling Jaya, tentatively in March 2013.
From what I sampled that night, 2 more outlets by 2013 should go without a hitch. Most dishes were stellar; like the Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock, RM16(S), RM24(M), RM32(L), which offiially triumphed any other versions I had before by simply striking the perfect balance of flavours from all 3 different eggs in the dish.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-007

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-011

Prices here are not exactly wallet – friendly for everyday meals but certain dishes are worth the splurge. For instance, I would order the Braised Vermicelli with Pork Trotters, RM19.90(s), RM29.90(m), RM39.90(L) and happily tuck into all of its fatty trotters and slurped every strand.
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-023
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-022
More porky goodness appeared in the form of the perennial favourite Stewed Pork Belly served with Lotus Bun (RM4.80/pc). The flavourful pork belly melted in the mouth, and was as good eaten on its own or wrapped in the fluffy lotus buns.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-018

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-019

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-028

I enjoyed the Sliced Tea-Smoked Duck, RM12.90 as well, which wasn’t too salty.
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-016
As I have mentioned earlier, Paradise Inn in keeping with the modern times has some delectable fusion fares as well. The Crisp-fried Crystal Prawns with Wasabi Mayo Sauce, RM29.90, RM49.90(m), RM59.90(L) is one example.
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-017
The Coffee Pork Ribs (RM19.90) was too sweet for me though I enjoyed the present of coffee flavour in my pork. Something slightly unusual is always welcomed when the ordinary gets boring.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-008

Another prawn dish, the Crisp-fried Crystal Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, RM29.90, RM49.90(m), RM59.90(L) didn’t disappoint either.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-014

The Supreme Seafood Fried Rice, RM19.90(s), RM29.90(m), RM39.90(L) wasn’t exactly supreme tasting but it was very well fried nonetheless, non-oily with nice fluffy individual grains of rice. Some of us appreciated the addition of ebiko (fish roe).

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-015

I was too stuffed to try these. There were no complains from the rest so it must have been good!
Crisp-fried Shrimp Paste Chicken, RM18(s), RM27(m), RM36(L).

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-024

Braised Tofu with Crystal Prawns, RM25(s), RM37.50(M), RM50(L). What’s with Chinese restaurants and crystal prawns?? Are they some kind of new species?

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-030

I kid. I think “crystal prawns” refers to…..well, honestly I don’t know.
paradise inn, sunway pyramid-042
Desserts time!!  😀
This was mine – Double-boil Hashima with Red Dates and Dried Longan(warm/chilled), RM12 per bowl. A good choice, as it was refreshing with the perfect level of sweetness. Not a big bowl I agree, but loaded with so much hasma that I couldn’t complain. Another characteristic worth noting, the soup was impressively “clean” and clear.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-006

There were bits of ginseng too; which contributes to the slight bitter aftertaste. I love it!

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-020

As a dessert house, Paradise Inn prides itself in making their desserts the true,traditional and authentic way. With that, their desserts are made fresh, and it has the traditional taste and texture as how classic desserts of yesteryears should be.

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lemonade (chilled), RM6 per bowl.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-035

Mango Sago (chilled), RM8 per bowl.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-037

Ah Balling (2 pieces) with Red Bean Sago (warm), RM6 per bowl.

paradise inn, sunway pyramid-041

The other deserts were given thumbs up by the rest so all in all it was a positive meal!

paradise inn, sunway pyramid

Paradise Inn, Sunway Pyramid,
OB3, LG1.7 & LG1.8 (near Jusco & Starbucks),
Oasis Boulevard, West Wing, Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03-5637-8822

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. Isaac Tan

    ive always liked your photos, and its no different here.. makes everything looks really yummy! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh thanks Isaac!
      I’m cravin for the pork vermicelli now.

  2. Sean

    i actually wanted to take my family here for chinese new year, since i thought the prices were OK and the food would satisfy them. but then i realized the parking at sunway pyramid would still be troublesome, and it might be too far & tiring for my grandparents to walk from the parking lot to the outlet. i think paradise inn would be my pick for good-quality & fairly priced traditional chinese food, whereas putien would be for interesting regional recipes. & soup kitchen would be somewhere in between, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I echo your sentiments on the parking! Furthermore, Sunway Pyramid is a huge maze inside.
      Yes, my fav remains putien, but that’s cos it’s a bit different from the norm. Paradise Inn does satisfy overall if you’re seeking good oriental dishes.

  3. Michelle chin

    Sunway pyramid is too far away. Hoping that they might start up something near kl. 🙂

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