Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak – Book the Residents Package by YTL!

I was just back a while ago from Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu and shortly after the trip, I discovered about the Tanjong Jara RM799 RESIDENT PACKAGE which I quickly shared HERE.

After that, I found out about the Bali one – Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, another Summer Holiday Special from YTL Hotels.

I toyed with the idea of going Bali since I never been there, but the recent Europe trip was exhausting enough. Besides, Pangkor was more affordable as no extra cost will be incurred for flights and at the same time I can explore some Ipoh delicacies like dim sum and re-visit Julie again for desserts . I love her designer breakfast at Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh.

This is such a good deal for Malaysian and Singaporean residents (expats included!) . For RM2068, this was my 3D2N holiday at the beautiful Pangkor Laut Resort by YTL. :DD

YTL Hotels  Great Escape Packages

Access the booking page at:

A quick comparison of the Resident Package and the usual is below. I took weekdays in an effort to save cost.

Standard Rate: RM1,900 (Hill Villa – 3 days 2 nights).
Pangkor Laut Resort - Standard Rate

Resident’s Package: RM 2068 (Hill Villa – 3 days 2 nights from Tuesday to Thursday)
Pangkor Laut Resort - Resident's Package

Ok, hold your horses and don’t jump at me just yet. Yes, at a glance it may seem that the usual package is cheaper. HOWEVER, the difference is ONLY RM168. The Resident Package includes the following:

From two nights’ accommodation:
• Daily meals for every night of stay consisting of:
– Breakfasts at Feast Village (this is similar for both the usual and the Resident Package)
2-course lunches at Royal Bay Beach Club or Chapman’s Bar
Set dinners at Uncle Lim’s Kitchen (trust me, Uncle Lim’s was superb! ) or Feast Village
– Complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water served during meals
• Return scheduled boat transfers from Marina Island Pangkor

Complimentary activity:
• Jungle Walk with Resident Naturalist

So yes, think about it. All those meals will cost a bomb if it wasn’t covered under the package. So all in all, paying about RM2000, you don’t have to worry about anything else during your stay.

Yes, not worry and just have fun like I did! 🙂

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (91)

If you do not already know, Pangkor Laut Resort is ONE RESORT, ONE ISLAND. So basically there is not other option to dine other than in their F & B outlets on the island itself.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (27)

So what did I do during my stay?  😀

And so the story begins…

To access Pangkor Laut Resort, every guest leaves via a speedboat or a chartered boat service via Marina Island Jetty in Lumut, Perak. Another option is via helicopters, but frankly, you wouldn’t want to consider that as the bill runs along the lines of RM13 – 20K per trip.

Marina Island Jetty.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (5)

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (4)

This is the fully air conditioned lounge where you will wait in absolute comfort for the departure time of the speed boat.  It has WIFI (powered by YES 4G – this is a property of YTL after all) and complimentary drinks were served throughout the day. Your luggage are taken of as the staff will assist you to load them onto the boat. They even park your car at the designated carpark and then return your car key to you. Parking is RM10/night.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (3)

On the boat!
pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (7)

The ride was smooth and really speedy, thanks to the powerful, efficient dual-engine speedboat.

Pangkor laut resort, perak - rebeccasaw-001
Pangkor laut resort, perak - rebeccasaw

Barely 20 minutes later, we rested our eyes on the first sight of the resort. I craned my neck to see if the elusive crystal clear waters that I’ve longed for is here; but at first sight the waters around the resort was a pleasant green but certainly not crystal clear. Though disappointed, I brushed that thought aside and focused on the resort instead.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (10)

A warm welcome greeted us at the jetty and all of us were quickly ushered to the lobby. Cold towels were handed out and a dedicated resort personnel briefed each guest individually about the resort and its surroundings, their accommodation (Hill Villa, Spa Villa, etc), the F & B outlets available before being escorting them to their chosen villa.
Below: The Garden Villa at the front, Hill Villa in the background.

pangkor laut resort - garden and hill villa

At the villa, we were given a quick tour and thereafter we were left to settle in.

Below: Entrance to our villa!

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-004

I got to “work” immediately; capturing a quick video of the villa and the necessary shots before our luggage crashed the place! 🙂

The Hill Villa is perched on higher grounds amidst the rain of the island and offer spectacular views of the island and beyond. Housed in double-storey units, the villas on the ground floor feature a huge bathtub in a private open courtyard while the bathrooms in the villas on the first floor open out to the rainforest.
Mine was the one on the ground floor so I had this! 🙂

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-001

Magnificent isn’t it? A ‘mini” pool right “outside” our villa. :DD

Pangkor Laut Resort - view from the Hill Villa-001

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (87) (2)

In theme with nature, each unit is built with natural resources with wood being the main component.

pangkor laut resort - hill villa

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-011

“Welcome Rebecca”.…my, I truly value such personal touches! 😀

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-003

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-010

I loved the balcony, which extended out to quite a huge space. From there, the island stretched out in the distance, offering panoramic view of the sea and sky.

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-009

It’s actually big enough to throw in a personal sun-tanning corner!

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-008

Similarly to Tanjong Jara, certain features in the suite are provided in twos, such as the vanity table and wardrobe.

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-006

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-007

As expected, all necessary shower amenities are provided. The products are similar to the ones in Tanjong Jara so I’m guessing it’s same across all the resorts! 🙂

Pangkor Laut Resort - Hill Villa-002

View from the balcony.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (26)

Night time.

Pangkor laut resort, perak - rebeccasaw-002

I rushed to lunch shortly after as my spa appointment was booked for 3pm. Lunch was at one of the F & B outlets here; The Royal Beach Bay Club, which offers a mix of international and local cuisine.
the royal bay beach club - pangkor laut resort

Speaking from a personal but general observation derived from my stay; the restaurants at Pangkor Laut Resort focuses primarily on local cuisine; though you may find a few Westernised items dotting the menu. That’s with the exception of the Japanese bar (Jamu Bar) and Fisherman Cove, which offers Japanese and Western Grill, fresh seafood and Italian cuisine respectively.
I guess the reason for that is to cater for the international tourists who no doubt would prefer to have a taste of our local delicacies when they are here in Malaysia.
Anyhow, there were a large percentage of locals and Singaporeans during my visit on the first week of June; much contributed by the school holidays. So Pangkor Laut Resort is popular with the locals as well; and in realizing that, YTL’s Resident Package offer aims to make Pangkor Laut Resort  accessible to this market.

Here’s my lunch; in my usual sequence of order; starting with a salad followed by some meat.

the royal bay beach club - pangkor laut resort-003

the royal bay beach club - pangkor laut resort-002

I decided to try something local – Soto Ayam!

the royal bay beach club - pangkor laut resort-001

The strawberry milkshake turned out to be my favourite item here! I blame it on my sweet tooth and the sweltering heat. 🙂

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (12)

I spent the next 4 hours being coddled by the resident therapist of Spa Village in one of the most indulgent spa session ever; so ethereal it was that it deserves an entire post of its own. If you think  the Spa Village experience I had at Tanjong Jara was exquisite, wait till you see my pictures of my “Royal Secrets of Puteri Lindungan Bulan” session  here at the Pangkor Laut Resort! 🙂

Note: Spa Village experience is not included in the Resident Package.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (15)

After being spoiled rotten at Spa Village, it was dinner time. If you remember, all dinners are complimentary as part of the Resident Package. The first night we had dinner at Uncle Lim’s Kitchen; a restaurant whose specialty are Nyonya and Hock Chew, home-cooked style  cuisines.  The chef at helm was apparently the No. 001 staff of Pangkor Laut Resort (or was it YTL?). Oh my memory! 🙁

PLR Uncle Lims

Since it’s under the Resident Package, there were a set amount of dishes that you may order.
As an example, for 2 pax the order would be 1 appetiser, 3 dishes from the main sections of seafood, vegetables or meat and finally 2 desserts. Any additional drinks other than water is subject to additional charges.

uncle lim's kitchen, pangkor laut resort

Uncle Lim’s Aromatic Style.
Steamed on banana leaves with lemongrass, imparting a delicious fragrance – our signature favourite RM100 (Est +-300gm) Fillet. Whole (+-800gm). RM140.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort-003

Asparagus with Scallops RM70.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort-001

Duck Spring Rolls RM60.
Tender roast duck slices, crunchy cucumber, sticky-sweet plum saucce and scallions in a soft flour wrap.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort

Oyster Omelette – – a perennial hock chew favourite!
RM60. Fresh plump oysters cooked omelette -style with scallions and sliced red onions.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort-002

Banana Fritters RM25.
Sweet local deep-fried until golden, served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort-005

Avocado Cream with Citrus Pearls RM25.
Chilled cream of fresh avocado topped with orange flavoured tapioca pearls.

uncle lim's kitchen pangkor laut resort-004

Since this is not an individual food post but rather one that covers the full Resident Package, I’ll skip my usual lengthy food descriptions alright?
In summary, I enjoyed dinner immensely and Uncle Lim is a superb chef!
The seabass was moist and flaky. I was served a perfect dish of crunchy asparagus & sweet scallops. Same sentiments applies for the oyster omelette; which was non- oily with fat oysters within its folds. I think I might actually prefer this over the Penang one! *gasp* :DD

So, I’ll reiterate; go for the Resident Package.
Having all meals covered during your stay is really worth the price paid. Just imagine if you’re paying for dinner on a separate bill!

After the excellent dinner, I went for a walk in the hope of shedding some added pounds. The sea breeze, the tranquility and the vibe of the whole island is so soothing. Strolling around the island, my roving eyes caught a number of spellbinding sights; such as this.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (28)

pangkor laut resort - sea villas

Pangkor laut resort - swimming pool

I got a few good shots of myself too! 🙂

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (39)

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (33)

Ohh…finally some time with a chick-lit! I do really miss reading an actual book!

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (44)

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (32)

The next day I woke up early for a jog on the beach. I love my runs but running in the city can be such a pain. Traffic, safety, undulating pavements and the populated air aren’t factors for an enjoyable heart-thumping satisfactory jog, but crisp sea breeze, chilly air and emerald green waves certainly was! 🙂

1 pangkor laut resort - ytl hotels

Breakfast was at Feast Village and yes, it does look similar to the Feast Village we have in Starhill, KL.

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-004

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-003

R pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-002 (1)

R pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-002 (2)

These little packets of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf really aims to bring the Malaysian experience to the guests! 🙂

PLR - Morning breekie1

I inhaled the fragrant banana leaf infused nasi lemak and tucked in heartily! 😀

pangkor laut resort - feast village breakfast


PLR - Morning breekie2

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-013

breakfast - feast village pangkor laut resort

There were copious amount of fruits, salads and fresh juices.

PLR - Morning breekie

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-006

Another favourite; dim sum. These were sesame seeds coated glutinous rice balls filled with lotus paste, made fresh on the spot.

PLR - Morning breekie3

Chappati and roti canai/pratha were prepared by order as well.

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-010

Below: The assortment of chutneys, dhall and curries. All aromatic and appetising.

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-011

I couldn’t resist! 😀

r pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village

Fried noodles. Take your pick and the chef will cook it per your request.

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-009

The westerners in me opted for the cereals.

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-008

And pancakes and waffles! Sorry, waffle was devoured before a picture was taken and as you can see, I was already working my way through the pancakes! 😛

pangkor laut resort - breakfast at Feast Village-012

Stuffed, I’m now ready to explore the island further. The Resident Package includes a Guided Jungle Trek with the Resident Naturalist, which was rather educational.

pangkor laut resort - jungle walk

pangkor laut resort - jungle walk -001

pangkor laut resort - jungle walk -002

Plants, flowers, seeds, animals and the surroundings of Pangkor Laut Resort was explained. For example, this was a fossil (SERIOUS!); albeit a plant one, which grew under the stone.

pangkor laut resort - jungle walk -004

pangkor laut resort - jungle walk -003

Lunch was at Chapman Bar, which sits on Emerald Bay and serves light lunches daily, including sandwiches, traditional satay, salads and seafood dishes. A variety of beverages are served throughout the day, including beers and wines, all a short walk or a languid wave from your beach chair.

Now, what should I eat?

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (47)

Chilling while waiting for my lunch.

pangkor laut resort - review - rebecca saw (50)

PART 2 –> Lunch at Chapman’s , beach photoshoot, dinner, yoga, nature walk and more! 🙂

My post serves as a a “guide” to anyone who’s thinking of booking a Resident Package so everyone can understand what’s involved from a first hand perspective. :DD

Terms and conditions: 

  • Package is applicable to Malaysian and Singaporean residents, including its expatriates. Proof of resident identification must be presented upon check-in. Failing which, the daily prevailing rate at check-in will be strictly enforced.
  • Rates quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) and subject to prevailing service charge and government taxes.
  • Package is based on full prepayment and is not refundable, with a limit to five rooms available per day.
  • Package is valid for individual bookings, not group bookings.
  • A minimum stay of two nights is required.
  • Daily meals included in the package consist of:
    – Two breakfasts at Feast Village
    – Two 2-course lunches at Royal Bay Beach Club or Chapman’s Bar
    – Two set dinners at Uncle Lim’s Kitchen or Feast Village
  • Maximum of two adults and one child below 12 years old in the Hill, Garden and Beach Villas.
  • Sea and Spa Villas can only accommodate two persons above 16 years old.
  • Package is subject to availability and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All activities, spa treatments and private dining experiences are subject to availability and weather conditions.


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  1. NKOTB

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    1. rebeccasaw

      Awww.. But if you’re in Msia you should still check out the YTL resorts – Cameron Highlands, MElaka, Tg Jara (I think you’ll love this one!) and of cos Pangkor Laut Resort! Prices fluctuates according to season so you might find a period at a bargain 🙂

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