Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya – another cafe hopping weekend

I had lunch with a close friend late last week and we were on the topic of worthy-cafes-to-visit.
Other than Tray Cafe in Hartamas, which coincidentally where we were at, she mentioned The Porcupine Place and Second Sunday.

Now The Porcupine Place is at Puchong, so that’s out of the question.
Second Sunday however, was doable.

Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya

It was packed during lunchtime on a Saturday, something expected but we managed to secure a nice table for 4 for the 3 of us.
The temperature inside was quite warm during the hour we were there, likely due to the human-packed cafe. Service was slow, though food was still adeptly prepared; as in we weren’t served anything undercooked or overcooked.

I have something against shitake in western preparations.
I’m a firm believer that the strong, earthy flavours of shitake (dried or fresh, oh dear, dried ones are worse!) somehow overwhelms the other flavours of a dish.
For instance, in this case the tortillas. It may be fine for some, but I personally hated it.

Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya-004

So I’ll leave it at “taste is subjective” and if you like it, then by all means continue enjoying them!

Other than the offensive shitake, the Number Five (RM17 nett; melted mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken breast, sautéed herb mushroom, pineapple & homemade nutty pesto sauce folded in crispy tortilla served with fries & side salad) is actually decent.
Heck, the trio of cheese, pineapple and pesto rocks! 🙂

I paid more attention to the pancake; because just this week, my pancake cravings seem to be gaining traction.

Orange poppy seeds pancakes (RM18 nett) – Orange crème anglaise poured over poppyseed pancake topped with orange marmalade, vanilla ice cream, almond flakes and pumpkin seeds.

Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya-002

While we can’t deny it was fluffy enough, it got dry after a while. The initial shock of seeing so much cream was self-explanatory then, for the pancakes does need the crème anglaise for flavour and added moisture.
But don’t get us wrong, it is a good stack of pancakes. The ice cream on the other hand, could be of better quality. We found it overly sweet.

Second Sunday - pancake stack

2 dishes weren’t enough for us, but when we pursued the menu again, there wasn’t anything that was particularly compelling.

The menu is pretty limited to pancakes, a big breakfast set, muesli and sandwiches. We weren’t tempted with the breakfast set as it looked pretty ordinary from other tables, and one variation of pancake is enough for us that day.
Besides, we are not the type to pay for muesli or salads.

For beverages the Durian Milkshake was tempting, but we decided that since the mighty King of Fruits is in season, the real deal will do for now.
A flat white (RM10) was shared between the couple, who both pronounced it decent.

Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya-001

The cafe took the minimal and clean interior route, a change from the quirky, mismatched furnishing or vintage/artsy ones so favoured currently.
We noticed the textural walls which is pretty nice. Service is friendly though everyone was preoccupied during a Saturday lunch.

The kitchen didn’t seem too equipped to handle the crowd though they are not exactly new in business. A friend of mine went an hour after me and updated that the kitchen was close by then!
That said, it is still a cozy place for coffee and pancakes.
The Pandan Banana one is popular while the Durian Milkshake is still at the back of my mind, so if there is a revisit, that would be my order.
I won’t be in a hurry though.

Pancakes at Second Sunday, Damansara Jaya-003

Second Sunday (same row as Pos Malaysia in DJ)
No.31, Jalan SS22/19 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Contact: 03-7731 7126
Mon: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Wed – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Breakfast/brunch daily till 5.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm-10pm.
Weekends 10am-7pm only.
Closed on Tuesday.
– Cash only –

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