Panasonic Malaysia 2012 Lumix Line-Up Launch

Panasonic Malaysia launched their 2012 Lumix line-up (ALL 14 compact cameras and 9 camcorders!) in ONE launch just weeks back.
The set-up was impressive, starting off with an opening dance ala Burlesque followed by a fashion show ala Victoria Secret.

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -008

Below: Lumix Ambassador Nathalie Den Dekker walked the runway ala Victoria Secret.

aa panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -003
Yes, it was a lively launch. Alluring models in gorgeous attire with the best of Panasonic’s range of Lumix cameras in hand…naturally everyone in the audience was expectedly captivated.

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -009

The fashion does carry a message, rather than just a show per se. Models were cleverly fitted to match the ideal usage of each range of Panasonic camera.

For example, who says one can’t carry a camera in style wearing a formal cocktail dress?

Panasonic Lumix 2012

This range supposedly performs very well under low lighting; thus suited for evening dinners and parties.

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -013

They are light and slim too (I’m talking about the cameras of course), so they fit into matching evening clutches easily.

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -015

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -016

Below: Casual wear and more of Panasonic Lumix cameras.

Panasonic Lumix 20121

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix

For the sports and waterproof range, we have models in latex. Oh mama! :DD

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -002

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -001

Panasonic Lumix Camcorders 2012 – entry price starts from RM999 (Model: HC-V10) to RM4699 (Model: HC–X900M).

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -020

At this juncture, if you are getting the vibe that the cameras are targeted at women, you’re absolutely right!

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -007

Jeff Lee, Managing Director of Panasonic was on stage to share about Panasonic’s corporate objectives in 2012; which includes targeting at women as a key growth category for its new line-up of compact cameras to increase its market share.

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -004

a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -005

One of the key features in the cameras was the availability of a special software to edit portrait photos; thus users can instantly edit on the camera screen to make them look gorgeous and share their edited photos with family and friends. This saves time from the editing process on computers.

So, let’s take a look through the Lumix cameras launched that day.
The DMC-FX80 retails at RM899 and is available in black, white, pink, gold and violet.



The Beauty Retouch feature. So guys, NEVER believe what you see in pictures alright! 😛

Travelling is now part and parcel of everyone’s life, be it a short trip or a long vacation. A big chunk of Panasonic Lumix 2012 range caters to this market share.
The DMC-TZ30 retails at RM1,399 and is available in black, brown, silver, red and white.

This is a thoughtful and USEFUL feature for travellers. The time and exact location of your pictures arae captured as well! I don’t know about you, but I find little details like this is a god-send. After snapping 2000 pictures in a trip, it’s a mighty headache sorting and remembering where each picture was taken.


The DMC-TZ25 retails at RM1,099 and is available in black and silver.



This is an interesting one. Water/Shock/Dust proof. Perfect for outdoor-sy me!


It comes with Altimeter/Barometer/Compass!


Check out the features! All for RM1,499 and is available in black, silver, blue and orange. Remember this model: DMC-FT4.



Another rugged one is the DMC-FT20 which retails at RM749 and is available in black, red, blue and orange.



Drop it, take underwater shots or go dirt- biking with these models without a worry.


Low in budget? Take the DMC-SZ7 which retails at RM899 and is available in black, brown, pink and white.



Or the DMC-SZ1 which retails at RM749 and is available in black and silver, blue and red.



Casual and easy camera for everyday use for RM549. The DMC-FH8 is available in black, silver, gold, red and violet and claims to take amazing NIGHT/LOW LIGHT shots. It has the Beauty Retouch feature too as well as HD video recording. All for RM549.



Another option; the DMC-FH4 which retails at RM429 and is available in black, silver and pink.



For the noob or buying one for someone under 12 years old? The DMC-S5 retails at RM449 and is available in black, silver and red.


Idiot proof and won’t hurt your wallet that much should anything unfortunate happens! The DMC-S2 retails at RM379 and is available in black, white, pink and violet.


For the budding 5 year old photographer. The DMC-LS6 retails at RM279 and is available in black, silver and pink.


And now we have the Camcorder series.

HYBRID O.I.S. What does it do exactly? Not to worry, it’s all explained in the next few slides.


Panasonic highest priced – HC – X900M retails at RM4699.



HYBRID I.O.S. explained.


Nest, The HC-V500M retails at RM1999 and is available in black.




Moving down the line where the range gets more affordable, the HC-V100 retails at RM1299 and is available in black.


Looking for a entry level camcorder? The HC-V10 retails at RM999 and is available in black, red and silver.


Frankly, if you explore the features of the HC-V10, it’s actually pretty value for money.


More features worth noting of Panasonic Lumix 2012 line-up.


Simple and compact camcorders like the HX-WA2 retails at RM1099 and is available in orange and blue.




The HX-DC2 retails at RM799 and is available in black and white.


Last but not least, the HX-WA20 retails at RM1299 and is available in black and white.


After the fashion show, the press conference session was held.

We are focusing more on female market this time. With the introduction of these new camera models we expect to increase our market share from nine per cent to 11 per cent in 2012 and for camcorder we expect a reduction in market share from 17 per cent to 13 per cent in 2012,” says Harry Sasaki (Marketing Director Panasonic).


Personally for myself, I was a bit overwhelmed with the large amount of cameras launched in just one session. Anyhow my interest has always been in the mirrorless segment so I checked out the Panasonic GX1.


It sure looked good!


I have been eyeing the GF3 as well, the world’s lightest mirrorless model.


I’m getting my hands on the GX1 for review so do drop me a comment if you have any questions! ;0)

As for the Panasonic Lumx 2012 line-up – which would interest you and why? 
Most people I spoke to that day are very attracted to the size, weight, features and COLOURS of the whole range.  I think prices are an important factor too and Panasonic has certainly taken that into account seeing how they have very competitively priced their whole range!





a panasonic Malaysia - Lumix -006

A summary of features for each model.


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  1. Sean

    ooo, i can’t tell which one is more stylish: the cameras or the dresses! (though of course, for myself, i’d buy the cameras, not the outfits) 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah I was looking at the dresses all the time! 😛
      Yes, you can consider Panasonic as your next camera!

  2. prem

    this is probably the best product launch ever 😛
    the gals are so gorgeous, including the gal in orange 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahahha.. typical male blog reader la u! 😛

      1. prem

        hahaha..i admit it :P..eye candies are good after a long days at work n class 🙂

      2. rebeccasaw

        True. Eye candy for me is shirtless hunks with abs~ 😛

  3. ulric

    Yups…was also looking at d GX1 to replace my GF1…love tat powerzoom lens…but decided to wait for GX2 or GX3 instead…hehe =)

    Hold ur horses on d GF3…GF5 is rumored of being announced this April =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      GF3…GF5??? Walauweieii -_-
      and GX2 and GX3… so many!! Aiyooooo

      1. ulric

        U got d GX1 with u??? Let’s meet up…I wanna try the sexy one…hehe =)

        GX2 and GX3 still long way to go lar 😛

        Yep…GF5 is soon to be a reality =)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahah! Yes, let’s meet. I dunno how to operate that thing! Geez!

      3. ulric

        Ouch…let’s…when n where? =)

      4. rebeccasaw

        Hahah let me figure that slot of time..

  4. Paul

    I like the sound of the GX1 based on its performance and small size. I like to get good images without lugging an obtrusive camera around.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Any mirrorless would work for that 🙂
      im using Samsung NX11, Sony Nex5n and now tryin the GX1

  5. The Yum List

    Oh, oh, oh… I’m so bad with gadgets. I just need someone to tell me what I personally need – the simpler the better. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah.. let me help u la.. I knw cars, gadgets, etc!

  6. LinusC

    Would you be able to share where can I buy the dual cam HX-DC2? Tried to hunt for it in Low Yat but to no avail 🙁

      1. LinusC

        I did ask at the Lumix store in Low Yat too, and they too do not have it 🙁

      2. rebeccasaw

        Will ask Panasonic for you then

      3. LinusC

        Thanks a lot!

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