Pacific Coffee opens here in Malaysia!!

Pacific Coffee Company (Pacific Coffee), a premium coffeehouse from Hong Kong launched its Malaysian flagship outlet at IOI Boulevard. Other than this outlet, there is one at Pavilion KL as well, on the 2nd floor, near the banks.

Pacific Coffee1

Alexander Leaw, Director of Perfect Cup Coffee (M) Sdn Bhd which is the franchisee of Pacific Coffee Company in Malaysia at the launch with COO, F&B division, Pacific Coffee (Holdings) Ltd, Mr Jonathan Somerville.

Alexander Leaw, jonathan somerville

This new premium coffee franchise aims to offer good quality food & beverages to everyone.
Other than 50 choices of hot drinks, iced drinks, teas, ice-blended beverages (Chillino) and juices, there are freshly prepared sandwiches, panini, pies and quiches.

Pacific Coffee3

For the coffee infused selections, different flavours such as Cookies & Cream, Mocha Brownie, Vanilla Latte, Berry Frenzy, Passionfruit, Vanilla Snowflake and Hazelnut Latte spares the customers from the pain of lack of chioces.

Other notable non – coffee beverages includes selection of bottled imported fruit juices – Lambda, Esprit & Australia’s Bickford’s Original Kola & Sarsaparilla.

Other than the beverages, the interior of each outlet aims to please as well.
Internet “stations”, a bookcase full of books, comfy couches & roomy space adds to the comfort of chilling out at Pacific Coffee stores.

Pacific Coffee2

Cakes here are supplied by Just Heavenly Pleasures , and the Vanilla Butterscotch Cake (which exclusive to Pacific Coffee) is a cake’s lover dream.

Vanilla Butterscotch .38

Other not-to-be-missed sweets includes the Chocolate Damnation (meaning literally diets be damned!), Choc Cheese cake & the Red Velvet.

Pacific Coffee

Hot beverages = RM7.00 to RM13.00 per cup,
iced beverages – RM11.00 to RM14.00 per cup.
Cookies and muffins are priced from RM2.90 to RM6.90 each.
Cakes, pastries, sandwiches, pies are priced from RM3.90 to RM12.90 per item.

I went to Pavilion to check out their outlet there. It is NOT at the main alfresco area & was a bit obscured.
However, it’s perfect if you are looking for some privacy & quietness.

Located at the 2nd floor, it is near the Zone G (Porte Cochere) valet parking is.
Go pass Govida cafe, then at Tod’s, turn LEFT just before Cafe Stella.

Pacific Coffee, Pavilion.

pacific coffee Pavilion1

pacific coffee Pavilion2

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  1. Sean

    Ooh I tried their iced blendeds at pavilion … Rocky road and cookies n cream … Both pretty thick n creamy, with lots of nice marshmallows in the rocky road. Will try to sample their food too next time!

    1. Rebecca

      Better than the normal blends yea? :mail:

  2. iamthewitch

    Saucer loved this coffee shop back in HK! Good to know that we don’t have to fly all the way there just for this! 😛 We actually visited this place in Puchong a couple of times already.. I love the ambience!

    1. Rebecca

      Yes yes, very nice right? I love the books!

  3. lotsofcravings

    glad to hear pavilion has an outlet too. must go give this a try..

    1. Rebecca

      Do! Before you leave for Aussie 😉

  4. cna training

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  5. minchow

    We can definitely do with a coupla more coffee chains to give the existing complacent ones a run for their buck! And freshly made sandwiches mean we can actually make this a lunchtime stop, unlike the glad-wrapped cardboard sandwiches at certain places.

    1. Rebecca

      Hmm.. me got to try the food here soon too!
      Well, at least we know the cakes aren’t gonna be bad! 😉

  6. augustdiners

    Yay!!!! It’s here it’s here *jumps up and down with joy*

    1. Rebecca

      Hhaaha..but stil a bit far from Kepong. However, they are opening more outlets rather rapidly, accordign to the Manager i spoke to 😉

  7. Chong

    Albeit it is pretty open, it looks cosy and nice…

    1. Rebecca

      Yes, no air con though! I dont mind since I’m scared of chills anyway so it’s good for me 😉

  8. unkaleong

    Rather funny how the signs were not updated. Thankfully you said it was near the car showrooms 😛 else it would have been even more difficult to locate.

  9. Crystal

    Becky dear! Your blog makes me hungry!! hahaha… very nice blog btw 🙂


  10. J2Kfm

    Thanks, I probably will try the one in Pavilion instead.

  11. via

    wanna open franchise…one of my colleague friend owns this franchise….nice place to hv coffee

  12. Lose Weight

    Hey, had some issues with it showing up first in chrome but after refresh all was good

  13. Delmer Stassinos

    Hey, good write up. Other than no airconditioning, this outlet is pretty cool, WIFI, sofas, etc. a bit too close to the valet for my liking but the area here gives lots of privacy. I think the coffee tops CB or Starbucks anytime.

  14. vemmavh

    You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

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