REVIEW: PABLO Japanese cheesetart in 1 Utama – menu, prices

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The wait is over!

PABLO Malaysia will be opening doors at 1 Utama on the Tuesday, 6th December 2016 at 2pm and TODAY, I am at the preview session for invited media which makes me one of the few in Malaysia to step into the 1 Utama outlet to taste their famous cheese tarts!


Pablo Malaysia’s main attraction are their big and mini sizes cheese tarts which comes in 3 flavours – original, matcha and chocolate.

The big one is only available in “medium rare” and thus the texture is more molten and rather soft compare to their mini cheese tarts.
This cheese tart has a gooey creamy centre while the “medium” version is firmer.

Unlike Bake’s cheese tarts which are also very popular in Japan (I had them in Hong Kong), Pablo’s cheese filling is more fluid and lighter (milder in cheese flavour too) while in size, their tarts are slighter larger.

Malaysia is be Pablo’s first Southeast Asia outlet and the third overseas store after South Korea and Taiwan.

I was informed by one of the co-founder of Pablo Cheesetart Sdn Bhd that all ingredients used in the making of their cheese tarts are 100% imported from Japan to bring the experience that Pablo aims to deliver – an element of originality and indulgence in every bite.

Personally I’ve not tried the original Pablo tarts in Osaka so I’m not the position to advise you if it is “the same’ or not.
For that, I’ll have to rely on my friends who had tried Pablo to pass me their verdicts.

Meanwhile, this is what you can expect from the 1 Utama outlet.

VIDEO: Sneak peek – menu and prices

The ORIGINAL Cheese Tart (RM45.90 each )

The original cheese tart comes glazed with apricot jam and encased in a non-greasy flaky crust.
Available only in large, the filling was even milder in cheese taste than the mini ones.




And now, these are the mini ones.
I like the crust and the overall taste though admittedly, I think Baked (the one I had in HK) was cheesier.




Between the original cheese tart and the mini ones, my pick at Pablo is definitely for the minis.

 CHOCOLATE Cheese Tart (RM49.90 )

I didn’t get to sample this as it wasn’t available today during the preview.
This will be the same size as the original.

** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.

MATCHA Cheese Tart (RM49.90 )

I have a feeling a lot of Malaysians would go gaga over the matcha version which is centre-filled with azuki red bean paste and chewy Shiratama mochi.
I know I’m keen to try this for sure!

** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.

PABLO Premium Cheese Tart (RM79.90 )

This cheese tart is created with two types of specially selected cream cheese and topped with a layer of crispy brulee surface.


** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.

PABLO Sabrel Cheese (RM32.90 ) – 1 box of 9 pcs

I love this!
Crunchy, thin and rich in creamy cheese flavour, don’t let the thin layer of cheese fool you as it does have a strong cheese taste!



PABLO Sabrel Cheese Black (RM36.90 ) – per box of 9pcs

** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.

This cookie is filled with cream made from Gouda cheese plus a hint of truffle salt for a one-of-a-kind flavour.


PABLO Sabrel Cheese – Matcha  (RM36.90) – per box of 9 pcs

** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.


The matcha one is another that I’m keen to try.
Anyone wants to share a box? 🙂

PABLO Choco Crunch (12 pcs) – RM47.90

I don’t fancy these somehow. It was overly sweet for me. 




Add a rich drink to your snack as you nibble away on the indulgent tarts.

The Pablo range of drinks are named “PABLO frute”.
For today, only the Classic Cheese Tart Pablo Frute was served.

** Only available on 6th December 2016 onwards.

Classic Cheese Tart Pablo Frute (RM15.90)

It is alike a milkshake but this was rather fruity due to the added mango, banana and apple.
Personally it was a bit too sweet for me.


PABLO matcha latte/Cheese and berries/Chocolate and cheese (RM15.90 each)



Other desserts :

The Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding (RM12.90)

Drizzled and sprinkled with caramel sauce and crisps this is a rich and creamy dessert.


** Only available from 6th December 2016.

Beside the above, there are 2 soft serves which I’m personally keen to try next – the Cheese Soft Serve (RM11.90/ cup/cone) and the Matcha Cheese Soft Serve (RM11.90/cup/cone).
Both will also be ready for sale from 6th December 2016 onwards.

I find the service staff cheerful and their uniforms rather cute!
As for service levels, today was a private function so I can’t say much.

Do note that this outlet is only takeaway so there are no tables or chairs. Their mini cheese tarts and drinks are definitely ok to eat as you walk, but the original cheese tart is quite heavy and molten so that one is better cut and consumed on a proper table!



Pablo Cheese Tarts
1 Utama Shopping Mall
2nd floor, Old Wing (beside Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant)

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