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Oysters tasting. Now that’s a first for me.

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Someone asked me on FB – “You mean there’s other ways to describe the taste of oysters other than “yummy”? “.
I had laughed as I remembered asking myself the same thing prior to this tasting session.

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It is always intriguing to learn more about ingredients and food. Just beef alone there are so many breeds of cattle. Breed aside, different cuts of the cow imparts different flavours; not to mention different textures/mouthfeel.
Even for ONE species of fish; say tuna or salmon – there’s numerous breeds from different countries, are bred in different waters and thus they taste different; some more evident than others, but the subtlety of flavours are exactly what gourmets and connoisseur are always curious to learn more about.

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The Ambassador of Ireland, H.E. Declan Kelly and Mrs Anne Kelly together with oyster grower Mr Edward Gallagher from Ireland were in attendance last week for the Launch of Malaysia’s First Oyster Tasting Guide.
Josh, the man behind Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar supplied the exquisite bi-valves for our exclusive tasting session.


The MAN, the legend IS HERE. We had the honour of meeting Edward Gallagher; both man and oysters flown in specially from Ireland’s wild Donegal coast where he grows the beautiful Gallagher bi-valves.

Growing oysters, the natural way – Gallagher’s Oysters :

The indulgent session began with the tasting of the Tasmanian Prime and Streaky Bay, both Australian bi-valves.

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I lack the extensive vocabulary to describe the taste of each oyster with finesse; but I do know that I preferred the Prime over the Streaky (the streaky are really sadly small). Both were really salty though.
The prime had a “cleaner sea-smell” while the Streaky ended on a sweeter note.

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Anyhow, there’s always the Oyster Tasting Guide to the rescue! 😀

I really do adore this Oyster Tasting Guide. So much to learn and all the facts/tasting notes are stated here! 🙂

Oyster tasting guide 5

We moved on to the Irish Nugget and Irish Premium next.

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For this pair I preferred the Irish Nugget (juicy, plump and clean mineral taste) over the Irish Premium.

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Oyster tasting guide 3

But we were all just warming up to the best of the day’s tasting – the Gallagher Specials.

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oysters southern rock seafood bangsar - shucked publika-015

These babies are the plumpest bi-valve that day, smooth and sweet.

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I need to thank Southern Rock Seafood and the Ireland Embassy for the amazing opportunity.
It was a truly educational session that I’ve had and I’m certainly more “knowledgeable” about my bi-valves now.
Thank you Alex, Josh and Jo! 🙂

Oyster tasting guide 1

Oyster tasting guide 2

Get in touch with Southern Rock Seafood via:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/southernrockseafood
For price list log on to their website : http://www.southernrockseafood.com/content/04122013%20srs%20retail%20flyer%20page%2012.pdf

*All images credit to : www.fb.com/Gough.Asia
Joanna is available for commercial photography work so do drop her a message if you’re in need of an experience photographer. 🙂

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    really ravishing oysters! and your photos captured them in their pure majesty 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes yes, the photos are awesome and I have JOanna to thank for that!
      Damn, i must pick up on her skills :_

  2. jolene

    whatever oyster you are I don’t like. tried once. slimy.

  3. Danny

    Very gorgeous shots. Joanna is truly a talented photographer

  4. Danny

    I have to add; a talented photographer and a good writer like yourself – this would be one of my fav blogs

  5. Katerina

    Lucky you! Such an extravagant tea session!

  6. Eduardo

    The oysters looks amazingly luscious!

  7. Sam

    tried fresh oysters once only so far, couldn’t stand the taste and smell, drench it with tabasco and lemon juice. that’s 1 oyster wasted :/

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Aww that’s sad!
      Nevermind, I’m sure there are form of seafood that you enjoy! 🙂
      Not everyone have to like oysters yea!

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