Order “Lapis Legit” – Indonesian Layer Cake from Vanity Kitchen (Malaysia)

Micheele contacted just before Chinese New Year if I would like to sample some of her cakes.

Upon receiving the email I surfed over to her site www.pastryenthusiast.blogspot.com and was immediately intrigued with the promises of AUTHENTIC Indonesian layer cake.
Apparently the recipe they have has been passed down in their family for over a decade and has been perfected.

Layer Cake(full)
I hardly ever say “No” to cakes so I said of course, send some over! 🙂
So here are my sampling portions. She has kindly included the original and prune version as well as a block of Steamed Brownies.

indonesian layer cake

1. Lapis Coklat (Chocolate Thousand Layer Cake) RM 165/box.
2. Lapis Keju (Cheddar Cheese Thousand Layer Cake) RM 175/box – layered with shredded cheese
3. Lapis Prun (Prune fruit Thousand Layer Cake) RM 170/box layered with prunes.

NOTE: Spekuk Spice Powder can be added based on request.

I liked BOTH layer cakes. I preferred the prune version over the original on days I’m in the mood for a sweeter layer cake (I believe the base recipe is the same but the prunes did make the cake taste sweeter overall) and on other days I enjoyed the plain layer cake. It would be difficult to choose one over the other.
I guess it depends on the mood of the day! 🙂

I wasn’t as impressed with the steamed brownies though. I tasted all the cakes over 3 days, each time a thick slice for breakfast and tea.
My first impression of the layer cakes was that it wasn’t eggy or rich enough.
However over the next few days I grew to appreciate it as it wasn’t too greasy yet nicely moist.
The verdict on the steamed brownies remained though. It was a bit dry from the first bite and lacked the rich chocolate flavour.
My expectations were probably set high since it’s named a “brownie”; which is expected to be dense, fudgy & rich, 

A check on her site explained that her brownies are made with less sugar & butter, making it a low calorie/less guilt/healthier choice over your usual calorie laden brownies.

I’m not the literal police, but I would say naming these “brownies” actually imparts a negative impact on the product. Customers would expect that rich cocoa taste & thick texture when they bit into a brownie, and this would naturally be described as “dry”, “not chocolatey enough” & maybe even “bad”.
If this was named simply “Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake” then it would have done the cake justice.
It’s all about managing expectations right? 🙂

Last but not least, take advantage of this offer now on myDeal!
Order Micheele’s one and only “Lapis Legit”  (Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake). You can request with or without the Indonesian spices.


Indonesian Layer Cake - MyDeal Promo.png

H/P : 016 – 321 9118 (Micheele) – (WhatsApp is also possible) OR 016 – 228 2198 (Vanessa).
E-mail : [email protected]

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  1. Natasha

    Look delicious and wish to get one! Seriously, all review u describe them so yummy … Can’t stop eating

  2. KY

    Please send some over for breakfast!

  3. wwe 2k14 download

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before
    but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely pleased I discovered it
    and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  4. Katherine

    Oh seriously? I’ll order one soon. I miss Lapis Legit!

  5. Wilson Ng

    It looks so appetizing, must be really damn good!


  6. Cassie

    Oh my, I’ll order next month!

  7. Veron

    I love Legit Lapis. If this’s the real deal, then I’m so excited!

  8. Amber

    Thanks for this. Might order for the office.

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