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While surfing online for a casual sling bag for my new Asus Zenbook, I received an email from about their CNY promotion.

asus zenbook review - rebecca saw blog

I have not heard of this site before but the free delivery was quite a good bait.
Other than that, is the only online shopping portal in Malaysia that provides “24 HOURS Cash on Delivery” service. Customers will received their items within 24Hours after successfully placing an order and they would only pay (in cash) UPON delivery.
I checked out the terms & conditions here ( ) and everything seems to be in order.

A quick glance and a few clicks later, I added a canvas bag into my cart, and decided to surf over to the clothing section.
I shouldn’t be shopping anymore til I clear out my wardrobe, but I couldn’t resist “just browsing through”.

Disastrously, by the time I checked out my cart came up to nearly RM200 in total. One useful canvas bag and a loot of other items that was unnecessary to my wardrobe, but necessary to my inner shopaholic self.

nile com my site

When the items arrived it hit me that every piece of clothing was in either white or black. Now, I have a friend (let’s call her Caren) who’s born in the year of the Rat.
According to the Chinese horoscope black and white are her lucky colours this year.
So I told her to come over to check out my loot from Nile and help me take some pictures of the B & W clothing for my OOTD postings. While she’s at it, she can try my purchases to see if they fit her as well. 🙂

My 24 hour delivery. COD on the spot!

If you’re an experienced online shopper you would have realized that some items may or may not match the pictures as advertised.
I was wary myself, but I loved my picks from Nile so I decided to buy them anyways. Besides, the low prices are too good to resist!

So here we go. My items for about RM200.

1. Canvas bag for travel – strong, durable material for my Asus Zenbook as well as wallet, camera, hairbrush, food (yes I carry food in my bag all the time!), etc. Basically my all-in-one bag.

rebecca saw - Review - Nile online shopping site -007

It may not look like one, but it is a sort-of laptop bag since it has a separate compartment for laptop.

rebecca saw - Review - Nile online shopping site -008

I can carry it 2 ways- one as a backpack, another as a slingback. Oh, check out my boots, also from Nile.

rebecca saw - Review - Nile online shopping site -009

I love this professional looking black and white dress, also from Nile. Caren thought the boots complimented the simple monotone dress well. But I decided a touch of gold in these Bimba & Lola Mary Janes lookalike does the job better.  But yes, I can always pair those boots earlier with this dress too!
What do you think? 🙂

black and white office dress - nile online shoppin site

This simple white turtleneck had a circle of pearls near the neckline and was going for RM14.80.
Turtlenecks doesn’t have to be boring!

rebecca saw - Review - Nile online shopping site -006

I’m going to wear this to a friend’s wedding. I’m serious. Dress code is “lace”. Now, I hope I don’t look like the bride. 😀

lace dresss from nile online shopping site 1

I realized that lace matches brocade. Somewhat.
This brocade flare out skirt hid the bottom part of the white lace really well and now my lace dress doubles up as a chic “kebaya -looking top. And yes, the same boots. Why not? 🙂


Last but not least is this white peplum, off-shoulder top. Peplum are so out of season now but this peplum has a very playful flounce thanks to the thicker material at the bottom. A pair of leggings, red lipstick and a red hat and Caren thought I’ll pass for one of those ladies at the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Carnivals in England.
Well, I do think I could! 😀

nile - to use

So there. My RM200 buys. Not bad for a bag, a bootie, 2 tops, 2 dresses right? 🙂
The site to check out is
Do remember to take advantage of the on-going Chinese New Year free delivery promo which is valid til 24th January 2014!

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  1. daniel

    Fabulosity becks!
    I haven’t heard of this site before but looks like I’ve got to send the link to my girlfriends who’s always only on Zalora!

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, the first pic caught my eye! i envy your zenbook! it took me awhile to figure out what to buy for my personal laptop this year, and i made trips back and forth to low yat and digital mall cos the things i wanted initially weren’t in stock. in end, i’m typing this from a lenovo, heheh, and it’s OK 🙂

  3. Cal

    Anything worth checking out for men? Ok yes I’m lazy I admit it!

  4. goodspirit87

    Wow… adorable the clothes. Thanks for the recommend!

  5. Brian

    I love the “English horse carnivals” outfit. A bit more snotty look would nail it!

  6. Gigi

    Very versatile now becky – you’re doing well even for fashion related topics!
    I did check out this site. Amazing value for the items.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yea! Zappos is so messy. I haven’t heard of nile either before this but I must say I’m glad I did now! 😀

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