Onetime Lightweight Spackling + Onetime Wall Repair Patch – fix my home easily!

After 3 years of calling this rented property my habitat I’ve learnt a thing or 2 about home maintenance from my landlord.
He is the careful kind, the type never to call in experts (professional help) when it comes to keeping the house on its legs, for he is your man for the job.

Lights blew? He tells me exactly which bulb to buy and where. Then he comes over to replace the old with the new one.
Electric gates stuck?
He comes over, meddled with the main console and got it to work, albeit not perfectly, but I shall be thankful, for at least the gates open and close as it should.
The tap at the sink dripping? He paid a visit over the weekend with a new faucet in hand and the tools to change it.

The reason for his resourcefulness? I’m not sure to credit it as competence or merely part of his stingy nature, for I know for sure he is careful with money.

So when I spied the big ugly hole at the back of my washing machine at the laundry area, I thought I’ll give him a call, and send an image of the damage over my smartphone.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-007

As expected he gave me a lecture about being careful with his property, and then told me to fix it myself, for he is traveling.
Well, at least he kindly told me exactly what to do and with which products.

So here it is, cheap, good and simple; he had said of these 2 products that will do the trick of restoring this sad wall to its former glory, and as if to give me encouragement; added unnecessarily “Girls only can do. You won’t hurt yourself as it is non toxic and no dangerous equipment involved.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home

So what are these exactly?

First up, the Onetime Lightweight Spackling by SRI Rx.

This pre-mixed formula goes on smoothly, dries quickly and can be used indoors or outdoors.
It won’t shrink, sag or crack after being applied, and because it’s so lightweight, it requires no sanding (smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper).
That is good news, for you wouldn’t want to trouble yourself with the extra effort of sanding, which would mean the additional expenditure of energy and time.
However, you do need to clean the area to be fixed from dust or debris.

From what I learnt from my landlord, the advantage of OneTime Lightweight Spackling over the traditional wall repair primer lies in its weight.
Being lightweight compared to other brands, it has less chance of holes reopening and worsening of cracks.

Lastly, it is perfect for use of filling up hairline crack which is 90% of all household problems.
For a big hole like the one in my wall, I use both the OneTime Wall Repair Patch and this OneTime Lightweight Spackling.

The instructions are short and succinct, thus with these few lines of English, you should be able to DIY your wall cracks/holes repairs easily.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-001

The advantages of using Onetime Lightweight Spackling?
It dries fast (2-4 hours depending on weather), it is suitable for interior/exterior use, it won’t shrink or crack after application, only one application is needed and if you are going to PAINT over it, it is paintable in minutes, which means you do not have to wait for it to dry.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-005

The texture is almost chalky, but moist. The best part?
It is non-toxic and has no unpleasant odour.
Just before application, wet your applicator and stir it a bit to form a spreadable paste.


1. Plaster Walls / Drywall
2. Stucco
3. Particle Board
4. Wood Surfaces
These are basically the surfaces of most homes and small offices. However, avoid using Onetime Lightweight Spackling on plastic or metal surfaces.

Second product: Onetime Wall Repair Patch by SRI Rx

For this humongous hole, it seems wiser to use this patch to cover up the main gap BEFORE I apply the Onetime Lightweight Spackling.


This idiot-proof piece of self-adhesive is god-send.
Imagine a sticky tape that can cover most holes or cracks for your home or office. And it looks good, it is sturdy and it is DIY.
It can’t get any better than this. 🙂

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-003

A self-adhesive mesh holds the sturdy aluminium patch in place so there’s no pre-pasting required and after finishing it becomes virtually undetectable.
It is lightweight, composed of rust-proof, galvanized steel which provides a solid background in the LONG-TERM.

It can be used for countertops, vanities, tubs, sinks, showers, fixtures, window and door frames, baseboards, molding (a strip of contoured wood or other material placed just below the juncture of a wall and a ceiling) and trims.

I love these DIY products from SRI Rx. (more info about them at the bottom of the post).
Instructions are succinct and simple to emulate.

The same can be said for this OneTime Wall Repair Patch.
It is as easy as “peel, stick and press firmly in place“!

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-004

Here, this is how you do it: Peel, stick, press into place.

Onetime Lightweight Spackling - for fixing holes at home-006


After pasting the Onetime Wall Repair Patch I spread the Onetime Lightweight Spackling over it.
Both amazing products are by SRI Rx so they work well together. 

onetime.17 PM.png

And that’s it. I’m done.

Onetime Wall Repair Patch-002

Well, that cost me less than RM30 and less than 30 minutes of my precious time. Not bad right? 🙂

PRICES: (non – GST!)
There is a promotion right now for my friends and readers.
Check out the prices as below:

Onetime Lightweight Spackling by SRI Rx:
1 Gallon:  (Promo: RM 79), Retail price – RM 99

1 Quart: (Promo: RM 27), Retail price – RM 33

1 Pint : (Promo: RM 16), Retail price – RM 20

1⁄2 pint : (Promo: RM 11), Retail price – RM 13

6 oz. tube:(Promo: RM 14), Retail price – RM 17

Onetime Wall Repair Patch by SRI Rx:

4’’ x 4’’ (size):  (Promo: RM 10), Retail price RM 12

6’’ x 6’’ (size):  (Promo: RM 13), Retail price – RM 16

8’’ x 8’’ (size): (Promo: RM 16),  Retail price – RM 20

BUY NOW at [email protected] to enjoy their huge promo price!

More about OneTime:
The products above are brought in exclusively by SRI Rx: How D.I.Y. Should Be.

SRI Rx is a supplier for all building architectural products, construction adhesives, and many other building materials and accessories. They have a plant to manufacture and supply, as well as importing cutting edge building products and is ranked the top supplier in Malaysia.
So folks, I’ll recommend you to support these DIY products from SRI Rx, for these shows how truly DIY should be; efficient, cost-effective, reliable, durable and SIMPLE!

Last but not least, I’m giving away 5 sets of the products above so you can fix your homes too!
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  1. shean

    Sexy contructor… lol

  2. Marcus

    I usually dont have these problems with my property. mostly it comes up to be in the realm of plumbing . and plumbing.
    but this would help if tenants ever get too damn careless and bash in the walls. but thats rare within itself
    so wait. you in essence install that mesh over it and then fill the space between the mesh and the empty wall with the spackle?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh it’s
      1. clean the wall
      2. stick the mesh
      3. apply spackle over it!

      Simple. OMG.. plumbing cost so much money when I had to call for help. .

  3. Sean EDKL

    your landlord would not be pleased to hear that i’m not able to fix anything at my place … so i have not only leaky showers but leaky toilets and leaky air-conditioners … and several of my ceiling flourescent lights are no longer usable! 😀

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