Omakase in KL – Kame Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Hartamas

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Japanese casual dining with not-so-casual prices. Be ready to part with hard earned cash for quality Japanese cuisine.
What to order here: Renowned for Chef’s Omakase literally meaning “I’ll leave it to you and thus entrusting the chef to feed you whatever he wishes and hopefully it’s worth the money paid. 🙂
On a serious note, this is the concept where the chef uses his experience and knowledge to select and prepare the meal for a customer without specific directions, usually expected to be the freshest and best ingredients in season or in his kitchen.
Overall experience: Based on my omakase set plus an ala carte order of sashimi, I would safely say Kame is a good bet for really good Japanese food – the fresh seafood and finely prepared courses that are definitely not available at your usual Japanese joints.
Price: I heard there are set lunches available which I aim to try next. An omakase set here starts from RM150++ to RM300++ or more – you can request extras from the chef.  Just pay up. 

For the long story, read on. :)


Seeking an equivalent Japanese joint that serves comparable sashimi/fresh seafood to the ones in Tsukiji Market is probably not, well, probable.

Most outlets claims to have their seafood freshly flown in from Tsukiji. Places like TEN and Kampachi charges a bomb and yet still disappoints.
For Kame, I have heard of its reputation for a long, long time. I wasn’t entirely convinced of how good it had reputed to be somehow. Like I said, so many restaurants claims to air flown their supplies from Tsukiji and most doesn’t taste anything like the sashimi and sushi I ate in Tsukiji itself.
Anyhow I finally stepped in recently since my cravings for Japanese food was going into overdrive and there are no Japan trips in the foreseeable near future, sadly.

Between the 2 of us; shared an omakase set for RM150++ plus a sashimi platter for RM100.
The reason for my choice is simple, start at the lower omakase set to test the waters and since there are 2 of us, we could share the omakase and fill ourselves up with additional fresh seafood in case the omakase fell short.

Thankfully the food didn’t disappoint. For the RM150++ paid, I’ve had worst (if that’s any consolation).
Looking at my RM100++ sashimi platter, I should have gone for the omakase instead!

Service could be better for sure.
The Chef was perpetually busy and didn’t have time to speak much nor answer queries. The service staff are not very knowledgeable of whatever that was served.
I had to ask them to ask the chef for me each time a course was set down and after a while it just gets tiring.
In Japan, the sushi chef explains a bit of what’s the dish is while he serves it.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -006

Anyhow, the pictures below illustrates the progress of the omakase meal we had.

Starters. I’m guessing it’s some form of clams (seashell) and radish with these sweet tiny fishes.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas

Soup. Well this is an oyster for sure.
This soup was unique and though at first taste/look it may be comparable to miso, it is certainly much richer in mouthfeel.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -007

Grilled Cod.
If I could ask the chef I would ask him what was the sauce/marinate used.
It wasn’t your usual teriyaki sauce for sure. But like I said earlier, conversations with the chef was nil. Rest assured it was a good piece of cod though. 🙂

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -005

Deep fried onions rings with shrimps.
Addictive. As expected the shrimps lent a nice umami flavour to the sweet onions.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -008

Sashimi. One was part of the Omakase and another was my additional of the RM100 sashimi set.
Items for both were nearly similar.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -001

I have to compare this to Sushi Hinata as both are almost comparable in concept and pricing.
And in conclusion my personal preference goes to Sushi Hinata. For the same amount spent, the fresh seafood and nigiri at Hinata just agrees with me more.
(Link to Sushi Hinata –>

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -002

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -004

Last course – Nigiri.

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -009

Omakase in KL - Kame Sushi, Hartamas -011

Desserts. Super sour oranges!

kame sushi - hartamas - omakase in kl malaysia

Fun fact: Kame is Japanese for “turtle”. 🙂

Kame Sushi
20 Jalan 31/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2858 7739

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  1. John

    Oh HInata is good. I saw your status on it and I went with my wife. Very good recommendation from you,as usual

  2. Marcus

    am really curisous about the cod. looks good and the marbling on that sushi hinata… waghh

  3. Renne

    Thanks for the recommendation!
    I’ll definitely try Hinata!

  4. BL

    Yes I would say they are both good, but price wise for the same quality Hinata is on the high side. Just make a sake comparison.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi BL!
      Are you referring to food or sake? or both?
      Dinner was at Kame, but I had lunch at Hinata so it was “cheaper” cos lunches are priced slightly lower (amount of food served not similar as well).
      But now the Chef is at Oribe, so hmm.. I’ve been considering a visit for quite some time! 😀

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