Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar – great food, creative lattes, good cakes, WIFI

Ojo Coffee at Telawi recently became my favourite cafe in Bangsar.

I hang around Bangsar quite a bit because, well, I like the area in general (though I was robbed once at Terasak) and occasionally I work out in Celebrity Fitness at BV II instead of my regular sessions at 1 Utama.

Bangsar is also an ideal meeting place since its location is “between KL and PJ”.
I would normally suggest Pappa Rich, Chawan or Chai Bar though my clients/friends would generally opt for Starbucks.
However, the current cafe in favour is Ojo Coffee.

BELOW: Ojo Coffee on Jalan Telawi 3.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-012

My previous visits gave me no reason to complain and I like the quiet ambiance.
Besides, it is “workstation-friendly” with enough power sockets in between tables.

Though they don’t serve food back then, they offer a minimum of 12 cakes plus cookies, cinnamon buns, savoury cinnamon with ham and cheese and fresh sandwiches like turkey club and wholemeal smoked salmon sandwiches.

It was one of the very few cafes that offer Horchata, a sweet, creamy, rice-and-almond-based drink that I love, and one of the reasons why I sought it out amongst the 20 other cafes in the vicinity.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-014

In fact Ojo is likewise popular for their unusual lattes, one prominent one being the Red Velvet, and another the Pina Colada Bubble Gum version.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-013

But what elevated Ojo to be my top pick for Bangsar was prompted by the recent change in concept.

Ojo Coffee had collaborated with another of KL’s best and most consistent cafes, Tray in Hartamas.

With Tray’s wholesome food and sumptuous desserts, Ojo Coffee’s creative beverages and pleasant service plus a comfortable ambiance, I find myself here whenever I’m in Bangsar.

Those familiar with Tray Cafe would know what I’m talking about –  quality ingredients, wholesome flavours and imaginative fare; all of which was replicated here at Ojo just as well.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-008

Since the demise of Chai Bar, I was hard pressed to find another worthy venue for my salad fix.

But now I can, because Ojo Coffee offers SIX (6) delicious salads constructed from quality ingredients, flavoured with appetizing house-made dressings in sizes good for two to share.
On this note, I must commend their generosity; for it was not only for the greens, but likewise for proteins.

On one visit, we had the crowd-pleaser salmon salad and I was glad that Ojo’s version made use of better quality, less sodium-laden smoked salmon.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar

We tried the roast beef salad on our subsequent visit and were appreciative of the tender 6-7 large beef fillets and sweet, long asparagus.

It is common for food outlets to stinge on the ingredients and toss together a RM20++ salad with common lettuce, tasteless tomatoes and of carrots and bland cucumbers, but that wasn’t the case here at Ojo.

All salads were bowls of goodness; the tomatoes juicy, the leafy greens fresh and crunchy and the flavours balanced.

BELOW: Orange, pomegranate & citrus vinaigrette with smoked salmon OR grilled chicken. RM22.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-011

Asparagus, rocket, baby potato & wholegrain mustard vinaigrette with roast beef OR smoked salmon. RM23.50.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-003

Not a salad person?
No problem. I would recommend the hearty sandwiches but if that’s too boring, then go for the waffles or the pizzas.

My favourite by far is the “Tray’s croque madame with roast beef, swiss gruyere, fried egg and gherkins” – RM24.

Every bite was pure satisfaction – thick, tasty beef coupled with moist egg plus sweet, salty cheese. … hmm!
Be sure to devour this while it is hot.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-001

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-010

There are a few vegan friendly options on the menu and one I would personally recommend is the “Spiced Sweet Potato & Chickpea Pattie with mashed avocado and fresh salsa” – RM21. 

Now, chickpea patties are generally a dry and bland affair, but this patty cleverly made used of sweet potatoes to lend it natural sweetness and moisture.
The sides of salsa plus mash avocado added bulk and zing to the dish.

The patty itself was soft so it crumbled easily but the taste was beyond reproach. The waffles served are of the denser variety that went well with the savoury theme, and not to mention filling too.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-009

For a meat waffle, the “Spiced Lamb con Carne with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes topped with a poached egg” (RM23) was excellent.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-005

As expected, it was both tasty and filling, definitely good for sharing.
I love the sweet, savoury lamb con carne and the added crunch from the nuts and seeds.

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-002

Under the “Light Bites” menu there are 4 flat-bread pizzas, a baked egg dish and a Banana & PB French Toast.

I’ve yet to try those but judging from what I spied from my neighbours tables due to my regular visits, the spiced lamb, pine nut and tomato lahmacun (turkish pizza) is a popular order.

There are many sumptuous desserts to choose from and I’ve tried the Hummingbird Cake as well as the Flourless Brownie.
Hummingbird cake isn’t commonly available and this version was decent. I would have preferred more pineapples. The brownie was just perfect; subtly sweet yet chocolaty- rich.

flurless brownie Ojo coffee

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-007

Ojo Coffee & TRAY Cafe @ Telawi, Bangsar-006


No. 23, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday to Thursday: 9.00am to 1.00am
Friday and Saturday: 9.00am to 2.00am

Contact: 03-2201 6005

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