OFF to Langkawi!

Tonight I will be on the bus to Kuala Perlis, to take the ferry and due to reach Langkawi by 7am just in time for the shoot at Galeri Perdana. The movie is “My Spy” by KRU Productions and starring Hannah Tan, Carmen Soo and Daphne Iking. I was fortunate enough to secure a place as an extra for the next 4 days…

Boy, this would be my first time shooting for a movie, hahaa.. been on backstage before for photo shoots with Hannah but never on a movie set!
However, I’m keeping my expectations to a nil, for after the horror stories from Hannah, you can read it here.. I’ll be satisfied if they can just provide decent food throughout the shoot of 4 days! (yup, food will always be my numero ONE concern!) Since we are on this topic..anyone for recommendations of good Langkawi food?? My search online has yet to yield much results.. other than recommendations of buying beer, liquor and more beer ..

Traveling and lodging will be on our own pocket, and I have roped in 3 friends of mine who are currently freelancers as well so I won’t be alone. The production coordinator Zain has kindly booked our accommodation for us, promising that it will be convenient for us to get to the shoot, and comfortable plus affordable. *keeping my fingers crossed* grin

I hope to blog in between shoots, not sure if there are broadband available! Hahaa.. you guys might not hear from me for a while if there ain’t any.

Plus, I heard movie shoots are a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting.. get the idea..
Being involved in this is not so much about the money, for after deducting expenses for traveling and lodging, there aint that much in surplus. But hey, in life I’m game to experience anything (err.. almost anything anyways) and how bad can it get right??

Besides, I haven’t been to Langkawi since I was 5. And I will be heading down to Penang right after that. So a trip up north is warranted. I definitely be back with some duty free goodies – chocolates and the works ..hehe..

Yesterday I could feel myself coming down with flu.. having symptoms like sore throat, giddiness etc.. s*hit..! This can’t be happening to me now! Popped some pills, slept at 730pm and now I felt better. . No no no..must not fall sick..

Wish me luck!

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  1. Tummythoz

    Huh? Am I visiting an up&coming movie star's blog? Hope you have fun!

  2. thenomadGourmand

    hi there! heheh.. no laa.. it is a one off thing.. since I got no commitments now I thought might as well get some experience! It was some experience alright!

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