Ocean Potion – wackybecky’s current choice of sunblock !

I do crazy things.
Don’t ask me why. I’m just bored.

Freed Honda Rebecca

DTKL Rebecca saw

running dwn the slope

Orbing = a Wet rolling ride..

wet becky

But on a daily basis, I’m a pretty normal person. LOL.

I go for my runs in the mornings..

ocean potion sunblock (6)

Cap – check, Samsung music player – check..Sunblock – check…

ocean potion sunblock (1)

ocean potion sunblock (3)

I attend all sorts of events; most are fun, a few boring, but some involves long hours in the sun.

ocean potion sunblock (5)

ocean potion sunblock (2)

ocean potion sunblock (1)

So yeah, a sunblock is essential. I have always used Sun Play & Banana Boat as they are the most commonly advertised & more popularly known ones. I never liked the scent of both – one stinks of chemicals and the other one made me smell of menthol.

And only recently, I heard of Ocean Potion.

I paid a visit to their showroom & was amazed at the sheer range of sun care products they have..

Check out Ocean Potion’s full range of products ranging from SPF 4 (Hey, even if you’re into tanning you still need some form of protection right?) to SPF70.  There are a few categories that specifically caters to certain concerns:
• sensitive skin
• anti aging
• children
• skin tanning
• post sun skin repair therapy

They have products specific for the face and lips. .

Aloe Vera based sun care..

Sun care for the sports buffs…I like how most of them has a SPF of 30 – 45 and above!

Packaging is pretty nifty as well, from the norm of those in tubes (lotions ones) to these easy spray bottles. Thumbs up!
Gentle and sensitive formulations for those with sensitive skins. Note the wordings at the bottom of the tube; “Gentle Enough for Babies“.  So essentially, there is something suitable for everyone, regardless of skin types and age!
Ohh!! I love all things ‘anti aging’!! (signs of getting old.. 😉 )
Ocean Potion even has this – a Dab-On stick! Takes care of your face, nose, EARS & SCALP!!

Here is a guide from Ocean Potion as to what is the recommended SPF that you should use.

I’m very satisfied with my Ocean Potion sunblock for very simply reasons:
ocean potion sunblock (2)
• Firstly, it does not contain mineral oil which can clog one’s pores AND it is the only brand that does not use mineral oil as one of its ingredients
• Application is easy
* It does not leave an annoying oily residue after application
* It washes off easily with normal cleanser/soap/any body wash
• Its almost fragrance- free, or some of the lightly fragranced ones has a very pleasant scent which is mostly floral or fruity
• PABA or Padamate O free
• Comes with vitamin D for added skin protection

Still worried cos you haven’t heard much about Ocean Potion before?

Check out the credentials:
• Ocean Potion products are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
• Ocean Potion is cruelty free. They are a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

So be like me! Slap on some sunblock the moment you step out of your home in the morning!

ocean potion sunblock (3)

ocean potion sunblock (4)

If you like it and sincerely thinks it’s good, share with your friends!


ocean potion sunblock (4)

Currently Ocean Potion products are available at all Watsons, selected pharmacies and sports clubs.

More info about Ocean Potion products – check out their website www.oceanpotion.com.my or join them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OceanPotion.Malaysia

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  1. Leo

    I hate when a brand.. no matter Banana Boat, Sunplay or Ocean Potion… comes out with so many ranges and sizes… CONFUSING!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhmm.. for me it’s better..cos for example, as a parent, who wouldn’t want a salesgirl to tell you “Oh, all can use one.. you can use, you daughter can use, your gramma can use..”
      It does make you think “How effective is this product, and how safe?”

  2. FeeQ

    2nd photo.. ROFL! XD

    1. rebeccasaw

      Chis.. I didnt win also the DoubleTreeKL contest .. hurmmpphhh..

  3. Marcus

    eh arent you one of the more.. darker complexioned ppl out there, becks? your choice of sunblocks is. oh well. at least your said complexion is very clear.

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