Obanhmi 1 Utama – French toast, caramel flan, coconut milk coffee

There’s new stuff on Obanhmi’s menu again!

obanhmi - french toast, coconut milk coffee

This time the menu gets a sweet upgrade in the desserts section with the addition of French Toast (featuring their superbly crusty baguettes of course) with ice cream and a Caramel Flan.
Last but not least, their much awaited Coconut Milk Coffee is finally a permanent feature.
The first glass I had of this was a pure milky drink but the upgradable version now is actually coconut milk-infused ice with a shot of Vietnamese coffee.
I vote for this one! 🙂

obanhmi - french toast, coconut milk coffee-001

This was what I posted this on my FB on Oct 5th:
First to taste the Vietnamese coconut milk coffee (ca phe cot dua) – RM6 at Obanhmi , 1U!
The Viet coffee here has always been excellent but for those who like their coffee creamy this is it.
Enjoy the rich flavour of coconut milk mingling with the concentrated black brew that’s a hallmark of Viet coffee.

obahmi - coconut milk coffee

Today this was what was served; the Vietnamese Coconut Milk Coffee (RM8).
I really like this version as it allows me to dig out the coconut milk ice and eat it like an ice-cream. 😀

obanhmi - french toast, coconut milk coffee-004

The French Toast (RM11) was a bit of a disappointment. The beloved Obahnmi crusty baguette was put into good use and while all of us approved of the eggy, soft middle and the crusty top, the ice-cream used diminished the shine of the dish.
Perhaps an artisanal or a more premium ice cream would work better.
Now I wonder if Obahnmi would consider a savoury baguette French Toast; say with roast pork & egg in the near future? 🙂

obanhmi - french toast, coconut milk coffee-003

Last but not least, the Caramel Flan.
Verdict: Too sweet to recommend.


Obanhmi @ 1Utama Shopping Mall Outlet
LG 328, New Wing – near Teppanyaki, Cold Storage side.

Mon – Sun: 9.30 am 9.30 pm

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