Nyonya Mee Rebus/Mee Goreng at Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15

Apparently this lady has been around for a long long while. So much so that the parents of friends, uncle + aunties of fellow foodies & friends of friends (whew!) can attest to her slurpilicious noodles and swears by her superb one- of- its- kind gravy.

Kwai Sun - mamak mee

There’s even a juicy history that comes with the business, of which I will gladly share with you one day over a plate of …what else ? Nyonya mee rebus! ūüėČ

A regular sized portion like the below minus any trimmings (cuttlefish, etc) is RM4.00. I wouldn’t say it’s dirt cheap, since it doesn’t come with ANY form of meat at all, but I opined that it is worth the $ once you take into consideration the laborious process required to produce the gravy.

nyonya mee rebus - kwai sun SS15

For the Mee Rebus, (loosely translated as “noodles boiled” cos that’s how the noodles were cooked), it is all about the gravy; flavoursome, potato-infused gravy that is rich in taste yet not cloying. Plop a dollop of sambal (chilli paste) for added oomphh & jumble it up; fragrant shallots, plain bean curd, soft potatoes, freshly fried dough fritters & the simple yellow noodles.


After the plate was reduced to the above, we still had room for more. ¬†Greediness? Hunger? LOL. We can’t tell.¬†We even shared a small plate of ‘chap fun’ ¬†(RM4) with sweet & sour pork & some veg for fibres as below. The variety for chap fun (economy rice) ¬†in this coffeeshop is not too bad.

econ rice - restaurant kwai sun SS15

Our Mee Goreng Regular, RM4.00 took a while to arrive so by then both of us had partially digested our “earlier” meals. :yes: The same ingredients applies here, no meat & portion is pretty small.

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15

It is slightly wetter than he would have preferred, but I actually like mine this way as it is I’m in opinion that it might taste too¬†reminiscing¬†of typical chinese noodles if it has more “wok hei” (wok-fire heat).

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15 1

Furthermore, the noodles are cooked with the same gravy of the mee rebus (it tasted that way to me!) so a wetter¬†experience¬†is¬†expected.¬†ūüėČ

nyonya mee goreng - kwai sun SS15

Sometimes laying my gastronomical fate in UnkaLeong’s hands doesn’t turn out too bad ūüėČ . I enjoyed both versions of the noodles here &¬†actually¬†wouldn’t mind stashing a few packets in the fridge for the week!

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15
Jalan SS15/4E, corner lot.

GPS: N 03 04.69′
E 101 35.26′

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15

A typical Chinese hawker stalls restaurant that is packed during meals times.

Restaurant Kwai Sun , Subang SS15 2

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  1. Sean

    Nyonya mee rebus was a childhood treat for me back in malacca! I loved the versions that had lotsa potatoes and hardboiled eggs. I bet this lady is from my hometown too ūüėÄ

    1. Rebecca

      Oh yes.. might be might be. She’s really good!

  2. TummyRumble

    I’m not sure if I tried her noodles or wanted to try her noodles quite some time ago.. Its near the tackleshop I go to get my fishing stuff..

    1. Rebecca

      Oh? Go try!
      I liked it cos its not too “strong” tasting..like the Bangkok lane one in Pg..a bit too much sauce and spice..

  3. hApPy hApPy

    I like mee rebus or jawa mee. I will try this one. Thanks.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Do try!
      Different from the malay version of course!

  4. Nic

    Hmmm, must ask unka whr to eat in pj nwxt time…i’m hopeless thr! I havent even tried the infamous hokkien mee at 222! Haha.

    You guys can eat lotsa!!! Now that’s cool! ūüôā

    1. rebeccasaw

      What?? Serious?
      When yr back the next round, do go makan -makan w us in PJ k!

  5. BL

    She moved to Asia Cafe and then now i can’t trace her, i’ve been eating her mee goreng since primary school (90’s) and since then she has moved 3 times. Any idea where she operate now?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh my god, she’s no more there? Urghhh!! I don’t know but I’ll try to find out

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