Nyonya Delights, Klebeng Melaka – recommended for homely, cheap Nyonya food

5 years.

Imagine my disbelief when I was introduced to Nyonya Delights recently and finding out that they were operating for 5 years in this tiny space!
5 years serving good, homely Nyonya dishes and I’ve only knew about it now??


I’ve visited Melaka almost every month and I’ve dine at so many Nyonya restaurants. How is it that I didn’t know about this place?

This proves that there might be many more such old-time eateries in Melaka to discover and I’m glad as that translates to more Melaka food hunts for me! 🙂


The cafe operates on self-service concept but drinks were served to the tables.

Basically a home based operation, there are about 10 tables and less than 4 people running the show. Signages are a wooden plaque and a makeshift – banner hung across the front; which in reality isn’t much of a help since it is partly concealed by foliage.

Yes, it is easy to miss, and that is probably why it stayed “under the radar” for so long.

It patronage is mostly locals and the menu is standard for breakfast and lunch.
Daily operating hours are until 2pm but most dishes are usually sold out by 1pm.

Since there were 6 of us and items on the menu were limited to begin with, it was easy to try everything in one visit.


For RM5.00, the Nyonya Laksa was a version that triumphs over many in Melaka town.
Each serving was a fair size for a medium appetite diner and was loaded with the basics of beansprouts, fish cakes, julienned cucumbers.
Charges applies if additional toppings of egg, cockles etc are requested but all are fairly priced at RM1.00.

For a lighter meal, the Mee Siam (RM4) would be a good choice.
Simple fare as it may be, but getting the right balance of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours can be a challenge for the less experienced.

This version at Nyonya Delights however, hits all the right notes.
Likewise, the vermicelli was cooked to the right degree so it wasn’t too stringy nor mushy. Tossed in enough spices for that addictive heat and piquant sweetness, the owner of this dish proclaimed it excellent.
I took a bite and concurred.


You can opt for a simple version with added egg or upsize it by adding chicken rendang.
Don’t let the sambal on the side go to waste either; for it was one of the better sambal around!


The same spicy sweet sambal as well as the chicken rendang goes well with their Nasi Lemak too.

It was unfortunate that we took a big breast piece that turned out to be a bit stringy. However my friend who had breast pieces with his nasi lemak too said his chicken was fine.



I enjoyed my Lontong (RM4.00) as I’ve always loved lontong gravy with the stewed cabbage and with an added egg.
And of course, mix with plenty of sambal for that kick!


And of course, no “beverage” can compensate for a bowl of finely shaven chendol at a Nyonya restaurant.

Chendol (RM3.00 – S, RM6.00 – B).

Thick fresh coconut milk – check.
Fresh green jellies – check.
Aromatic gula melaka – check.
SMALL red beans – check! I think I’ve mentioned how much I hate kidney beans in my ais kacang/chendol before.


Marketing itself as the perfect venue for local and tourist alike to unwind with good home-cooked food, Nyonya Delights is easy to miss but worth the trouble to locate.

But the good food is not much of a surprise considering that the co-owner is a seasoned chef from Seri Nyonya Restaurant at Hotel Equatorial.

I’ve written about Seri Nyonya Restaurant at Hotel Equatorial recently (post HERE) but I wasn’t too impressed with my meal.
However, being the only halal JAKIM certified Nyonya restaurant in Melaka, it was worth featuring in my “20 Melaka Nyonya restaurants list.



Contact: Charlie : 016-655 4714
Chef: Chef Bong Geok Choo

2199-C, KM8
Batang Tiga, Tanjong Keling
76400 Melaka.

Opening hours:
8 am – 2 pm
CLOSE: Wed & Thurs.


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  1. Sean EDKL

    ooo, tanjong keling/klebang is where my father’s side of the family lived, so this area would bring back many memories for me. i guess there might be many more of these charming little places scattered across the state, without a facebook page or instagram to spread the word about themselves. this looks like a nice medley of malacca and johor southern fare!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yeap yeap! 😀
      Small hidden eateries run by passionate people, fair prices, good food… so much win!
      I’ll try to feature all of them if I can! 😀

  2. June

    I was like good I can go here and try this on my day off then I see it closes on the day that am off from work, lol

  3. shukri

    This establishment operated on “no pork, no lard” basis is it?

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