NuBra Review – I really love NuBra!

Allow me to let you in on one of the secrets of many famous A-list celebrities and top models: magical bras

Nubra for Sports/Bikinis.

Founded by Bragel Int’l, NuBra is undoubtedly our future of undergarments. Meticulously designed to consist of two separate, strapless self-adhesive silicone cups, it is easy to wear and guarantees instant lift for your bosom!

You will feel little to no constraints on your body as NuBra has committed itself in keeping your body movements flexible and free. In fact, move as usual, even dance with them on with confidence; for you can trust these cups stick to your chest.

NuBra also offers specific types of products for the best presentation of any breast sizes.

Depending on your needs, go for the silicon version, the waterproof ones or the underwire.

As an example, the Nubra Original Silicon Push Up and Nubra Seamless Push Up give maximum cleavage for the ladies looking to make their breasts look naturally fuller.

On the other hand, for bustier ladies, Nubra Silicone 3D Underwire and Nubra Seamless Underwire are designed with built-in underwires to give extra shaping and support for your bosom, as well as a centre clasp for adjustable cleavage enhancement.
Seamless, as compared to silicon, is 70% lighter which is perfect for the busty ladies out there.

Nubra BEACH 2

If you’re heading to the beach in a bikini, Nubra Beach 2 is your friend in need!
Boost your confidence with these teardrop shaped breast enhancers great for giving bikini tops a natural fill.

Same goes for those backless or low back swimsuits. You can rely on NuBra to enhance the fullness at the front and stay put even upon contact with water for hours.

Is it simple to use? It won’t come off?

I get this question a lot!
Well, trying new things may be intimidating when you don’t exactly know how. Putting a NuBra on is, however, very simple! Once you get the hang of it, it will be simple as, well, putting on a normal bra.  

Don’t believe me? Just watch:

On top of that, the bra is totally invisible under any sheer clothing, as long as you choose the right product to match with.
Here’s a simple visual guide on how:

Trust in NuBra and beware of imitations!

NuBra is medically graded and patented, as well as clinically proven to be friendly towards the skin. Using an imitated product would cause your skin to be exposed to rashes or allergies, not to mention the cheap chemicals permeating through your skin.
The quality for imitations also deteriorates fast as they lose their adhesiveness within a short period of time.

As long as you care for your NuBra with proper cleaning and maintenance, its quality is preserved for at least 75 wears!

Make Your NuBra last!

Here’s how to clean your NuBra:

If you have not heard of NuBra, rest assured that NuBra is a proven trusted brand by its fans for year, even endorsed by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham and Candace Cameron.

Where to buy NuBra in Malaysia

Interested to get a pair?
Please do.
It has changed my life! It is seriously convenient and I’m loving the airiness of wearing all my sexy-back tops/dresses!

So yes, head on to today and experience the life-changing moment of putting a NuBra on! The website offers free nationwide delivery.

PS: You can visit their Facebook at NuBraMalaysia, or Instagram at Nubra.Malaysia and message the team any queries you may have. 

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