Nu Sentral, KL Sentral opens and Sephora too!

The latest shopping mall in Klang Valley opened last week.

I was there specifically for the Sephora outlet launch and wow, there was a queue outside since morning.
The store is open to public at 3.30pm but these Sephora fans are eager to snap up the early bird vouchers. That’s understandable as Sephora was giving away complimentary RM100 gift vouchers for 1st 50 fans & RM50 gift vouchers for the next 150 fans!

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-003

I got early entry so I was shopping inside like a boss. I picked up a nail polish remover (you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s bound to be useful) and a compact powder.

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-005

The Sephora beauty consultants was as helpful as always. Even Patricia Knudsen, who is host for the opening launch uses Sephora products. She came over to recommend me a really good self – removing nail polish.
Thanks Patricia! 🙂

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-006

BELOW: Patricia getting herself ready for the opening.

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-007

Since the store was empty, I took my time trying out some cosmetics!

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-001

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-002

And my friend Shila got herself a NAKED palette!

nu sentral - KL Sentral - sephora opens-008

I hardly ever used cosmetics but I swear by Sephora’s Ardelle eyelashes. Unfortunately they didn’t have stock for it that day.
Anyhow, here’s news for you; I’m starting make up lessons next month with Konji Beauty and Academy in PJ so I’ll be stocking up on more beauty products in Sephora soon. Any recommendations of cosmetics for me?  🙂

*The new Sephora store in Nu Sentral Mall is Lot No. 26, 27 & 28 Concourse Level.

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  1. heheh, i think we were at nu sentral at the same time, and i did walk past sephora and saw the queue. i abandoned the mall after 30 minutes though 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! And what were you doing there on a Sat afternoon? let me guess, checking out the makan places? Nothing interesting for now right??

  2. Veron

    You look radiant babe! I love Sephora nail polish and the many make up brands they carry which is not available anywhere else. It’s like walking into a candy store

  3. Melanie

    You look gorgeous even without make up!
    I hope you’ll start reviewing make up soon, and that your make up/cosmetics reviews will be as honest and thorough as your food reviews. You go girl!

  4. Marcus

    ah yes. the glorious world of makeup. wheres the 10 foot pole that i was never gonna touch this topic with? i usually keep it bedside. i can bullshit my way through most things in this life but not makeup.
    and earrings. those two things.

      1. Marcus

        nope. the dangly bits, form, materials, make and physicality of it… i have no opinion on. at least makeup i can thumbs up or thumbs down it

      2. Rebecca Saw

        I’m learning make up soon. You can join me LOL. Be the asst.

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