Nosh, Telawi Bangsar – good place for weekend brunch in KL

Most food looks better than it tastes. I for one; had over the years, almost perfected the art of being able to determine if a dish is going to be good or otherwise just by looking at it.
When my Spicy Savoury Mince – RM23 was set down on the table in front of me my eyes widen and I felt as if I have finally hit the jackpot. Bloody hell, now that looks like how scrambled eggs should be! Has my search finally ended? Is this it? The best scrambled eggs in town?

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-004

The first bite told me this is the real deal. So creamy on the tongue yet devoid of overly heavy yolk taste. Fluffy, light yet runny. Flavourful minus the over-the-top use of butter which most chefs are guilty of. Somehow everybody believes that more butter equals better scrambled eggs. No no no!

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-005

Subsequent bites tells me this is not another ordinary, expensive, ‘paying for the ambiance‘ Bangsar outlet. While “spicy” is a misnomer, savoury does hits the spot. Unlike the usual savoury flavours which relies heavily on a myriad of seasonings, the ‘savoury mince’ (which was essentially 90% akin to the bolognese sauce you eat with your pasta) tasted like something that would be dished out from your grandmother’s kitchen. That homely, clean, delicious wholesome flavour; you’ll know it when you taste it. This is something totally unexpected from a commercial outlet.

Both Kevin and I had difficulty putting our forks down. We were supposed to save some for TH who is on his way, but we went on digging through the mushrooms and spinach, unearthing the bacon underneath. Every component was nicely done; no chewy bacon, blacken fungi or fibrous spinach. While most breakfast sets like this can be greasy there wasn’t any unnecessary oil found on the plate.

I almost wanted to pick up the menu to add another order but we waited patiently for TH to arrive. Kevin gave thumbs up to his coffee and I was surprised as I peered at the coffee making counter. Illy? Good? Seriously?

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-006

When TH arrive he took up a fork and proceeded to taste the dish. We watched him silently. TH can be tough to please when it comes to food (all of us Penangites are!) and when at the first forkful he proclaimed “Wow, this is good!” we laughed and said, “Here’s the menu, we are adding on our orders! ”

Our next order was The Noshling (RM23) – Toasted bread topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs & decadent hollandaise sauce served with a side salad.

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-007

Just like the Savoury Minced this is impressed us as soon as it was served on the table – free-form poached eggs, the sunny hue of the hollandaise sauce, thick salmon slices.

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-010

Both whites and yolks were perfectly done. Sometimes you might find firmer/ harden whites at the edges/outer part of a poached egg while the insides were softer but the eggs on this plate were wholly soft all round with perfect runny yolks. Like a soft boiled egg, there wasn’t a layer of cooked outer crust around the yolk either, but pure velvety yolk all the way. For some traditional free form poached eggs you might detect a lingering taste of vinegar but we didn’t face such grievance for this one.
These perfect eggs were rained with lemony, creamy hollandaise sauce.

For being the 2nd person to check in on that morning, Kevin won himself a complimentary Brunch (Fruit) Crumble (RM19). That was our dessert for that day!

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-014

nosh telawi bangsar - breakfast

We loved this as well. Chunky, wholesome taste of freshly stewed fruits with good quality vanilla ice-cream. The crumble takes about 20 minutes to prepare as I believe it is made/assembled upon order, so you can imagine how fresh the buttery crust were!

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-015

I posted dazzling reviews on my Instagram, FB/FB Page and Twitter. 2 friends (whose visits that I know of ) did enjoy their meal here. First was Alvin who ordered the Big Breakfast.

photo (1)

With such a marvelous dining experience I made plans to visit again with another friend who loves such brunches.

We repeated the Savoury Mince and since Alvin liked the Big Breakfast, I ordered that too.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-004

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-005

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-006

The Savoury Minced was satisfying enough, though somewhat not as tasty as my 1st visit. Still, the eggs were done right and the portion was just as generous.

The Big Breakfast on the other hand was a disappointment.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-007

Visually it was inspiring; an erect tower of thick patty, gorgeous sunny up egg, molten cheese on a bun. On the side, wedges are nicely arranged into a well topped with fresh salad.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-008

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-009

My first bite took me by surprise. Wow, that’s really salty, I thought.
I tried again, and couldn’t bring myself for a third bite. I then pushed the plate to my companion, urging him to try so I’ll know it’ not just me.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-010

When he concurred that it was way too salty even for him, I waved at one of the wait staff and informed him about it. The staff took it back to the kitchen, and came back shortly to apologize as they agreed that it was salty as well.
The Big Breakfast was then taken off the bill, and I was given a choice to have another one or order something else.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-012

I figured that I’ll order something else, since I assumed that the patties are made in advance and if the 1st patty is salty, then perhaps this batch would all taste similar. Just to be on the safe side and also because I’m very hungry by now, I took the pancakes instead.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-013

This was good and definitely a recommendable choice for pancakes lovers.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-014

We were one of the first few in the outlet again and managed to “win” ourselves (via foursquare check-in) another Brunch Crumble. I didn’t want to try the same dessert again, but since food hasn’t been consistent from my first visit, and my companion hasn’t tried the crumble, I claimed it anyways.
Thankfully the crumble was alright.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-015

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-016

They serve illy and the coffee was decent on both visits.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-003

The same can’t be said for the service. The staff tends to all gather around the back area near the kitchen and those at the bar doesn’t seem to look up at all. A bit of waving is required and calling out is required to get their attention.

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2-001

Nosh Bangsar - Brunch 2

Nosh is still a nice place no doubt, with some tables conveniently near power sockets but there is no complimentary WIFI available so do take note on that.

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-002

Some of the decor items are really charming; like this clock. Yes, it’s a clock! 😀

Nosh Bangsar - brunch-012

I have heard raving reviews of Nosh’s desserts so I’m definitely going to visit again for my sugar fix. There are still items on the menu worth checking out for the weekend brunch. Based on the comments that I’ve got from my FB, it seems that the food can be inconsistent, but overall still satisfying.

Nosh Social Shares Screen Shot .png-003


While my Big Breakfast was salty, Alvin’s was bland.

Nosh Social Shares Screen Shot .png

Nosh_Social_Shares_Screen_Shot -001

Well, such comments are as honest as it can get since they are all paying customers who walked in for their meals here. I’ll leave it to you to decide if Nosh is worth a visit. 🙂

NOSH (Tel: +603-22013548)
No 7, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Nosh Bangsar - brunch

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    great description of the Spicy Savoury Mince! i’m usually not a great fan of scrambled eggs, but when they’re done brilliantly, they can be so addictive, as you explained! 😀

  2. Genevieve

    I’ll definitely try this place! Perfect weekends with perfect eggs!

  3. Yeo

    Antipodean and Yeast are always packed. Milk & Butter is not that great.
    I’ll try Nosh next weekend. I haven’t had a good brunch for ages.

  4. Choi Yen

    Tried their food a few weeks back, really not bad and hope can try their breakfast/brunch soon 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yeah, food here though inconsistent but it’s still wholesome and good. I would return for sure. 😀

  5. daniel

    Everything looks good. Too bad about the burger.

  6. Veron

    The scrambled eggs definitely looks good! So does the poached ones. So sad that the burger was salty

  7. Suki

    Thanks for the recommendations. You’re right, those are actual comments from real customers. Can’t beat real experiences. I can’t wait to step in here for a meal with my friends!
    Will stay clear of the burger for sure.

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