Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner 2017: Feast on Norway’s best bounty from the sea

It hurts me terribly when I had thought that I will be writing this blogpost without any of my personal images since my hard disks were stolen 3 days ago.
I’ve asked dearest Marian for help and she had shared some. But it wasn’t the same.

Every year I spent a lot of time at the buffet snapping away on my camera. I love doing so for the display of food is simply incredible and I could never get bored of photographing them.
This year, after 5 consecutive years as a guest, I took particular care to capture images in different angles and guess what? I lost them.

The Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner is the highlight of my year – the spectacular food, the people that I’ve met over the years which I only see them during this event and of course, to witness Chef Frank Naesheim and his Snorre team plus the MO hotel team at work – it is mesmerizing to see them pull off a dinner of this multitude.

After days agonising over the lack of photos for this post, I suddenly remembered that I do have photos – the ones that I’ve uploaded on my FB after the event!

Thank goodness!

Quality isn’t that great after FB compression. But hey, at least I have photos.
So here are 28 images, 1/3 of the number of images I upload for my yearly posts for the Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner, but still my photos nonetheless.

BELOW: My annual photograph with Chef Frank Naesheim. This marks my 5th year at the Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner!

BELOW: Previous years with Chef Frank Naesheim.

I look forward to this oceanic feast each year and it never disappoints.
In fact, I am in awe of how Chef Frank Naesheim and his team accomplish this feat as the gala dinner actually gets better each year – more food, improved recipes and consistent jaw-dropping spread with the best seafood from the Norwegian seas.

Kudos to the stellar team!

BELOW: The iconic shrimp tower where thousands of shrimps were carefully layered by hand over 4 -5 hours.

I had five of these exquisite Scallop Tart with scallop roe emulsion, horseradish cream, oxalis, wood sorrel. This is by Chef Mathew Leong from Chef Renaa in Stavanger.

All whole fishes were superbly moist and fresh. Every year I wondered how the chefs did it, cooking gigantic fishes whole.

As with previous years, the cold salads, terrine, salmon tartare, salmon gravalax, marinated herring and array of smoked salmon – smoked salmon loin with black sesame seed paste, hot smoked salmon with black pepper, Tandoori hot smoked salmon, hot smoked apricot salmon loin, double smoked salmon belly, salmon signature Thai style and smoked salmon Singapore fillet made their appearance.

And the sushi and sashimi were disappearing fast but fortunately for everyone the chefs manning the stations replenish them just as quickly. This year there were large, sweet scallops which was my favourite!

At the live station, six guest chefs –Markus Dybwad, William Ng, James Han, Matthew Leong, Anderson Ho and Kenneth Loke was busy cooking and assembling their signature dishes the whole evening.

The King Crab legs were another highlight from the 100+ dishes spread. Enjoy them lightly cooked on ice or in savoury preparations.

Ice cravings and various Norwegian seafood were showpieces that evening.

The Asian hot food was a hit too with over 15 dishes of Norwegian seafood prepared local style such as Cod Fish Bakar Sambal Hijau, Steamed Lobster with Garlic, Tandoori Salmon Tikka, Wolfish Masala, Fried Salmon in Szechuan Sauce and Baked Salmon in Red Curry.
Last but not least, if you are as much of a fan as I am for trout and salmon (yes, they are different!), check out this post on the recent Norwegian Fjord Trout Cooking Workshop by the Norwegian Seafood Council.

What’s the difference between Norwegian Fjord Trout and Norwegian salmon? Find out HERE!

PAST DINNERS : Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner 2013 – 2016

For more photos you can find below the blogposts of previous years:






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  1. Sean EDKL

    gosh, sorry to hear about the theft – terrible! :((( the pics you have look great – all that luscious salmon and other fish … the shrimp, which i’d happily devour a plateful of … the inventive preparations for various dishes – a reminder to me that i’ve never been for this dinner! 🙂

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