Nissan Leaf – the 100% Electric Car in Malaysia

The new Nissan Leaf!

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Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (ETCM) today launched the Nissan LEAF Pilot Program, the first-ever program in Malaysia which involves a Nissan electric vehicle (EV).

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The program, entitled ‘Journey to Zero Emission’ demonstrates Tan Chong Motor’s support for the Malaysian government initiative to promote Green technology and ensure sustainable development.

“Edaran Tan Chong Motor supports the green direction set by the Malaysian government and will assist the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water to achieve its goal of having 10% to 15% electric vehicle penetration in the market by 2020,” said Dato’ Dr. Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of ETCM.

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I have pledged my personal support for hybrids and environmental – friendly vehicles many times before (Honda Insight and Toyota Prius C) thus naturally I’m all game for an electrical vehicle.

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This sturdy, little cute vehicle had me smitten the moment I saw it. Roundish with no edges, part of its allure is it’s aerodynamic build and compactness.

nissan leaf - all electric car-023

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Let me re-iterate in case you’re missing the point; it’s a 100% electric car running on 2 batteries, one wet battery just like any other vehicles and another solely for powering the car. Apparently, it can travel up to 160km on a single charge of 8 hours.

nissan leaf - all electric car-022

Though it may look small, the size is just right for a small family (it seats 5 individuals comfortably).

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There’s plenty of leg room both front and back. The interior felt plush and the fabric cushions are really soft and cozy.

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nissan leaf - all electric car-013

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The boot space is amazingly spacious too. We were told that it fits 2 golf bags easily. Golfers; yay or nay? 🙂

nissan leaf - all electric car-010

nissan leaf - all electric car-009

I thought the front lights bulged out a bit too much though.

nissan leaf - all electric car-023

nissan leaf - all electric car-001

Exploring the interior next, I inspected the dashboard, the panels and the doors. The overall design and feel of the interior was satisfactory enough for me.

nissan leaf - all electric car-018

This little blue gear knob is so cute!

nissan leaf - all electric car-016

nissan leaf - all electric car-015

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nissan leaf - all electric car-020

nissan leaf - all electric car-019
We were given a chance to test drive the car and I wasted no time signing the indemnity form.
nissan leaf - all electric car-006

Heart thumping at first, I was worried at first that I may not be able to handle an electrical vehicle. Are there any weird functions or procedures that I should know of? Does an EV car behave any differently from any other vehicle?

nissan leaf - all electric car-031

I’m sure most of us who are not automotive experts would have such concerns in our minds. Most of us would rather not voice it out in fear of appearing foolish.

Well, it was just me and the Nissan consultant during the drive so I went ahead and asked all the questions I had burning in my head. Affable and patient, he explained the panels, the display on the dashboard, the acceleration and everything else.

Power button.

nissan leaf - all electric car-035

The display panel in front of the driver seat.

nissan leaf - all electric car-027

This panel provides plenty of information about your car as you are driving.

nissan leaf - all electric car-032

The panel slides open to reveal a compartment for the CD and another feature which I forgot.

nissan leaf - all electric car-033

Drive mode = Eco; says my test drive consultant.

nissan leaf - all electric car-028

Auto Cruise and the other usual controls on the wheel.

1 nissan leaf test drive

The engine.

nissan leaf - all electric car-024

I enjoyed my drive and really, rest assured that an EV is just like any other car on the road. If anything, I felt that the Leaf was quieter and smoother. Handling was a breeze and my test drive consultant informed me that the car power is equivalent to a 3.5l engine’s . Wow, how’s that for power for you.

nissan leaf - all electric car-030

Next is lunch. We were served healthy, organic and eco-friendly cuisine too!


Even our plates and cups were environmentally friendly!

nissan Leaf launch

Food was delicious! 🙂


The carrot cake was moist with balanced level of sweetness and non-oily. The steamed organic pumpkin kuih was nice.


Unfortunately, the Nissan Leaf is not for sale. For TCM, the first step is to create better awareness of EVs and their benefits and also to get feedback of the vehicle in use in Malaysian conditions.
This feedback will be shared with Nissan Motor so that when the LEAF is offered for sale in future, it will be fully compatible with local driving conditions and the requirements of Malaysian motorists.

Besides offering the LEAF to the media for test-drives, ETCM will select few Malaysians to be LEAF Ambassadors who will ‘live’ with the EV for an extended period of up to two months. These ambassadors, representing a cross-section of Malaysians, will use the vehicle in their daily lives, share their experiences with their friends, and also provide valuable feedback to ETCM on the performance of the LEAF in Malaysian conditions. ETCM will provide each with a unit of the LEAF and install the necessary equipment at their homes for recharging the vehicle.

ETCM – choose me!! I want to be a LEAF Ambassador! :DD

Also, if you think that the LEAF is not safe to be on the road, you do not have to worry. All 10 vehicles in the showroom has road tax and the LEAF has been on sale in a number of countries since December 2010. To date, over 27,000 of units have been sold, mainly in Japan and the USA.

For those in KL who’s itching to drive the LEAF, hop in Nissan showroom on Jalan Kemajuan on Sat and Sun (5th, 6th May 2012) from 930am onwards. A total of 90 test drives are allocated per day on first come first basis.

So go and test it out! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! 😀

NOTE: Further information can be found at the ‘Journey to Zero Emission’ website at


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  1. The Yum List

    I love that the energy efficient cars are starting to hit the Malaysian market.

  2. nikel

    I think its only suitable for city drive, long journey drive, tech not sustainable yet!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes.. IT IS suitable for city – KL only now.
      Even then, it is only 2-3 years time before this car can hit the market.

  3. Sean

    LEAF … what an interesting name for a car. i assume it might be meant to evoke a sense of nature 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Yes, it does. The next model is called Forest maybe ? 😛

  4. Simon Har

    cool! I didn’t know it’s launched today!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh now you know!
      Will update soon on the details!

  5. ulric

    Cool car! But they shud style the front lights according the rounded body of the car.

    If they can make it 300km on a eight-hour charge, I will definitely buy it! =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah I love it too!
      300km per charge ..hmm..
      Anyhow, this technology is for the yea, lets se waht happens in 2 years time.
      I hope I get the Ambassador program! I can think of some good ways I can share with my blog readers!

  6. Akulah Pak Lan

    Nice name for an ECO car..

    btw the gear “panel” seem like different from others..

    1. Rebecca

      Not very imaginative but we get the point 😛
      Yes, different from Prius C and Insight.
      Also, I haven’t seen the interior of the Mitsubishi EV yet.. wonder how’s that like.

  7. prem

    its a revolutionary car like the chevy volt! u r lucky!!!!

    the bulge of the light is for u place the car better…when u driving u will notice the bulge is within your line of u know how close is your car with other obstacles 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      I was told about the Chevy Volt too! But I havent seen that one! 🙂
      Thanks for explaining the bulge, Hahah.. as you know we ladies don’t like bulges – ie tummy. But ermm.. yea, about the car.
      I love the driving experience! 😀

  8. Steward Yong

    Oh my god, nissan leaf finally come to Malaysia, when nissan will really launch and sell? In 2010 december when I am in Japan, I already saw this car in nissan showroom in Ginza, the first eye I saw this car, I already love it, I know this will replace all other car technology to become everyone future car.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Steward! Ahhh, I’m so happy I found a fellow EV lover! 🙂
      Are you based in Malaysia?
      Yes, I think Nissan will be selling this, but the infrastructure is still lacking in Msia and this can only become a reality in 2 yrs time.. HOPEFULLY.

  9. kensomuse

    Hi Rebecca,

    Nice blog you have here. So any news on the Leaf Ambassador project? Were you selected?

    Thanks for dropping by at mine. Looking forward to reading great reviews from you!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Ken!
      Ah no news yet, I hope I get it! Then you can meet me & drive it around too 🙂

      1. kensomuse

        That would be very nice. Vice versa too! 🙂

  10. Jake Brumby

    Great photos. I was getting all excited until I read that the Leaf isn’t actually available for sale in Malaysia! How come? They’ve sold over 65,000 of them worldwide.

    Come on Nissan – offer the Leaf to Malaysian drivers!

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