Ninja Joe: latest menu – new PORK burgers and PORK hotdogs!

I do eat Ninja Joe burgers occasionally but with the recent explosion of gourmet burger joints in town I have found better satisfaction for my pork burger cravings. However, with the launch of Ninja 2.0; a revamped business direction plus a new extended menu featuring pork burgers such as Smoked BBQ, Tonkatsu, Cheezilla, Cheesy Mushroom and Hawaiian plus 3 new PORK HOTDOGS and sandwiches, it looks like a few visits to the nearest Ninja Joe outlet is warranted.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-001

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-002

Ninja Joe has also officially announced its partnership with rising Malaysian pop star Ke Qing, a loyal customer and self-professed burger aficionado who has signed on to become the brand’s official ambassador.
To be frank, I have not heard of her at all, and I’m interested to see how her involvement would actually increase burgers sales. Perhaps they are going to have some cool marketing campaigns, of which I am certainly looking forward to see.
For me, just make darn good burgers, and I’m sold.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-006

We were given sampling of the burgers during the launch. Then again samplings are samplings, perhaps they are not the real deal. It’s always better to buy your own burgers and eat them for the real experience.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-004

Tucked in our goody bag were some vouchers that entitles us (attending media) to deals such as buy 1 free one, etc. I bought myself a Chuck and the new Katsudon Burger for RM12.90.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-007

The Chuck is not new, but the owners assured me that the burger taste different now as they had spent time tweaking and improving the recipe. In fact all/most of the burgers on the menu are based on their improved recipes so for those of you have been regulars at Ninja Joe, please do let me know if you detect any differences in taste from now on alright? 🙂

Janice, co-founder of Ninja Joe said in her speech; Business took a dip in 2011 due to a partnership that went sour. However, things have changed now and we are determined to bring back the brand to its best”.

My Chuck: Onion rings, moist patty, fried egg, vegetables.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-008

For those who have complained about the size of Ninja Joe burgers, I think The Chuck is worth its price tag. The standard Ninja Joe burgers are smaller for sure but then they cost less too.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-009

One of the new burgers – The Katsudon. For RM12.90 there are 2 big piece of pork meat. I can’t say I like this one. The batter was too salty for me.

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-010

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-011

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-012

Well good luck to Janice and her team. Now, anyone for some PORK HOTDOGS over the Raya weekend? 🙂

Ninja Joe - latest menu and new PORK burgers-003

Ninja Joe outlets:

The Gardens
Tropicana City Mall
1 Utama
Setia City Mall

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  1. DC

    Look delish! I wonder will it franchise to Singapore?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hmmm but in Sg already has so many burger joints! And porky ones too! Did you see the list of burgers by TimeOut Singapore? I’m aiming to try them all! 😛

  2. oo, the ones u bought look hearty and fairly appealingly presented. ‘my chuck’ looks like something that a hipster burger outlet might serve! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Ohh? When did you try the Chuck then? The owners TJ and Janice told me after this launch, all the burgers would have been their improved recipes and would be better in both size and taste. 🙂

      1. Sean Eat Drink KL

        oh, i haven’t tried the chuck, heheh. my impression was based on your photo of the chuck 😀

  3. Amber

    Ohh.. they realized that they have to come up with more choices to grab a bigger slice of the market!

  4. jack

    I want to try the hotdogs. Pork hotdogs are new

  5. Florence

    Pork hotdogs! I definitely want to try this

  6. Veron

    I’ll go for the pork hotdogs! The pork burgers are terrible. Had it a few times at the Sunway outlet. Will never step back in.

    1. janz

      Hi Veron, just couldnt resist and want to apologize for your unfortunate experience in Ninja Joe Sunway. We had 2 super rough years trying to stabilize ninja joe’s due to a partnership gone wrong BUT the good news is, the real ninjas are back with the new & improved menu, hoping to make a comeback.. hope that you will give us another chance and I would recommend the HIKKORRI. May the Pork Be with You!

  7. Jacky

    Serious? Improved recipes? I certainly hope so. The burgers are terrible

    1. janz

      Hi Jacky, want to apologize for your unfortunate experience in Ninja Joe. As shared with Veron, we had our roughest 2 years and now we are back. We changed our way of cooking ie strictly made to order and have made improvements on each of our burgers. Hope to see you again with another chance. Our hottest favs now are HiKKORI (if you are a bacon fan) , Cheezilla and Cheesy mushroom! Till then, May the Pork Be With you! 🙂

  8. Pamela B

    I find the katsudon burger salty. Had it for lunch today.

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