NINE – A movie that sizzles, razzle & dazzles!



This is a film for people who love women, great music, Italy of the 1960’s, and the musical genre.

Surprisingly, for a non-musical fan, I truly enjoyed this movie. Surprisingly again, the movie didn’t get very good reviews from the critics. Ok, I got to admit, I’m not sure about cinematology, smart dialogues, integration of sequences of songs and dances, inspiring plots, storyline’s substance and etc etc that the movie critics were complaining that it was lacking, I just enjoyed the show as it is.

For me, it’s all about the Dance..



I love dance you see…

…to me it’s an art..


…and each piece of performance in the movie has stylish fairly raunchy routines and absolutely sizzling women!

A little bit on the movie, (I shall not spoil it for you) & more on the cast below

Italian filmmaker Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis) used to be universally held in awe as a director. But a recent string of box office failures have everyone suspecting  that his creative streak has dried up & vanished.


Guido himself  has lost inspiration, and he wants to be left alone to think, but the financial backers and producer won’t give him the time and space he desires in order to be creative. He needs help – and fast – or there will be no movie. Inspiration comes in the form of several muses – all women but none of these woman can provide him with the inspiration necessary to complete the script, except his long-suffering wife Luisa, (Marion Cotillard). But she’s had had enough of Guido’s philandering and lying, and without her help, Guido can’t get his act together enough to pen down anything.



Fergie, as the corrupting Sarraghina (a whore Guido knew as a child). Yup, Guido’s philandering ways started really early!


Nicole Kidman’s portrayal as Contini’s muse.


As Guido’s fiery mistress, Penelope Cruz sizzles.



Judi Dench.


Sophia Loren.


One of the electrifying dance routines…



So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!


Director: Rob Marshall.

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  1. Leo

    Love Penelope Cruz 🙂
    but I have not watched movie for the longest time…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hmm..dear…me thinks you are working too hard di..
      I was thinkin (jz my thoughts), jz a week of hols doesn’t help (trip to Krabi etc) as say; something long say 4 hours break (do nothin but chill) on a w-day and atr 4 hrs on a w-end. Perhaps tht’s more manageable for stress levels?

  2. Sean

    actually i kinda enjoyed it too. i didn’t like the characters or the plot, but it was fun to watch them sing and dance. too bad the songs weren’t catchy enough though…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, enjoy it for the dance routines. That’s all I did! :mrgreen:

    1. becks

      Go go! is it screening in Pg?

    1. Rebecca

      Hehe..hope your wife not gonna kill me! :mrgreen:

  3. I fell asleep halfway while watching this. Hubby whacked me coz I was snoring. 😛

  4. ciki

    i wanna watch it! take me becky.. 😛 (oh wait a minute.. u already watched it).. care for a second round?!

    1. becks

      I dun mind! Get unkaleong too!
      But u got to ask Meens – cos since she fell asleep..mayb you might too!

  5. sophia

    Wha! I must watch it, man! I loved Chicago like crazy. And I watched it for the jazz and dancing. I don’t really care if the stupid critics think it’s good or not! Haha!

    Hey, what are you doing in the first week of June?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Another that I abosolutely ADORE is CentreStage!! Ohhh… the dances!! 😮

      Oh whts happenin in June?? 😀

  6. It’s all about the dance, it’s all about the music, it’s all about the ladies, it’s all about… Being Italian! 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohh yes!! u got it right! Tht’s the movie tag line! U watched it already it is?? 😆

  7. Ilias

    yo soy deprimida …


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