New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika – Love the eggs & pizzas!

What’s for brunch on a weekend for you?

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-013

If I go Chinese my default choice is dim sum. If I look West, I love an American fry-up or a Continental breakfast.

Omelette on Grilled Sourdough – RM17.
Swiss Brown Mushrooms, Taleggio, Asparagus and Thyme.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika, Oct 2012-012

In case you don’t know, I adore eggs in all forms.
If it’s poached, the runny yolk and firm yet soft whites are what I absolutely love about them. For scrambled eggs, striking a balance between rich, creamy and yet fluffy can be tricky but it is so satisfying to dig into one that’s adeptly prepared! Perfumed with butter and creamy, scrambled eggs are heaven with bread.
An omelette calls for some cheese, a sprinkling of seasoning and herbs folded in and taken off the pan at the right moment so it’s still slightly runny inside but firm on the outside.
Soft boiled eggs are simple but so good with a dash of pepper and soy sauce. For a sunny-side up; firm whites (not rubbery mind you) and runny yolks absolutely rules!
Can I eat all of these at ONE sitting? You bet! :DD

The Stacks – RM23.
Rosti Potato, Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise and Rocket salad.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-016
Silverspoon italian publika

Once a recent weekend I went to Silverspoon at Publika to sample their new brunch. I took a look at their Brunch Menu and fired orders for the omelette and poached eggs instantly, even before I read the whole selection. Whatever else on the menu doesn’t really matter, I’ll have my eggs first! 🙂

While the omelette was so good that I have had daily cravings for it ever since, the poached eggs fell short. The eggs and the hollandaise sauce itself was decent, but the overly salty rosti and smoked salmon it really threw the dish off balance.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-017

For my daily greens quota, I added a Caesar Salad. Silverspoon’s Caesar is pretty classic; romaine leaves, homemade caesar dressing, anchovies, parmesan cheese, chicken breast and hard boiled eggs that justified its RM19++ price tag.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-026

Things started picking up when the Half and Half Pizza was served. We chose Smoked Duck for one half and Lamb for the other. The mere sight of it was promising, very promising.

Half n’ Half Pizza – RM24.
Smoked Duck with Hoisin sauce, poached pear, red onion, cilantro, Monterey Jack and mozzarella.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-018

The crust had me nodding in approval. Thin, charred and crisp. The size promised satiation and the generous toppings certainly sent my salivary glands into overdrive!

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-020

Roasted Lamb with olive tapenade, capsicum onion, semi-dried tomatoes, Feta and Mozzarella, pine nut and yogurt mint sauce.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-019

While I like both pizzas, I preferred the lamb. Well, I love lamb, mint, capsicums, onions, semi-dried tomatoes, Feta and Mozzarella cheeses and pine nuts; which was everything the lamb pizza consisted of! I’m not a fan of olive tapenade as it’s rather salty but that’s a personal complaint rather than a fault of the pizza.

Grilled Chicken Sausage Platter – RM33. 
Smoked Cheese, Vienna and Thueringer Bratwurst served with Potato Mash, Mustard, Chipotle and Brown Gravy.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-022

I love the sausages; all 3 of them! It wasn’t overly processed and was overall satisfactorily meaty.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-023

Since it’s an Italian joint, an order of pasta was in order. We decided on the Tom Yam Ragu since it’s a house specialty.

tom yam pasta Silverspoon publika

The infusion of Tom Yam flavour in the pasta was just nice for me since I prefer not to partake in overly spicy food. The fragrance was right, the portion is big and it includes substantial enough amount of seafood to keep one satisfied. The ragu consisted of shrimps while bouncy squid rings, succulent grilled prawns and mushrooms made up the rest of the ingredients.

Tiramisu for dessert felt right and so here it is.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-027

Silverspoon’s Tiramisu is kept simple and fuss-free. Both creamy and sweet on a balanced ratio, this was pretty faultless. The addition of espresso and coffee liquor imparted aroma and a slight bitterness that would satisfy most dessert lovers.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-028

Drinks: Healthy fruity drink for me (The Fresh Face: apple, strawberry and orange), refreshing Citrus Apple Ice Tea for the photographer and Latte for the sleep-deprived gamer.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-009

Somewhere along the meal Strawberry Iced Tea appeared.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-010

We all loved the full-bodied flavour of tea and strawberries in this one.

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika-011

Thanks for having me over for brunch Jessica and Mei Yein! I know where to recommend my friends for superb pizzas in Publika now.  :DD

New Brunch Menu @ Silverspoon Publika, Oct 2012-020

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  1. Sean

    what a great-looking omelet, it looks as thick and creamy as we might want it to be ideally! also a nice touch by silverspoon to make two pizza flavors available in one! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      YUps! I love half and halfs! I did the same when ordering at Favola. They allow half-halfs too! 😀

  2. ALAN

    All those eggs?!! Watch your cholestorol level li’l Nomad. I do agree however that the omlette looks delightful.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehehh! But I usually only eat the whites.. or well, more whites than yolks 😛

  3. ulric

    Well I loved the Smoked Duck portion of the pizza…the Lamb came a close second…hehe 😛

    The Strawberry Iced Tea was really refreshing…this coming from a person who dun normally order anything to do with strawberries…hahaha =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Blueberries in your burgers, strawberries in your tea. You add 2 more fruits to your food palate! 😛

  4. Augustdiners

    oops if i knew my photo were gonna be in this famous blog, i would have put on some make up and decent clothes 🙂
    Thank you for the honest feedback, we expected nothing less!! xx Jess

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah no worries Jess! You have lovely porcelain skin! You look good anyhow! 🙂

  5. Choi Yen

    Aww….. I just love breakfast, breakfast like these!!!

    1. Silver Spoon

      we served breakfast now everyday from 9am

      1. rebeccasaw

        Sounds fab! I saw Jess’s FB that a new menu is out soon too. Can’t wait to drop in again 🙂

  6. Andreas

    Ok, Silverspoon it it for me next weekend! Join me if you’re in town?

  7. dom

    Thanks for the review! I tried the half and half pizza and the fish & chips. Quite impressed with the general price point and taste so far. Hopefully they stay consistent!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Happy that you liked it! Yups, I had one bad comment frm a FB friend so I was worried. Well, I guess she must have gone on a bad day, though im of opinion that all F&B outlets must stay consistent since their prices are consistent!

  8. Chang

    wow the pizzas is gooey, full of ingredients and just like you, I love all the toppings on it!

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